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Street Machine

Street Machine October 2020

Street Machine is the country’s biggest selling, most widely read and most respected modified car magazine. Combining great photography with accurate, expert coverage of the Aussie modified car scene and in-depth technical features, Street Machine celebrates Australia’s passion for older cars, V8s and the lifestyle that surrounds them.

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TABLOID TV shows like A Current Affair have long been the sworn enemy of the car scene. All it takes is a slow news week and they’ll be regurgitating the same sensationalist hoon narrative cut with years-old YouTube footage, whipping the mindless Karens who consume it into a frenzy. For the most part it’s trumped-up gutter journalism, and all it does is create a greater divide between car enthusiasts and the broader community. That’s why it was such a pleasant surprise to come across a segment ACA ran recently on Ben Neal of Benny’s Custom Works. Benny is a YouTube personality, Street Machine Drag Challenge and Hot Rod Drag Week competitor, pilot of a bottom eight-second Barra-powered Toyota Cresta, and a top fella to boot. BEN USED HIS SKILLS AS A MECHANIC…

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what the hellcat!

EVER since Dodge made it possible to order its behemoth 707hp, 6.2-litre supercharged V8 as a crate motor, people have wasted no time in cramming them into just about everything – including this Mercedes CLK 320 coupe. It’s fair to say that a posh German conveyance is not the most obvious home for an off-tap Hellcat motor, and this build is unusual for another reason, too. Its main purpose is not to set the timeslips on fire; rather, it’s to help those going through tough times due to illness, giving them an outlet to experience the better things in life and open up about their challenges. The owner of the car is Andy Kahle, a longtime drag racer and a breast cancer survivor. She is also the CEO of Therapy On Wheels…

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hot gossip

MOTOREX POSTPONED WITH the coronavirus situation in Victoria still looking fairly ordinary, organisers have been left with no choice but to again postpone Meguiar’s MotorEx. It’s a bummer, but it certainly ain’t all bad news. The new dates are 6-7 February 2021, which frankly is a much nicer time of year to be out and about in Mexico anyway! Showcars Melbourne’s 10th-anniversary event is happening on 21 February, so it’s going to be a bumper month for Melbourne motorheads. We can’t wait for some semblance of normality to return to Victoria, and we’re sure as hell looking forward to both events. SEMA CANCELLED THE Specialty Equipment Market Association has announced the SEMA Show for 2020 is cancelled “due to COVID-19 and concerns that event facilities and services will be unavailable.” You’d have to…

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world record, by george!

THEY reckon more people have walked on the moon than have gone faster than 400mph on land. I’m not sure ‘they’ are correct about that, but either way, 400+mph land speed runs are extraordinary achievements. George Poteet has done it more than just about anyone in his Speed Demon streamliner (pictured in 2018). In August, the 71-year-old set a new record for the world’s fastest piston-powered vehicle, with a 470.016mph (756km/h) average during the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) Speed Week on the Bonneville salt flats in Utah. The previous record holder was Danny Thompson, to the tune of 448.75mph in 2018. He did it in the Challenger II streamliner, powered by a pair of 500ci, nitro-burning Hemis. In doing so, Thompson finished the job started by his father Mickey in 1968. Thompson…

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bradley see

WE SPOTTED Bradley See’s retro-tastic, flame-jobbed HK Monaro GTS at Red CentreNATS 5, and instantly had to know more. Where did it come from? How did it survive? And could it be any more 80s? How did you come across the Monaro? It was about 2005. My wife Katrina and I were living with my brother, Clayton, in a town near Mackay. He was looking at a classifieds paper we had there and circled this ad that said “HK GTS” and not much else. I assumed it would be a sedan with GTS stuff installed, as it certainly didn’t say it was a Monaro. We went out to Marian, about 30 kays away, and I bought it on the spot. The seller’s wife had been using it as a daily driver. I’m…

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two hands 1999

A FEW minutes into Two Hands, we’re outside a strip club on Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross, when two menacing Aussie legends fill up the frame: actor Bryan Brown in the passenger seat of a purple XA GT hardtop. It’s an arresting, iconic image. Brown plays Pando, the local crime boss, and the GT is the prized possession of his merciless enforcer, Acko (Field). A few scenes later, Pando prevails upon Acko to lend the coupe to the gang’s new recruit, 19-year-old Jimmy (Ledger): Pando: “Give him your fucking keys.” Acko: “You’re not taking my fucking car!” Pando: “It’s only going to take 20 minutes; he needs a car, so give him your fucking keys.” Acko: “I just got the gearbox done. Pando: “Good, that means it fucking works. Now give him your keys.” Jimmy takes the XA…