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Runner's World November/December 2018

RUNNER'S WORLD is filled with powerful information that will help you run faster and farther and have more fun doing it! Every issue brings you the strategies, tips and advice to fuel your performance, prevent injuries, burn fat, shed stress, and achieve your personal goals.

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MELISSA JOHNSON, RUNNER, YOUR RUN SQUAD P.56 Run your race and pace. Avoid zigzagging around other runners throughout a racecourse, since you’ll fatigue faster. ALEXIS BATAUSA, RUNNER, A BETTER PLACE P.74 When running long, plan a looped course with an aid station. Then you don’t have to carry supplies, like Band-Aids, with you. MICHELLE BOUDIN, WRITER, YOUR RUN SQUAD P.56 Listening to music during a long run can help motivate you. Apps like Rock My Run come up with playlists for you based on how long your run is and what you like and will even match the music to your heart rate or steps. SHAWN COOL, RUNNER, A BETTER PLACE P.74 Go easy. Every day is not a race. Pace and enjoy the journey. JEFF DENGATE, RUNNER-IN-CHIEF, THE TAPER P.63 While you can…

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erin benner

OUR IDIOSYNCRATIC BUT EXPERT ENDORSEMENT OF AWESOME STUFF 1 / Stunt Runner Dog Leash $38 My favorite running partner is my 8-year-old shepherd/shar pei rescue mutt, Moses, who thinks the first half mile of every run is a race. This waist-tethered leash makes running with him easy because my arms can swing free while he stays safe and close to me on the road. 2 / Nike Aeroloft Running Vest $130 Fall weather in Pennsylvania can go from an Indian summer to snow overnight. I always have this lightweight, packable vest in my gym bag, so I never have an excuse to not head out for a run. 3 / Workout-Proof Makeup I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to find makeup I want to wear all day that can also…

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jacob meschke

OUR IDIOSYNCRATIC BUT EXPERT ENDORSEMENT OF AWESOME STUFF 1 / White Adidas Samba OG $80 In an age of sleek athletic sneakers making it onto the street, this classic soccer-inspired shoe still reigns supreme. (Specifically white, specifically OG style, specifically with blue tongue.) 2 / Nature Valley Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Crunchy Bars $3 a box I have never found a more reliable snack. Substitute it for a meal in a pinch, bring it on a hike to tide you over, eat it before a training run or race to settle an empty stomach. It doesn’t matter—it’s delicious and a tried-and-true stomach BFFL. 3 / Zensah Limited Edition Running Socks $20 I love my growing fun-sock collection, currently featuring corgis, polar bears, and some blinding orange and yellow patterns, among other designs. But…

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the inside lane

WHO WILL YOU be cheering for in New York City on Sunday, November 4? For many of us, it will be Desiree Linden, racing her first marathon since winning Boston this past spring, or defending NYC champ Shalane Flanagan. I’ll be on the sidelines in Central Park before Des or any of the other elite runners pass by, rooting on my friend Glenn Hartrick as he attempts to become the first person to complete the NYC Marathon as a runner, a hand cyclist, and, this year, using a push-rim race chair. You may not know Glenn, but if you’re a longtime reader of this magazine, you might recall his nearly naked figure on our December 2012 cover. Glenn, a competitive triathlete, was one of 22 runners featured in our special issue…

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how to identify—and recover from—overtraining

THIS MONTH IS the busiest time of year in my office. Like clockwork, the phone starts ringing off the hook: “Dr. Metzl, I’ve got an achy———, and my marathon is in a month. Please help!” Day after day, the same calls come in. Why? As my friend Ramon, a running coach in New York City, says, “Marathon runners typically get hurt because they violate the rule of too’s: too much, too quickly, too intensely.” In other words, these injuries are the result of overtraining. With thousands of runners training for fall marathons, peak running mileage hits between late summer and midfall. After months of pushing ahead, the body, if not trained properly, starts to break down. There’s a fine line in endurance sports between achieving maximum fitness and going overboard. As a…

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why the 5k is better than the marathon

ANYTIME I TELL someone I’m a runner, they never fail to ask the same question: Have you run a marathon? In the past, I’ve answered this with some variation of “Not yet, but probably soon.” The truth is that I’m a bald-faced liar. In all of these interactions, it’s what I felt I should say because somewhere in my mind, I really didn’t think I’d be considered a “real” runner if I wasn’t at least planning on racing 26.2 miles. Maybe it was because I was afraid of being judged, but I wanted to do everything I could to make myself seem legitimate and fit in—fit into what, I’m not even sure. In reality, every time I gave my answer, I knew I wasn’t going to go home and find a…