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The Economist Continental Europe Edition March 30, 2019

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the world this week

Politics After almost two years investigating Russian interference in America’s presidential election of 2016, Robert Mueller presented his report to William Barr, the attorney-general, who released a summary. The special counsel found no collusion between anyone on Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russians who had meddled in the election. Questions about whether the president tried to obstruct justice were left “unresolved”. Democrats were not pleased; they want Mr Barr to release the full report to Congress. In a sharp reversal of its earlier position, the Justice Department said it would now support striking down the whole of Obamacare, rather than certain aspects of it. The health-care act is going through a tortuous legal appeals process and will probably end up before the Supreme Court. Mr Trump caused confusion when he tweeted that he…

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king bibi: a parable of modern populism

HIS DEVOTEES call him “The Magician”, “The Winner” and—the ultimate accolade—melekh yisrael, “King of Israel”. Binyamin Netanyahu is Israel’s most gifted politician in a generation. He is his country’s second-longest-serving prime minister and, if he wins his fifth election on April 9th, may beat the record of the country’s founding father, David Ben Gurion. “Bibi”, as he is known by all, is important beyond Israel, too, and not only because he speaks in perfect soundbites in both Hebrew and English and stands tall in today’s chaotic Middle East. He matters because he embodied the politics of muscular nationalism, chauvinism and the resentment of elites long before such populism became a global force. Mr Netanyahu counts among his friends and allies such nationalists as Donald Trump and Narendra Modi, not to mention…

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the silly isles

THERESA MAY was supposed to be leading Britain out of the European Union this week. Instead, Britain stayed put and the prime minister found herself announcing her own departure. After weathering months of criticism over her handling of the Brexit negotiations, in which Britain was last week forced to ask for an extension of the March 29th deadline, Mrs May surrendered to calls for her to say that she would quit. She promised her Conservative MPs she would step down if Britain formally left the EU, handing the next, crucial phase of negotiations, on Britain’s future relationship with the continent, to her successor. After weeks of chaos, the past few days’ developments might make it look as if Britain is at last feeling its way towards a solution to its crisis.…

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inversions and aversions

ON MARCH 22ND Germany’s worst manufacturing survey in seven years sent investors rushing to buy bonds. For the first time in three years yields on German ten-year government debt fell below zero, meaning that investors are willing to pay to hold it. And later that day in America the yield on ten-year Treasury bonds fell beneath that on the three-month variety. The last time that happened was 2007, one of the “inversions” in bond-market yields that preceded each of the past seven American recessions. These bond-market blues are fuelling concern that the global upswing in 2017 and 2018 is making way for a slump. There are reasons to worry. Tax cuts have boosted demand in America but will not be repeated; China has slowed; the trade war grinds on. However, indiscriminate…

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trump resurgent

ROBERT MUELLER toiled over his report for two years, slightly longer than it took Herman Melville to write “Moby Dick”. Going by a summary provided by the attorney-general, though, the endings are the same: the whale gets away. The special counsel did not find that members of the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government when it interfered in the 2016 election. The president is crowing. Democrats in Congress point out that Mr Mueller did not exonerate the president over obstruction of justice, which is also true. But make no mistake: this is as good an outcome as Donald Trump could have wished for. For the rest of his first term, and perhaps long into his second, he will be able to point to an exhaustive investigation and say he was…

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culture vultures

IT DIDN’T TAKE much. A theatrical “die-in” at the New York Guggenheim Museum in February; a threat by Nan Goldin, a photographer, to pull her works from the National Portrait Gallery in London; a warning of unspecified “guerrilla actions” against British museums. Since mid-March the Guggenheim, the National Portrait Gallery and the Tate galleries have all cracked. None will accept future gifts from the Sackler family, prolific philanthropists who own Purdue Pharma, a firm that created an opioid, OxyContin, and claimed it was not terribly addictive. So Western museums will be a little poorer. They might also have less stuff to show, if another sort of campaign prevails. In November a report commissioned by Emmanuel Macron, France’s president, argued that museums should hand back to former colonies artworks that were acquired…