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Residential Tech Today

Residential Tech Today November - December 2019

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Residential Tech Today merges news and best practices industry leaders need, innovator profiles, exclusive interviews, and product reviews. With Jeremy Glowacki as the Executive Editor, the award-winning editorial staff from Innovation & Tech Today, and partnerships with leading organizations, this bi-monthly publication is injecting energy into the smart home market.

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from the editor

“That’s only scratching the surface of a technology category that is so important to the aesthetics and livability of the home.” Creating lighting scenes is only one part of the equation that encompasses a home’s lighting design. In the past, dimmers and lighting control systems were as far as professional technology integrators could go. Now, with the prevalence of LED lighting, many smart home tech pros getting are trained and certified to specify the actual lighting fixtures and even design their layout throughout the home – roles that were once the exclusive domain of electricians and professional lighting specifiers and designers. During a training session this past fall at the Azione Unlimited smart home association conference, Breakthrough Lighting’s Joe Pineda provided a 101-level course on the fundamentals of LED lighting design. While…

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Lisa Montgomery is a home-tech journalist whose work has been published in a variety of magazines and websites. She makes it her mission to provide thoughtful insights on how to integrate technology into a home without compromising its aesthetics. In this issue, she writes about blending the cosmetics of smart technology into the home environment. Darryl Wilkinson is a veteran freelance writer in the consumer electronics industry, which includes work as editor-at-large for Sound & Vision. He’s written for Audio, Home Theater, Wirecutter, Home Theater Review, and others. He’s currently working on designing the perfect automated smart chicken coop. This month, Wilkinson explores the motorization of smart home products from projector and TV lifts to transformational video screens. At St. Louis-based Integration Controls, Jamie Briesemeister leads sales and marketing and is actively…

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by the numbers

The weather outside is about to be frightful! But just because the temperature is going to be low in many parts of the country doesn’t mean your energy bill will be. It’s no surprise that chillier weather results in a bloated electric bill, making cost-conscious homeowners weary of the winter months. Thankfully, smart thermostats have provided opportunities to cut down energy costs with advanced controls and smart home connectivity. Let’s take a look at some statistics that will warm you up to smart thermostats.…

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we ask industry insiders one question

We educate our clients about the basic facts related to wellness technology, including the quality of air inside their home, understanding how lighting can affect your brain, your hormonal system, and your ability to sleep. Delos is the only company with a complete solution of all of the pillars that are necessary in a residential space to make it a well space. A smart home isn’t smart unless it’s healthy. – Jan Vitrofsky, HEDsouth, Hollywood, FL Multi-dwelling unit (MDU) developers in our area are looking for creative ways to apply technology to achieve WELL Building certification. We can advise them on the best ways to integrate motorized shades and Ketra lighting, for example, which establishes our value earlier in the project and helps the developer accumulate “innovation” points to achieve certification. – George…

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crestron’s new-look user interface

Crestron, long the leader in custom-programmed home control systems, has introduced a complete update to their residential operating system and app that were designed from scratch with new features, an interface that’s easier to navigate on mobile devices and Crestron TSW touch screens, and faster deployment for integrators, with no programming needed. To make Crestron Home OS 3 a reality, Crestron hired more engineers and went to work changing APIs and writing native applications for iOS and their touchscreens/Android devices. Aesthetic design and “user friendliness” of the OS3 app were equally important to performance goals, according to Doug Jacobson, Crestron’s director of residential technology. “It’s one thing to have the app or touchscreen interface be really responsive, it’s another thing to have a gorgeous user experience,” he said. “But it’s more…

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what dante means for home audio

Audinate’s Dante – the AV-over-IP solution that dominates the world of professional audio – is seeing rapid adoption by manufacturers of residential audio equipment. The technology provides an easy solution to route audio over long distances without any signal degradation, making it perfect for higher-end residential homes with multi-zone audio setups. Dante launched in the live sound market in 2008 followed soon after by integrators in the commercial installed AV market to deliver systems with hundreds of uncompressed audio channels over a standard Ethernet network. Dante’s introduction to the residential market brings cost reductions and installation time savings thanks to the efficiency of leveraging Ethernet cables in lieu of proprietary, single-purpose analog audio cables. “Our founders had a vision for making a solution that was usable in the real world,” explained Josh…