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Street Trucks

October 2019

The # 1 source of inspiration for the custom truck enthusiast. In-depth technical articles educate you on what you can do to set your truck apart.

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Engaged Media
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street trucks

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message from the editor

TRENDS COME AND GO IN OUR INDUSTRY JUST LIKE ANY OTHER. Some weeks it’s bagged classics on the hot list, and others are high-horsepower coilover modern trucks. We love them all, which is why we keep doing this, but each of us is influenced by styles and cultures seemingly without even knowing it. I was lucky enough to be born in 1979, which means that while growing up, my most impressionable years were heavily influenced by a love for truck magazines. The rags of those years were dominated by the Chevy OBS CK Sport Trucks and the fast-rising Ford Lightning. These sweet trucks filled the pages of every major truck magazine in the country with intense custom-painted graphics and massive chrome motors. We envied those guys in the magazine living the…

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word on the street

American Honda Restores a Chevy Pickup SHORTLY after American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) first opened for business in 1959, the company purchased a small fleet of Chevy pickups to deliver motorcycles to its fledgling dealers across Southern California. One of these trucks is depicted in an iconic photo circa 1961 in front of AHM’s original office at 4077 Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles. Underscoring their importance during those early days, American Honda restored a truck to authentically match the one in the old photo, helping celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary. Tapping its U.S. archives and memories of retired Honda associates for details, a 1961 Chevy half-ton pickup was found and carefully renovated, replicating the original paint scheme as used by company salesmen delivering motorcycles to dealers to sell on a consignment…

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parts counter

NICE BUNGS! WITH LS CONVERSIONS AND EFI BEING ADDED TO NEARLY EVERY MUSCLE CAR, HOT ROD AND CLASSIC TRUCK THESE DAYS, PERFORMANCE ONLINE HAS MADE IT EASY TO ADD A FUEL RETURN BUNG TO YOUR ORIGINAL FUEL TANK. This kit allows you to add the threaded bung without having to do any welding. If you can drill a ½-inch hole, you can install this fuel return bung. It is that simple! PERFORMANCE ONLINE, INC. 866-631-7480 www.performanceonline.com V-SERIES LED ORACLE LIGHTING’S NEW V-SERIES LED BULB CONVERSION KITS PHYSICALLY MATCH THE ORIGINAL BULB FOR OEM FITMENT, ALLOWING FOR EASY DIY INSTALLATION AND COMPATIBILITY WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL WIRING OR EXTERNAL DRIVERS. If the bulb becomes hot and surpasses optimal working temperature, the driver can reduce the current by altering the PWM duty cycle until temperature stabilizes. ORACLE LIGHTING www.oraclelights.com800-407-5776 THE…

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the sport truck movement

IF YOU’RE AN AVID READER OF STREET TRUCKS FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, YOU MIGHT REMEMBER WAY BACK TO OUR EARLY DAYS WHEN STATIC-DROPPED TRUCKS WERE MORE PREVALENT IN THESE PAGES AND THE CUSTOM TRUCK SHOW SCENE AS A WHOLE. Inspired by some of the older truck mags like Sport Truck and Truckin’, Street Trucks soon began to dive deeper and focus heavily on the custom truck niche. All the wild and more in-depth full custom builds that began to take over in the ’90s became the focus, but the custom truck life existed well before the days of body drops, airbags and full custom frames. I know I know—this is hard to imagine, but the custom truck scene of the late ’80s and early ’90s was an amazing time of beautifully…

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can’t stop, won’t stop

THINGS DON’T ALWAYS GO AS PLANNED, ESPECIALLY IN THE CUSTOM TRUCK WORLD. Mike Cannella, a longtime custom truck enthusiast and loyal Aftermath truck club member, has seen his share of surprises over the years. Having gone through a few full custom builds, he decided that this time around he just wanted a nice clean daily driver to curb that urge of custom that has been nipping at him since he got rid of his last build. “THE TIME WAS NOW, AND HIS DREAM CAME TRUE TO BE ON THE COVER OF THE VERY MAGAZINE THAT HE’S BEEN A FAITHFUL READER OF SINCE DAY ONE.” Mike started looking around and found this single cab that fellow Aftermath club member Benny Botello was selling. Mike checked it out and decided that it would make…