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Plane & Pilot March 2020

Plane & Pilot is the ultimate resource for active pilots who desire an information-rich magazine with timely and entertaining content. Get Plane & Pilot digital magazine subscription today for pilot reports on the newest LSA, certified piston-engine and light-turbine aircraft, expert tips on flying techniques, product reviews of the latest gear and seasoned aviator stories from the sky.

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plane & pilot

Editor-in-Chief Isabel Goyer Associate Editor J. Ana F. Beckett Senior Editors Bill Cox, Lou Churchville, Jeremy King Contributing Editors Peter Katz, Jason Blair, Bethany Whitfield ART & PRODUCTION Art Director Carolyn V. Marsden Senior Designer Nate Silva SALES & MARKETING Vice President, Media Solutions Stuart Crystal Media Solutions Manager Michael Echevarria 617-279-0216 | mechevarria@madavor.com Client Services clientservices@madavor.com Social Media and Marketing Manager Tim Doolan Senior Marketing Associate Tommy Goodale Marketing Associate Shawn Daniel Content Marketing Supervisor Anthony Buzzeo Content Marketing Associate Sarah MacDougall OPERATIONS VP, Circulation Strategy Jason Pomerantz Operations Director Cheyenne Corliss Client Services and Circulation Supervisor Andrea Palli Operations and Front Desk Coordinator Toni Eunice Human Resources Manager Alicia Roach Senior Client Services Associate Tou Zong Her Client Services Darren Cormier Accounting Director Amanda Joyce Accounts Payable Associate Tina McDermott Accounts Receivable Associate Wayne Tuggle DIGITAL OPERATIONS Director of Digital Leza Olmer Audience Development Analyst Ryan Gillis Senior Digital Designer Mike Decker WordPress Developer David Glassman EXECUTIVE Chairman & Chief Executive…

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staying out of ads-b trouble

So if you’re an aircraft owner who didn’t install ADS-B in your plane in time for the January 1st, 2020, deadline, you aren’t alone. Tens of thousands of other owners are in the same boat. Whether it was sticker shock, conscious choice, procrastination or some combo of those three, you’re faced with limitations on where you can fly your plane. We’ve held off from publishing this opinion until it was clear that no reprieve on implementation would happen at the 11th hour. The FAA has always maintained that there would be no extension, but the FAA has maintained a lot of things over the years. An Advisory Circular the agency released just before the winter holiday lays it all out in mind-numbing detail. But the chart on the facing page says it…

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rocket planes

When you look back at the history of aviation, some aircraft types stand out as evolutionary dead ends, ideas that made sense at the time but got abandoned sometime thereafter, usually very soon thereafter. This was sometimes because of better solutions to the problem they seemed to overcome, like commercial gyroplanes, eclipsed by helicopters, or vertical takeoff jets, a nearly extinct segment today. Rocket planes are the poster child for this kind of obsolescence, as very high-powered turbojet, turbofan and ram jet engines have taken their place in the world, and the experimentation that they once allowed is more easily and cheaply done with other kinds of machines. Historically, rocket planes have had one huge advantage: They produce ungodly amounts of power for their size. The downsides of rocket engines, on the other…

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fixed-wing astronauts

THE BACKSTORY When most people think of astronauts, they think of spacesuit-wearing, rocket-launched, capsule-traveling people who nowadays do way more science than aviating. In many cases, today’s astronauts aren’t pilots at all but, rather, scientists going to space to do their work. But such wasn’t always the case. All of the first astronauts were extremely skilled and accomplished fixed-wing pilots, and they were proud of it, too. The role of astronaut was going to be different from that of pilot, and the question of what makes someone an astronaut, or naut, became a thorny one. “In The Right Stuff, author Tom Wolfe recounts the pains those early NASA astronaut recruits went through to help the spaceflight agency create the very concept of an astronaut, most importantly by insisting that it include pilot duties…

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news of note

EAA OSHKOSH TO OPEN DOORS FOR FREE TO KIDS Thanks to a donation from Boeing, as well as a slight increase in adult ticket prices, children will be welcomed into Oshkosh 2020 free of charge. The move, which comes amidst an ongoing pilot shortage in the industry, aims to inspire the next generation’s interest in aviation. TEXTRON REDUCES WORKFORCE Textron Aviation, the umbrella company for Cessna and Beechcraft Aircraft, recently announced plans to lay off as many as 850 workers. The move comes after the company’s board approved a reorganization plan earlier this year and as the company continues development of key new products, including the single-engine turboprop Denali and the SkyCourier utility twin. MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIM MAKES A COMEBACK After languishing for several years without an update, a new version of the much-beloved Microsoft…

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cross check your aviation crossword

ACROSS 1 A long trip in this turboprop would be doubly so 4 Much-debated word in ATC clearances 6 Engine fairing 8 A rotating engine component 9 Easily misunderstood preposition for pilots 10 Storm’s center 11 Critical trait of control surfaces 15 1997 Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones blockbuster, for short 17 Exist 18 State of the Theodore Francis Green Memorial Airport, abbr. 19 Land of the brave and free 21 Undesirable state of navigation 23 Civil aviation controllers, abbr. 24 Freight weight unit 26 The Lancair model that begat the Columbia 27 The opposite of CAVU 29 An airplane of one’s ___ 31 What to do with luggage before flight 33 This term is more of a command than permission 35 Turbojets need it; rocket engines don’t 36 Aircraft lights 37 Type of weather diagram, 2 words 40 ”For sure” 41 It ebbs and flows 42 Prefix with pad DOWN 1 What pilots do to a “missed” 2…