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Signature Luxury Travel & Style Volume 34

Each issue of Signature is a taste of the finer things in life, bringing you beautiful escapes, gourmet adventures, wellness retreats and the latest in five-star hotels, as well as advice from our style and living sections for everyday luxury. From cruising the high seas to African safaris, Signature is packed with inspiration and insider tips to bring you the essence of the world's best destinations and experiences.

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editor’s letter

This year we celebrate our 10th birthday. Signature Luxury Travel & Style was launched in 2009, mid-GFC, when many businesses and magazines were struggling. It was a surprisingly good time to launch a magazine; if the first few issues were a success, we knew we were onto a winner for the long term. I am thrilled to be able to say that year on year we have celebrated milestones and successes with this title. When I attended the Australian Tourism Awards earlier this year, I noticed a theme running through the acceptance speeches: it was the team as a whole that brought about the winners’ successes. Although we have not won an award this year (I guess you have to enter them first, right?), I can sincerely say that we have a…

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SUSAN ELLIOTT Susan has been a news journalist, travel presenter and producer for Channel Seven Sydney for 30 years. Still travelling for Sydney Weekender, she’s spreading her wings further afield for Signature Luxury Travel & Style on a spectacular flightseeing trip over the Antarctic (page 138). What’s next on your travel wish list? Mongolia, to ride reindeer with the Tsaatan tribe; and Scotland for cosy homestays, heather and haggis. CATHARINE NICOL A freelance writer and editor focusing on travel, wellness and adventure, Catharine has explored the world from her Hong Kong base for over two decades. Always excited to start the next journey, she makes new discoveries in neighbouring Macao for this issue (page 154). What’s next on your travel wish list? Hiking and healing with a shaman in Bhutan and extreme cold training with The Iceman,…

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signature luxury travel & style

Australasia’s leading and highest circulating, audited luxury travel & style magazine Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Cathy Wagstaff cathywagstaff@signaturemedia.com.au @cathywagstaff—signatureluxury Executive Editor Andrew Conway Assistant Editor/Sub-Editor Amelia Hungerford Sub-Editor Natarsha Brown Editorial Interns Zac de Silva, Guy Webster Contributors Dan and Zora Avila, Caroline Davidson, Natasha Dragun, Guy Dundas, Roderick Eime, Susan Elliott, Madeline Hoskin, Patty Huntington, Brian Johnston, Catharine Nicol, Susan Skelly, Joanna Tovia, Sue Wallace, Aleney de Winter, Andrew Woodward Head Designer Gemma Kightly Designer Margaret Miac Associate Publisher Cara Wagstaff Production Manager Grace Cooper Digital Managers Natarsha Brown, Samantha Rowntree, Lisa Wagstaff Director of Partnerships Tina-Louise Jackson Business Development Managers Colleen Hinch, Nicola McClean, Howard Shaw, Virginia Shirley, Gareth Sutcliffe Sales Enquiries sales@signaturemedia.com.au General Enquiries admin@signaturemedia.com.au +61 2 9406 4400 Subscriptions subscriptions@signaturemedia.com.au…

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LITERATURE 6 of the most beautiful bookshops in Europe Avid reader Natarsha Brown peruses the shelves of the most stunning temples to literature in Europe. Search ‘beautiful bookshops’ TRAVEL STYLE A gentleman’s guide to packing for safari Packing for an African safari is a little different from any other trip, and who better to design a packing list for gentlemen heading to this vast and vibrant continent than Rothschild Safaris, a company founded by a local so passionate about Africa she made it her life’s work? Search ‘gentleman’s guide’ THROUGH THE LENS Singita Faru Faru Lodge, Tanzania Kimberly Rosbe interviews Micky Hoyle, the internationally acclaimed photographer charged with shooting the newly redesigned Singita Faru Faru Lodge in the Grumeti Game Reserve. Search ‘Singita Faru Faru’ SIGNATURE CHECKS IN TO … Treasury on Collins, Melbourne In a world seemingly full of modern design, skyscrapers and…

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a portrait of milan

Milan’s rich cultural canvas will be given a splash of style and glamour next year with the opening of the new Portrait Milano, a 73-room luxury hotel in the heart of the city. Located on fashionable Corso Venezia and set in the world’s second oldest seminary dating to 1564, the hotel will be a stiletto heel’s toss from the city’s best boutiques, restaurants, cafes and bars. The sixth bolthole in the Florence-based Lungarno Collection – owned by Italy’s Ferragamo family – Portrait Milano will join Portrait Roma and Portrait Firenze in a trio of Portrait brand hotels. The historic former seminary features an imposing baroque entrance and opens to a piazza framed by a double colonnaded loggia. Following an extensive restoration project, the vast architectural treasure will house the new…

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taking the bull by the horns

Aside from low-profile, the Lamborghini Urus is all that, and more. It’s a fivedoor, eight-speed automatic gearbox Super SUV that’s been designed for the luxury segment. Our raging bull is equipped with a multitude of modern gadgets including a touch screen that utilises haptic technology and a range of driver displays and telemetry. The Urus is so versatile, there are halfa-dozen different preset driving options to suit all types of terrain and conditions – three for on-road, three for off-road. The default mode is ‘Strada’, ideal for getting around town, but shift to ‘Sport’ or ‘Corsa’ to open up the exhaust and generate a louder, throatier engine sound. If you don’t like those options, you can tailor the grip, suspension and responsiveness. The Urus is more than 800 kilograms heavier than its…