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Quick & Easy Beadwork 2016

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Quick & Easy Beadwork is a project-packed special issue devoted to everyday, wearable beaded jewelry that can be made in a few hours or less. Novices will find the 35+ all-new bracelet, necklace, and earring projects in this special edition to be simple-to-make and rewarding, while beading pros will love how quickly they can create any of the magazine’s stylish designs.

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mixing it up

Before I became editor of Beadwork magazine, I spent many years as managing editor of Jewelry Stringing magazine and I loved being able to contribute projects to each issue. Although I also spent many hours each week beadweaving, the techniques and materials I used for Jewelry Stringing projects never crossed over into my beadwoven work. To this day, I store my seed beads in a different room from my filigree, chain, pendants, etc., and, to be honest, I have no idea why. The diverse use of materials in this issue’s projects reminded me how beadweaving and premade components go hand in hand, and how this smart union of materials can result in projects that are incredibly quick to make. Take Venetia Perry’s Tree of Life Pendant (page 65), for example: Add…

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Mandi Ainsworth is a bead artist, instructor, and coach. She is known for combining beadweaving with mixed-media materials and adding a touch of vintage flair. Visit her website, www.beadcircle.com, and email her at mandibeads@gmail.com. Sandie Bachand delights in each new day of unlimited beading possibilities with the encouragement of her husband, Don, and two kitties. She calls Northern Georgia her home. Dana M. Bakke loves to use natural stones in her beadwork and metal designs. She has won several awards for her artwork, including second place in the 2011 Bead Star competition. Contact Dana at dmb4designs@gmail.com. Rae Burns owns the wholesale and retail bead business The Hole Bead Shoppe. She sells kits for her designs in the store and online at www.theholebeadshoppe.com. Contact The Hole Bead Shoppe staff at theholebeadshop@aol.com or www.theholebeadshoppe.com or…

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expanded guide to shaped beads

In the 2015 Quick + Easy Beadwork special issue, we presented you with a substantial guide to shaped seed beads, and within the past year the number of shaped seed beads on the market has grown tremendously. This expanded guide highlights the most recent selection, offering you a complete (for now!) overview. Two-hole Seed and Cylinder Beads 1 TWINS are 5x2.5mm and have a hole at each tapered end. 2 SUPERDUOS, like Twins, are 5x2.5mm, but they have more tapered ends. 3 MINIDUOS are smaller 4x2mm replicas of SuperDuos. 4 BI-BO BEADS are 5.5x2.8mm and have an hourglass shape that cradles other beads. 5 RULLAS are 5x3x3mm cylindrical beads with holes that are 1.5mm apart. Two-hole Squares, Diamonds, and Studs 6 SILKY BEADS are 6x6x3mm diamond-shaped beads with two holes that run parallel to each other; one side…

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palmetto bracelet

TECHNIQUES right-angle weave variation netting peyote stitch See p. 110 for helpful technique information. MATERIALS 2 g champagne permanent finish size 11° seed beads (A) 2 g matte bronze-lined aqua size 8° seed beads (B) 12 g turquoise green luster 5×2.5mm 2-hole SuperDuos (C) 18 turquoise Picasso 6×8mm faceted rondelles (D) 34 golden-bronze 4mm glass pearl rounds (E) 1 turquoise-and-gold 18mm decorative shank button Turquoise size D nylon beading thread TOOLS Scissors Size 10 beading needle FINISHED SIZE: 7¼" Artists’ Tips ❯ Using loose tension can result in a bracelet that is ¼–½" longer than one stitched with tight tension. ❯ The embellishments added in Step 2 will shorten the base by about ¾", so take this into account if adjusting the number of base units. ❯ It’s easy to change the length of this bracelet, because each base unit adds about ½". ❯ If you find the exposed outside…

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sweet pea earrings

TECHNIQUES peyote stitch right-angle weave variation picot fringe See p. 110 for helpful technique information. MATERIALS 0.5 g metallic cabernet iris size 15° seed beads (A) 1 g metallic smoky gold bronze size 15° seed beads (B) 12 light amethyst gold luster size 11° seed beads (C) 8 metallic purple iris size 8° seed beads (D) 2 g opaque pink luster 5×2.5mm 2-hole SuperDuos (E) 8 amethyst AB 3mm crystal bicones (F) 10 lilac luster 4mm fire-polished rounds (G) 12 antiqued dark blueberry 6mm pressedglass lentils (H) 4 powder pink 4mm crystal pearl rounds (J) 2 powder pink 8×11mm crystal pearl drops 1 pair of brass 7×20mm ear wires Pink One-G nylon beading thread TOOLS Size 12 beading needle Scissors 2 pairs of chain- or flat-nose pliers FINISHED SIZE: 3¾" Artist’s Tips ❯ You can string more or fewer size 15° seed beads (A) in the base to alter the length of the…

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night owl necklace

TECHNIQUES tubular peyote stitch netting stringing crimping See p. 110 for helpful technique information. MATERIALS 0.5 g metallic burgundy size 15° Japanese seed beads (A) 1 g matte gray iris size 11° metal seed beads (B) 2 g green Picasso luster 5×2.5mm 2-hole SuperDuos (C) 3 g metallic dark brown iris 3.4mm Japanese drops (D) 6 pyrite 9mm rounds (E) 1 pewter 12×22mm barn owl bead 1 pewter 18×11mm “baby bird girl” bead 1 gunmetal 9×17mm lobster clasp 1 gunmetal 4mm jump ring 2 sterling silver 2mm crimp tubes 12¾" of sterling silver 10mm round chain Smoke 6 lb FireLine braided beading thread 10" of silver .018 beading wire TOOLS Scissors Size 10 beading needle Wire cutters Crimping pliers FINISHED SIZE: 20" 1) BEADED SPACERS. Use tubular peyote stitch and netting to form the beaded spacer: Round 1: Use 3' of thread to string {1C and 1B} four times, leaving a 6" tail. Pass through the first…