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Street Machine

Street Machine September 2020

Street Machine is the country’s biggest selling, most widely read and most respected modified car magazine. Combining great photography with accurate, expert coverage of the Aussie modified car scene and in-depth technical features, Street Machine celebrates Australia’s passion for older cars, V8s and the lifestyle that surrounds them.

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YEAH, we say the same thing every year, but what an incredible field of finalists we have assembled for the 2020 running of Valvoline Street Machine Of The Year! The award has an incredibly rich history – we’ve been doing it every year since 1988 – and past winners have included legendary Aussie car crafters like Ron Barclay, Howard Astill, Gary Myers and Peter Fitzpatrick to name but a few. It’s also rich in terms of cold, hard dollarydoos, with the winner earning themselves a massive $20,000 from the legends at Valvoline, as well as having their name etched into the most iconic dust collector in Aussie street machining. WE HOPE MATT MORGILLO HAS ENJOYED THE PAST 12 MONTHS AS SMOTY CHAMPION, BUT NOW WE’RE GOING TO NEED THAT TROPHY BACK! The SMOTY winner…

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TENSION between street machiners and government departments is nothing new, with creativity and passion often running up against bureaucratic indifference – and sometimes outright hostility. The modified car community in almost every state has had to fight for their right to exist over the years, and right now it is Western Australia’s turn. There are a number of issues in play, but the main point of contention is that the Department of Transport has seemingly unfettered power to reject a car’s rego without any right to appeal – regardless of whether the car complies with the national guidelines or not. This is creating paralysing uncertainty for your average street machiner, and is also wreaking untold damage on the performance industry itself. To counter this problem, a small group of West Aussie street…

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hot gossip

VALE FRANK ZAGARI FOR almost 30 years, Frank Zagari churned out automotive engineering masterpieces from his workshop, Zagari Engineering in South Australia. A boilermaker by trade, with several welding and fabrication qualifications to his name, his ultimate interest and love was drag racing and tough street cars. He loved Fords, especially his tough-as-nails XA GT coupe. Sadly, Frank recently lost his battle with ill health. He was a very muchloved car enthusiast, husband, father, brother and friend, and is survived by his wife and children. Street Machine would like to extend our sincere condolences to Frank’s family and friends. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT BIG news in publishing circles is that Bauer Media has sold its Australian and New Zealand interests – Street Machine included – to Mercury Capital. What impact will that have on…

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all jazzed up

EARLIER this year, Jasmine ‘Jazzy’ Green was the winner of the 2020 Laurie Starling Scholarship, recognising the amazing fabrication work that the young Shepparton-based barista had done to her LS-powered ’91 Toyota HiLux mini-truck (that’s her at the top of the page receiving the award from Laurie’s parents and some bearded bloke). Last time we checked in on Jazzy (SM, Feb ’20), the HiLux was painted and ready for the engineer’s seal of approval. “I’ve been consulting with the engineer the whole way through, so it passed with flying colours,” says Jazz. “I had kept the chassis in bare metal just in case, so once it was approved I drove it to work to the show the guys, then took it straight home to pull it down. “I got the body off and…

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scott sevil

BACK when the world was a free place, we ventured south to Tassie Nats to see how they party on the Apple Isle. We found a number of up-and-coming local burnout heroes, including Scott Sevil and his recently finished VY SS ute. We featured his blown 408ci LS mill in the Feb ’19 issue of SM, so we caught up with him recently to see how he’d been faring in the burnout stakes. What made you want to build a burnout car of this calibre? I decided I wanted to have one of the biggest and baddest cars and engines in all of Tasmania, and with some of the guys down here raising the bar, I knew we’d have to build something decent. I think even now we’re still one of the…

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malcolm 1986

BREAKDOWN VEHICLES: 1972 Honda Z360, 1972 Ford Transit van, 1980 Toyota LiteAce, 1977 HZ Holden, 1984 VK Commodore, 1984 Ford XF Falcon, 1973 HQ Holden Kingswood, 1973 Ford XB Falcon, 1971 VH Valiant Charger XL STARS: Colin Friels, Lindy Davies, John Hargreaves, Chris Haywood, Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell, Beverley Phillips DIRECTOR: Nadia Tass ACTION: A Honda Z360 splits into two independently powered halves to evade a pursuing police car; a Ford Transit van is jerry-rigged with gadgets to help carry out a bank heist PLOT: A socially awkward mechanical genius forms an unlikely alliance with his two new housemates in an elaborate bank robbery plan AVAILABLE: DVD, internet download, streaming PAINFULLY shy Malcolm Hughes (Friels) makes up for a lack of social graces with a keen aptitude for mechanics, inventing crafty gadgets like a letterbox that runs on…