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The Week

The Week V. 1256

The Week covers the Best of the British and Foreign Media. With its non partisan reporting, The Week gives the reader an insight into all the the news, people, arts, drama, property, books and how the international media has reported it. This concise guide allows the reader to be up to date and have a wealth of knowledge to allow them to discuss all these key topics with their friends and peers.

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the main stories… and how they were covered

What happened The London Bridge attack The issues of national security and criminal justice were thrust to the centre of the election campaign last week after an Islamist extremist, armed with knives, killed two people and injured three others in central London. Usman Khan, 28 – who was convicted in 2012 of terrorism offences, but released last year on licence after serving half his sentence – ran amok at a Cambridge University conference on prisoner rehabilitation. Jack Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23, who both worked for a programme linking university students and ex-prisoners, were killed. Khan, who was wearing a fake suicide vest, was eventually wrestled to the ground by members of the public on London Bridge and shot dead by police. The attack swiftly became a political football. Boris Johnson blamed…

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the week

We all know about Fomo: Fear of Missing Out. But when it comes to the current political mess, it may be Fobo – Fomo’s twin – that is to blame. Also coined by US venture capitalist Patrick McGinnis, Fobo is the Fear of Better Options. It’s mainly used to describe the paralysis that can descend on shoppers. Humans, says McGinnis, are hardwired to wait for the best, but in the modern world, the process of deciding what is the best is complicated by the sheer level of choice on offer. Once, if you needed a new spatula, you’d go to Woolworths and buy either the plastic one or the metal one. Now, presented online with countless perfectly good spatulas, Fobo sufferers become overwhelmed, and end up buying none of them.…

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the week

Editor-in-chief: Caroline Law Editor: Theo Tait Deputy editor: Harry Nicolle Executive editor: Laurence Earle City editor: Jane Lewis Editorial assistant: Asya Likhtman Contributing editors: Daniel Cohen, Thomas Hodgkinson, Simon Wilson, Rob McLuhan, Anthony Gardner, William Underhill, Catherine Heaney, Digby Warde-Aldam, Tom Yarwood, William Skidelsky Editorial staff: Anoushka Petit, Tigger Ridgwell, Sorcha Bradley, Aaron Drapkin Picture editor: Xandie Nutting Art director: Nathalie Fowler Sub-editor: Mary O’Sullivan Production editor: Alanna O’Connell Editorial chairman and co-founder: Jeremy O’Grady Production Manager: Maaya Mistry Production Executive: Sophie Griffin Newstrade Director: David Barker Direct Marketing Director: Abi Spooner Inserts: Jack Reader Classified: Henry Haselock, Rebecca Seetanah, Nicholas Fisher Account Directors: Lauren Shrigley, Jonathan Claxton, Jocelyn Sital-Singh Senior Account Managers: Joe Teal, Hattie White Account Executive: Clement Aro Advertising Manager: Carly Activille Group Advertising Director: Caroline Fenner…

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Controversy of the week An unhappy birthday? The celebration of Nato’s 70th birthday “should have been a triumphal march”, said The Economist. Founded to counter the Soviet threat, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is arguably “the strongest alliance in history”, as its secretary general Jens Stoltenberg recently declared. It outlasted the Cold War and continues to bind Europe in a military union with the US and Canada, having brought in adozen countries that once were behind the Iron Curtain. Yet it has approached its anniversary year “with all the caution of an army entering hostile territory”. Its leaders met at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, and then at a hotel in Watford for a three-hour summit the following day, amid genuine fears about the alliance’s future. Ever since Donald Trump was elected president in…

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spirit of the age

Amazon is planning to alter the robotic voice of its Alexa devices so they can express some emotions. In future, the firm says Alexa in the US could sound “happy/ excited” when congratulating users for answering a trivia question correctly, but “disappointed/empathetic” if it has to inform them that their favourite sports team has lost a game. Users can hear the new voices online, but they’re only available to developers for now. After 18 years policing the nation’s punctuation, the society dedicated to ensuring proper use of the apostrophe has conceded defeat to “barbarians” and has closed down. John Richards, 96, who founded the Apostrophe Protection Society, said he’d tried his best but that “ignorance and laziness” had won.…

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good week for

West coast rail passengers, with the unveiling of a newly branded intercity service: Avanti West Coast. The name, according to the new operator First Trenitalia, “embodies progress and forward movement”. There is also a new logo: an orange triangle. Devised by a team of 100 creatives, it is said to symbolise how Avanti trains will bring together communities in England, north Wales and Scotland. Artistic solidarity, after the four artists nominated for this year’s Turner Prize asked if they could share it, to send a message of togetherness in troubled times. The judges accepted their request, and they will split the £40,000 prize pot between them. Harvey Proctor, the former Tory MP falsely accused of child murder by the fantasist Carl Beech, who won a £900,000 payout from the police over its…