Practical Boat Owner July 2021

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waiting for the tide

with the editor To receive the editor’s monthly email newsletter, go to our website: Radical change or evolution? Dave Selby, our regular columnist, is a caustic wit at times, poking fun at anyone and everyone, not least the RYA. But he’s a sentimentalist at heart, you know. Watch out this month – he came across some very, very old photos at an auction and for the first time ever we have run his column without a cartoon. There are no plans for permanent change, though, and Claudia Myatt will return with her regular illustrations next month. But it does just go to show: nothing is set in stone! And as the headline above suggests that’s not the end of this month’s anarchy: Do you have a subscription to Netflix? If you do, take 90…

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vat and customs clarification for recreational boaters

SEND US YOUR STORIES Email news editor Laura Hodgetts at, tel: 0330 390 6738 A consortium of British and European marine organisations, including the RYA and British Marine, has published a set of eight scenarios to help boat owners unravel the complexities of post-Brexit VAT status on second-hand boats. As previously reported in PBO, since 1 January 2021 British owned/registered boats are only permitted free circulation (VAT paid) in EU countries under specific conditions. Furthermore, some of those boats may become liable for VAT upon re-entry to the UK – even if they have already paid before. So which used boats will retain EU VAT-paid status and which ones won’t? LOSING VAT-PAID STATUS Scenario 6 (see illustrates the reality of Brexit for the vast majority of British boat owners. Basically anyone whose boat was…

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ireland ‘out of bounds’ for owners with pets on board

Post-Brexit arrangements have left the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland effectively ‘out of bounds’ to UK cruising sailors with pets. As of 1 January 2021, British sailors are subject to the single issue Animal Health Certificate regime, which has replaced the much more flexible European Pet Passport. This means pets are only permitted entry from England, Wales or Scotland by boat to the Republic of Ireland at the commercial ports of Dublin Port, Ringaskiddy and Rosslare – none of which normally permits entry by yacht. A similar set of restrictions is in place for Northern Ireland restricting entry with pets to Belfast and Larne, which are also not normally open to yachts. Ferry passengers can make arrangements according to the guidelines on Vice-president of the Cruising Association, Derek Lumb, said: “Pet owners…

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uffa fox 2022 regatta

A regatta for Uffa Fox-designed boats will mark the 50th anniversary of the death of dinghy and yacht designer, naval architect and all-round legendary sailor. The Royal London Yacht Club (RLYC) and Cowes Classic Boat Museum, with support from the Atalanta Owners Association and Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club, are holding a series of celebratory events on the Isle of Wight from 18-21 August 2022. Uffa was a stalwart of the RLYC and instrumental in the resurgence of sailing after the World War II. For all his success in the field of yacht racing, Uffa maintained that the Airborne Lifeboat, which was carried beneath aeroplanes and dropped by parachute to survivors of ditched aircraft, was “his most fulfilling design”. The regatta will be for 100% Uffa Fox-designed dinghies, keelboats and classic boats, with some…

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bluewater seminar

Aspiring bluewater cruisers are invited to join the chat in a virtual cockpit with previous Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) skippers and industry experts, to help get their own adventure of a lifetime under way. The free online event will run over four consecutive evenings from 25-28 May. World Cruising Club’s Jeremy Wyatt said: “I’m often asked by aspiring bluewater cruisers ‘what is the right boat for the ARC?’. Well this is a very broad topic and it’s not easy to give a short answer. So instead we’ve brought together a cross-section of experienced bluewater cruisers and industry experts to share their knowledge and help people focus on what will be right for them.” Register for the ARC Bluewater Cockpit Conversations at Waterproof labels for free Boaters wishing to label their gear securely can…

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unstoppable tony curphey has a rest

Solo sailor Tony Curphey has returned from a seven-month voyage to the Atlantic islands of Porto Santo, Madeira and St Helena. Both the Nicholson 32 Mk X, Nicola Deux, and the skipper are now enjoying some much needed rest. Four-time circumnavigator Curphey sailed into the history books in 2019, when aged 74, he became the oldest sailor to sail round the world singlehanded, non-stop and unassisted. Jean Socrates subsequently took the record. He left Chichester Harbour in August 2020 on his latest voyage, sailing 900 miles to Porto Santo. After a brief stop, he battled headwinds for 50 days to St Helena, some 5,700 miles away. Following a COVID test, Curphey was allowed ashore, shortly before the remote island’s port was closed to all incoming vessels. During his two month stay, he found the…