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Runner's World March/April 2019

RUNNER'S WORLD is filled with powerful information that will help you run faster and farther and have more fun doing it! Every issue brings you the strategies, tips and advice to fuel your performance, prevent injuries, burn fat, shed stress, and achieve your personal goals.

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RAUDEL ARTEAGA RUNNER, REMIX YOUR KICKS P.82 Mental health is equally as important to physical health, and having a time to meditate and separate from the everyday stresses is very important. JOHN BRANT WRITER, THE ORIGINAL SNEAKERHEAD P.88 During long runs, divert your mind by reciting poems, mantras, or quotes to distract yourselfif you need it. DERRICK CHEEKS RUNNER, HIGH SCHOOL STOKE P.66 I think one of the best things you can do as a runner is to remember to smile. A smile will make you feel better even when running is hard. It also makes other people happy, and it can make someone else’s run better, too. ZOFIE CHRISTIAN RUNNER, HIGH SCHOOL STOKE, P.66 If someone tells you to take a day off, listen to them and take a day off. I…

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what we’re running

DANIELLE ZICKL ASSOCIATE HEALTH AND FITNESS EDITOR // MY LIFE GOAL IS TO ADOPT A CAT I CAN RUN WITH 1 / Led Zeppelin Tank $20 Anyone who knows me knows I love classic rock. This T-shirt (which I chopped the sleeves off of immediately when I got it) is super baggy and comfortable, perfect for a strength-training session or a few easy miles of running. 2 / Pink Lemonade Probar Bolt Energy Chews $26 I fueled my first half marathon—and all the weekend long runs during training—with these chews. The pink-lemonade flavor is both sweet and tangy but not overpowering. Bonus is that the gummies don’t upset my stomach like others I tried. 3 / Earth Fed Muscle Vanilla Whey Protein Powder $45 My go-to form of cross-training is lifting weights, and I’ll…

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the inside lane

ON A LATE-WINTER morning, I hadn’t made it a mile from the trailhead on the Taconic Crest Trail in western Massachusetts, but I was in agony, unable to run another step. The shoes I’d laced up at my car were killing me. They were stiff. And heavy. And rock-hard on the still-frozen ground. Worse, they fit my foot terribly, and I was sliding off the side as I ran along the edge of the ridge. There was no way I could run the planned 10 miles wearing those dogs. So I hung them from a tree branch and pulled a second pair out of my backpack for the rest of the run. Such is life as a shoe geek—especially one who makes a living by testing and reviewing running shoes. I…

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tester for a day

How would you like to try a pair and give us your feedback? Stop by the RW pop-up shop in Boston during Marathon weekend. We’ll have shoes there for you try out—plus a complete lineup of seminars, classes, and more. Keep an eye on runnersworld.com/boston for the store location and a schedule of events. New Balance 1400v1 I still have six pairs of these racing flats—two unworn—even though they were released in 2011. Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% The fastest shoe I’ve ever worn. Nike Flyknit Racer This is the first shoe with a knit upper. I set a 10K PR wearing them. Reebok FloatRide Run Fast An Editors’ Choice winner last fall. I paid cash for two pairs. Montrail Rogue Fly This shoe is like the 1400 but has a trail-ready sole. It came out…

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the test zone

IN DEFENSE OF POCKETS Oiselle Roga Shorts / $60 I’ll say it: All running shorts should have pockets. Not cavernous holes that swallow your hands, but snug, secure spaces to hold essentials. Without them, I’ve resorted to safety-pinning gel packets to my shorts and clenching my phone as I ran over bridges, and have endured chafing from ill-fitting race belts. For runners like me, Oiselle’s Roga Shorts solve all those problems. They have a zippered back pocket and four mesh ones that work like a utility belt. Now, I can bring my most important gear on every run without feeling weighed down. —Amanda Furrer, test editor Craft Repel Jacket / $174 This wind- and waterproof jacket is impressing me on cold and wet runs. Here are some reasons why, lifted directly from…

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how to carb-load for your next race

There’s a reason so many marathons and halfs offer a prerace pasta dinner the night before: A healthy store of carbohydrates is one key component to fueling your best performance. Here’s how it works: After you consume carbs, like a plate of spaghetti, most of them are stored in your muscles and liver as glycogen—your body’s most easily accessible form of energy, explains Monique Ryan, R.D., author of Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes. When you deplete your glycogen stores, that’s when you “hit the wall” and start feeling symptoms such as sudden fatigue, a loss of energy, or even muscle cramps, mental confusion, or GI distress. Yep, it’s as rough as it sounds and can put your race goals in serious jeopardy. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you fill…