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The Knitter caters for skilled knitters with more than 10 challenging patterns in each issue. The Knitter has beautiful, original patterns and inspiration from world-class designers. Our patterns aren’t just fabulous to look at, they’re enjoyable to make, with a few unusual techniques and intriguing ways with yarns for you to try.

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cabling without a cable needle

KNITTING CABLES without the use of a cable needle may seem a bit wild and dangerous, but rest assured, it’s very easy and will save you lots of time and fiddling. It’s especially quick with smaller cables of three or four stitches - the cables whizz past without all that messing around with a cable needle. You may also find your cables look tidier. To create cables without the use of a cable needle, you’ll be slipping and knitting the stitches that make up your cable and then doing the ‘pinch and pull’ manoeuvre: pinching the stitches with finger and thumb while pulling the needle out and then sliding it back in to reposition the stitches in a different order. Making sure your tension is even as you slip and knit will…

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alt alternate approx approximately beg beginning ch chain cn cable needle cont continue dc double crochet (US single crochet) dec decrease (work two stitches together) DK double knitting DPN double-pointed needle dtr double treble (US treble crochet) est established foll following inc increase K knit KFB knit into front and back of stitch K2tog knit the next two stitches together kwise knitwise meas measures M1 make one (see M1L) M1pw make 1 st purlwise: with LH needle lift the strand between next and last st from front to back and purl through the back loop M1L left leaning increase: with left needle tip, lift strand between needles from front to back. Knit lifted loop through back of loop M1R right leaning increase: with left needle tip, lift strand between needles from back to front. Knit lifted loop through front of loop MB make a bobble mrk marker P purl patt pattern(s) PB place bead PFB purl into front…

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wild beauty

THE DRAMATIC landscapes and seascapes of Shetland have long captured the imaginations of artists and writers. The islands’ stormy skies, rugged cliffs, rolling hills and crashing waves make an impression on everyone who visits the Shetland Isles – including Peter Longbottom, managing director of West Yorkshire Spinners. Peter made his first visit to Shetland in 2019, to attend Shetland Wool Week, and his experiences led to the development of a palette of rustic colourways for the company’s newest yarn, Wild Shetland. “Last year I attended Shetland Wool Week for the first time,” Peter says. “It was the tenth anniversary of this yearly event, and I must say I was astonished by the number of people attending from all over the world.” During his time on Shetland, Peter was inspired by the ever-changing colours…

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the beauty of cables

ASK A non-knitter to picture a traditional hand knit, and the chances are they would imagine a cable jumper, rich with texture. From practical workwear to elegant wardrobe staples, cabled garments are wonderful projects to knit. In essence, the technique of cable knitting involves moving stitches around the surface of the fabric, to create lines and ropes of knit stitches in counterpoint to the purl background stitches. Sharing patterns The origin of cable knitting is shrouded in myth. One school of thought is that cabling on garments has only been around since the middle of the 19th century, and was created by knitters in fishing communities. Certainly, this technique produces a thick and practical fabric, and some cables and motifs do resemble ropes and fishing nets. The gansey jumpers from Scotland and the…

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autumn inspiration

It’s time to cast on and get creative with projects for the new season! Let us inspire you with modern Fair Isle and lace, classic cables and textured stitches, including designs for men, women and children. We look to Shetland this month, as Viveka Velupillai delves into the roots of the island’s unique knitting dialect. We also discover the story behind a new Shetland yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners. HAPPY KNITTING! from The Knitter team…

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sarah hatton bethóc

SUBTLE TEXTURES using purl stitches and slip stitches decorate these classic socks by Sarah Hatton. A panel of diamonds extends down the front of the leg and foot; a single diamond motif decorates the back of each leg. The soft and springy Signature 4ply yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners comes in a huge choice of solid and striping shades. SIZE YARN West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply (4ply weight; 75% wool, 25% nylon; 400m/437yds per 100g ball) Cayenne Pepper (510); 1 x 100g ball NEEDLES & ACCESSORIES 1 set 2.5mm (UK 12-13/US 1-2) double-pointed needles (DPNs), or circular needles, 60-80cm long, for Magic Loop method Stitch holder or spare needle Stitch markers TENSION 36 sts and 50 rows to 10cm over st st on 2.5mm needles YARN STOCKISTS West Yorkshire Spinners 01535 664500 For general abbreviations, see p81 CHART Chart A Chart B KEY STITCH PATTERNS CHART A Round 1: (P1,…