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Street Machine

Street Machine June 2020

Street Machine is the country’s biggest selling, most widely read and most respected modified car magazine. Combining great photography with accurate, expert coverage of the Aussie modified car scene and in-depth technical features, Street Machine celebrates Australia’s passion for older cars, V8s and the lifestyle that surrounds them.

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G’DAY and welcome to the June 2020 issue of Street Machine. You may well be wondering who the hell I am and what I have done with Telfo. If you missed his editorial last month, he gave you the heads-up that he was taking a step back from SM to focus more heavily on a broader publisher’s role. It’s a good thing for our business, because it means other mags in our stable get to benefit from his passion, experience and publishing smarts. As a result, this is my first issue in the big chair at Street Machine, and if I’m honest, that’s something I haven’t completely wrapped my head around yet. I’ve read the mag religiously for longer than I can remember. I’ve been working on it as features editor…

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bucket of volts

JUNE 2020: ALL THE NEWS THAT MATTERS CANADIAN hot rodder Chris Webb has made something of a career out of taking the ubiquitous small-block Chev and disguising it as something it’s not. He is most famous for his Webb Motorworks line of flathead conversions, which allow punters to dress up the humble SBC as either a sidevalve V8, V12 or V16. The idea is to get the classic looks of a flathead engine with the horsepower and reliability of the more-modern Chev. Chris’s latest project has taken that thinking to the next level. This time, the SBC is the disguise, concealing an electric motor. “My daughter came to me with an idea that she wanted an electric hot rod,” says Chris. “I began to do some research and realised how phenomenal electric motors…

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hot gossip

PINKY RETIRES ANYONE who was a regular at Summernats, the old Eastern Creek drags or at car shows up and down the east coast will remember the irrepressible Pinky. He’s a legend of a bloke who has spent years touring around Australia in his trusty bus, commentating at shows, motorsport events and dyno comps with boundless enthusiasm. We were saddened to hear recently that health issues are preventing him from continuing his announcing work, so raise a frosty one to Pinky at knock-off time. If you’d like to learn more about Pinky and his career, head to whichcar.com.au/streetmachine and search ‘Pinky’. LOOKING PUZZLED CHASING a bit of iso entertainment after re-watching every episode of Carnage and doubling down on Tiger King? Photographer to the stars, Chris Thorogood of Thorogood Auto Photography can help!…

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strip search

JUNE 2020: ALL THE NEWS THAT MATTERS WHILE there isn’t much actual racing going on in Australia at the moment, there’s still plenty of stuff happening behind the scenes at some tracks. Here’s a sample. SYDNEY DRAGWAY THE Sydney track is getting a serious birthday, starting with a brand-new strip. “The racing surface will be concrete the whole way,” says SD’s Rusty Gregory. “There will be a new bitumen braking area too. We’re also taking the opportunity to update a few things, such as the drainage.” And what about the suggestion that Sydney Dragway will be the new home of speedway, with Valvoline Raceway set to be demolished by the NSW Government? “There is no news yet,” says Rusty. “We’re not even sure if the speedway would share land with the dragway or not.…

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matthew forbes

I’m always more focused on getting a PB than beating anyone else. If I win a class or event, that’s a bonus LAST year we ventured down south to see how the Tasmanians party, spending three days at Tas Dragway near Launceston for Tassie Nats. The Saturday saw a lot of the state’s drag machines show up to duke it out for class wins, including Matthew Forbes and his beautiful XC Ford Fairmont. When did your passion for cars start? When I was a teenager. My first job was working for a small engine builder, so it all really started there I guess. I got a Ford Escort Mk1 two-door for my first car, and my love for Fords grew from there. What’s the story of you getting the XC? Not long after I came…

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in the red 1999

HAVE you ever taken a chance on a flick that looked like it’d be a low-budget, straight-tovideo stinker but actually turned out to be pretty good? Well, In The Red is not that movie. The poster promises some kind of Aussie Fast & Furious (impossible anyway, given the latter came out two years later); unfortunately, the film itself is resolutely subpar. Pretty-boy Dymo (Bradford) is apparently some sort of Sydney crime lord (“Ram raids, car theft, drug deals – if it’s illegal, he is into it,” according to the cops). He appears to divide his time between hooning around in his hotted-up Nissan 200SX and chilling in his palatial crime-boss pad with his sassy girlfriend, Carli (Cratchley). But when someone tries to kill him and shoots up his beloved ride, he’s…