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Runner's World July/August 2019

RUNNER'S WORLD is filled with powerful information that will help you run faster and farther and have more fun doing it! Every issue brings you the strategies, tips and advice to fuel your performance, prevent injuries, burn fat, shed stress, and achieve your personal goals.

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inside knowledge

Denali Tietjen “Queen of Athleisure” p.76 Run right when you wake up. When I do, it makes me feel like I’ve prioritized myself, which gives me more of a capacity to be present throughout the day. ALSO: Every now and then—like once a week or once a month—go for an unplugged solo run. No music and no watch. These runs are very intentional and remind me why I still love this sport. Matthew Meyer “Race Medal” p.58 On the really hard days when I don’t feel like going out, I reach out to my training partners. Shared miles aren’t shorter, but they somehow feel easier. ALSO: After a hard workout, a cold shower beer is the ticket. But really, take recovery seriously. That’s when your body processes all the work you’ve put in: the races,…

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what we’re running

DEREK CALL VIDEO PRODUCER ANY THING THAT’S BEEN SAID ABOUT JOHN WICK CAN ALSO BE SAID ABOUT ME 1 / New Balance Performance Waist Pack $20 On days when I’m not lugging around my Camelbak, this is my go-to accessory. After my iPod Classic bit the dust, my phone became my default music source. This pack keeps it—along with gels and keys—secure. Plus, if I’m wearing a shirt, it’s mostly concealed. 2 / Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 5 $110 The perfect combination of comfort, durability, traction, and style, the Wildhorse 5 hasn’t left my shoe rotation since I began testing it in February. I can’t help but think they’d be a tactical advantage if I made it on “Survivor.” (If you’re reading this, Jeff Probst, I’m interested.) 3 / Kane 11 Harry Midnight Socks $16.50…

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what we’re running

KIT FOX SPECIAL PROJECTS EDITOR RUNS BECAUSE HE MAY LIKE PIE, BEER, AND SWEET-POTATO FRIES JUST A LITTLE TOO MUCH 1 / Nike Bandit Sunglasses with Sport RX Lenses $165 I’ve always hated wearing glasses when I run, but these Nike frames are incredibly lightweight and stay secure on my sweaty nose. But the best feature of all is the lenses, which Sport RX was able to fill with my (rather-strong) prescription. 2 / Rabbit Running Trucker Hat $32 Maybe it’s my version of a security blanket, but I always wear a hat on runs. This one is both moisture-resistant and breathable, which serves to keep my head cool while blocking sweat from dripping into my eyes. 3 / Apple AirPods $159 The AirPods are simply the best headphones I have ever tested. They stay…

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the inside lane

CHEDDAR SCONES AND dirty water dogs might not sound like the best fuel for a long run, unless you’re Matt Allyn, RW’s features director. On a recent Saturday, I joined him and a few other friends for “Matt Takes Manhattan”—a loosely organized 50K run around New York City. We weren’t racing, and there were no medals hung around our necks at the finish, but we did wear bib numbers. “New York is the ideal place to host your own run,” Matt said. “There’s an aid station (bodega) on every street, and you’re never more than a half mile from a bathroom.” We took advantage of both, as we cruised on a five-hour lap around the island. One of the runners with us brought nothing more than a small handheld bottle and a…

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the test zone

PRAISE FOR SPLIT SHORTS Janji 3" AVR Split Short / $58 We test a lot of baggy run shorts, but haven’t forgotten about split-models. Janji’s 3-inch short is light and airy and looks good enough to wear off the track. On my run commute home on a warm April evening, a young dude on a BMX bike in downtown Allentown, PA, shouted, “I like your shorts, bro. Like, goddamn.” —Dan Roe Title Nine Tech Athena Sports Bra / $ 56 This is a good bra with a great back closure: The three clasps are on a wide band and, combined with Velcro-like straps, let you dial in the right fit and support. That makes it easy to get on and even easier to get off after a sweaty run. —Amy Wolff COOLEST THING WE’RE TESTING Humon…

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breathe better to run longer and faster—here’s how

Sure, your quads, hamstrings, and calves work hard to propel you forward. But there’s another muscle that’s a power player in your running: your diaphragm. With each forceful contraction, this key breathing muscle helps expand your lungs to bring in oxygen—a gas your muscles need to create energy, says Michael Jordan, D.P.T., Director of Research & Education at Fast Track Sports Medicine & Performance Center in Fairfax, VA. As it works, you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, the buildup of which can cause anxiety and breathlessness. Bringing awareness to your breathing builds more efficiency, a steadier pace, and a calmer mind, even during high-pressure races, says Boulder-based pro runner and coach Neely Spence Gracey. If you focus on solid breathing, “you’ll be able to push through fatigue and maintain form,” she…