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T3 Annual

T3 Annual

T3 Annual

Packed with features, reviews, head-to-heads and more, the T3 Annual 2018 brings you the best of T3 from the past year – from 101 gadgets you can’t live without and essential keep fit tech to the complete guide to 4K TV and the ultimate smart home setup

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welcome to t3

ANNUAL 2018 Welcome to the T3 Annual 2018, packed full of the best of T3 from the past year. Whether you're after a brand-new 4K TV or Blu-ray player, state-of-the-art home workout kit or the latest smart home tech, we've got you covered with a vast array of features, head-to-heads, reviews, and more. We kick off with a comprehensive guide to the 101 gadgets you can't live without – covering everything from e-readers and baby monitors to stylish turntables and Microsoft's latest Surface Studio. In our Home section we'll show you how to get the ultimate smart home setup, while we also pit top-of-the-range coffee machines against each other and take a look at the best wireless music systems for your pad. From TVs to Blu-ray players, discover the best 4K…

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101 gadgets you can’ live without

01 Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone Fancy yourself as the next superstar of drone racing? Earn your wings with this epic, pocket-friendly first-person race drone. A drone-mounted camera beams all the action to a smartphone, giving wannabe pilots a front-row seat and enabling more controlled, immersive flights. Propellor guards and a durable frame take the pain out of crashing, and auto take-off and landing let you focus on perfecting your G-force turns and barrel rolls. £99.99, gb.airhogs.com 02 Sony Xperia Touch Imagine a world where you could convert any surface into a TV screen, connected games board, photo frame, DJ decks or phone screen. Xperia Touch makes that dream a reality. The portable, Android app-connected projector beams a 23- inch screen onto any flat surface, ready for you to swipe, tap and scroll…

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yale keyless connected

From £148.99, yalestore.co.uk WHERE TO USE IT Yale’s smart lock replaces your existing nightlatch and is suitable for wooden doors. WHAT IT DOES Rather than fiddle with a key upon entry of your home, you can unlock your front door simply by tapping in a pin code via the built-in touchscreen. Alternatively, you can use a key card or key tag to wirelessly scan your way in, or you can use a remote fob to do the deed from a distance – as you’re pulling up on your driveway, for instance. There’s no smartphone integration – instead you get a choice of adding on either a Yale or Z-Wave module to the lock, enabling you to connect it up to the Yale alarm system or Z-Wave-supported smart home hub (such as Samsung SmartThings). You…

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hive active heating

From £179.99, hivehome.com WHERE TO USE IT In the room you spend the majority of your time – for most of us this is downstairs in the lounge. This way the Hive thermostat will control the heating according to where you are. WHAT IT DOES Hive’s smart thermostat keeps your home’s temperature exactly how you like it – just set it on the dial, or via the smartphone app, and your boiler will step in, ramping up the radiator heating to raise the level, and cutting it when it’s reached the desired temperature. A smart scheduler within the app saves you having to manually adjust the temperature; tell it how hot you’d like it, and at what time you want the temperature set at, and Hive will do the rest of the work. You…

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logitech circle 2

From £169.99, logitech.com WHERE TO USE IT Logitech’s second-gen cam can be used indoors or outdoors, making for a seriously flexible solution for home monitoring. WHAT IT DOES The Logi Circle 2 is great for keeping an eye on your whole home, wherever you are. Just grab your tablet or smartphone and you can view a live feed, at a crisp 1080p resolution. The super-wide 180-degree field of view enables you to see loads of detail. When the camera sees something, it’ll ping you a notification the moment it happens. Circle 2 comes in two different flavours – wired (for power) or completely wire-free, with a rechargeable battery. The Circle 2 can be placed anywhere in your home without being tethered to a mains socket, and its weatherproof shell means it’ll work perfectly outside,…

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From £169.99, logitech.com WHERE TO USE IT Any home, no matter whether you’re living in a busy city or in a country home in the middle of nowhere. It should be placed in a central location at about head height. WHAT IT DOES The air we breathe should be as clean as possible – the health benefits are pretty obvious – but according to the makers of Foobot, the air inside our homes is about five times as polluted as the air outside. What you can do about it? Foobot measures indoor air and alerts you to any anomalies, such as excessive humidity, or lots of toxins or particles in the air. When Foobot is blue, the air is good, when it’s orange something is wrong, enabling you to act – whether it’s simply…