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Red UK

Red UK

January 2020

From gorgeous fashion, beauty, food and interiors to brilliantly written features and health, Red magazine is an intelligent, glossy read that offers the best things in life. And for a daily Red fix, there’s redonline.co.uk. From what-to-cook-tonight to booking a weekend away to shopping with the Red fashion team, it’s the best things in life – every day.

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2 мин.
party on

You can probably make a stab at someone’s age from the way they see in the new year. In my 20s, it was all-night raves at Alexandra Palace, where no matter how cold, exhausted, or danced-out you’d become, you had to wait until the Tube started running again, trekking home in the bitter 6am frost, New Year’s Day already a write-off. By my 30s, we were renting huge, unkempt farmhouses, piling extra people on sofas and floors, making cocktails with cheap vodka and cooking fry-ups for 25 the next morning. Last year, age 42, I celebrated with a good friend and her family in a chi-chi Norfolk idyll that had been kindly loaned to us for the weekend. We lit sparklers in the garden, had a ‘fake’ countdown for the…

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contributors january 2020

HANNAH BECKERMAN Chats to Ruth Jones about that Christmas special. THIS NYE I WILL BE… with friends and family in the Cotswolds. MY BEST BIT OF 2019 WAS… the publication of my second novel. ALICE OLINS Introduces herself as Red’s new career columnist. THIS NYE I WILL BE… drinking Champagne while trying to settle my baby. MY BEST BIT OF 2019 WAS… launching Step Up Club – a place for women to access affordable business and career development. ANITA RANI Shares a personal experience after a year of reflection. THIS NYE I WILL BE… with friends in Mumbai. MY BEST BIT OF 2019 WAS… climbing Kilimanjaro. I also hosted the live tour of Blue Planet II with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, which was unforgettable. Red is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation…

3 мин.
red uk

GROUP EDITORIAL DIRECTOR GABY HUDDART EDITOR SARAH TOMCZAK Editorial enquiries red@redmagazine.co.uk (020 7312 3875) GROUP EDITORIAL PRODUCTION Workflow Director Carly Levy Group Managing Editor Ingrid Eames Group Chief Sub-Editor Clay Johnson Chief Sub-Editor Gwen Mostyn Deputy Chief Sub-Editors Callie Green, Francesca Cary, Vicky Deacon, Danielle Woodward Senior Sub-Editor Joe Bentley Sub-Editor Charlotte Page ART Creative Director Philippa Williams Group Art Editor Lisa Collins Deputy Art Director Tom Shone Senior Designers Abby Laing, Monika Chatterton Designers Jade Stephens, Lindi Craddock, Sophie Burgham BEAUTY @RedBeautyTeam Group Beauty Director Eve Cameron Senior Beauty Editors Alexandra Friend, Alice Manning Beauty Editor Gillian Davies Beauty Assistant Medina Azaldin Beauty Intern Tanyel Mustafa REDONLINE.CO.UK Digital Editor Roanna Day Deputy Digital Editor Sarah Ilston FASHION @RedFashionTeam Group Fashion Director Oonagh Brennan Fashion & Beauty Bookings Director Karina Dial (maternity leave) Acting Fashion & Beauty Bookings Director Fiona Andrews Fashion Director-At-Large Nicola Rose Executive Fashion Director Fiona Collins Fashion Director Amanda Marcantonio (maternity leave) Acting Fashion Director Lynda Bell Fashion Editors Alisha Motion (maternity…

3 мин.
say it, write it, share it.

PAUSING TIME In our November issue, Clover Stroud penned an essay on the passing of time and how it often feels like it’s slipping away, before writing her own reminder to enjoy the here and now. This resonated strongly with Kimberley Foley-Wells. ‘Clover Stroud’s beautifully poignant essay struck a chord with me for sure,’ she wrote. ‘Similar to Stroud, I was a young adult in the 90s, before the digital world invaded our every waking moment. Time did have a less urgent quality back then; or at least my perception of it was more relaxed. Parenthood does change all that, along with the many other pressing responsibilities of being a “real grown-up”. I have two young-adult children, aged 21 and 18, who are both at university now and, blessedly, are living…

1 мин.
the everywhere bag

A stroll down London’s Bond Street will take you past Louis Vuitton’s newly refurbished flagship store, which will undoubtedly result in the desire to enter. But this is a good thing! Because, alongside many other gems, you’ll discover this multi-hued leather cross-body number, which can also be described as the hardest-working handbag out there. Defiantly modern but with a little 70s flare, it’s equally at home worn with a suit to the office as it is with double denim at the park. It’s an investment, for sure, but we bet you won’t tire of it in a hurry!…

2 мин.
coat check

THE COSY CARDIGAN Forget wearing this fireside, a cardigan is now the perfect layer for that bohemian cool vibe. Wear over ruffles and floaty dresses, and belt in the middle for a more flattering silhouette. THE OVERSIZED BLAZER Tailoring isn’t just saved for the workplace any more. Pairing an oversized blazer with sexy evening wear is modern, cool and effortless. THE BELTED JACKET Your hero piece for weekend style is actually perfect for all occasions. Its shorter length is great for showing off ruffled skirts and tiered dresses without making them look bulky. THE CLASSIC TRENCH A coat that nearly every woman has in her wardrobe – and now, it’s no longer just for daytime. For a modern spin on your evening ensemble, pair your trench with pussy-bow blouses and A-line silhouettes.…