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Town & Country October 2019

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2013 how they lived

Joseph Dryer got shot on Iwo Jima, earned an MBA from Columbia, and started a business in Cuba, where he met his wife Nancy (Ernest Hemingway was a witness). The couple fled Havana—after guerrillas held him at gunpoint—and moved to Palm Beach, where their home, designed by Marion Sims Wyeth, became a salon for the likes of George Plimpton, King Juan Carlos of Spain, and, once, the entire American Foreign Policy Council. Joseph died in 2015 at 94—leaving a hole in the city’s social scene and many wondering, “How do such interesting people fit it all in?”…

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you’re home now

How are the Town & Country offices like the set of Downton Abbey? This question was on our minds after we shot this month’s cover, and then again after we attended a secret screening of the Downton movie, which comes out this month. Well, we work in a modern office tower designed by Norman Foster in 2006, and the Crawleys live in a Jacobean Revival castle, but just about everything else about Downton is what we call #VERYTANDC. The qualities that make it so—timelessness, good taste, respect for tradition, as well as some well-timed rebellion and a little raucousness—are displayed in their full splendor in our cover story, which was photographed at the Crane Estate, built in 1928 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Don’t beat yourself up if you thought we were actually…

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JOEL STEIN Researching his latest book, In Defense of Elitism, gave Stein—a frequent contributor to numerous publications—a unique perspective on the question raised in his article, “ARE THE MOST INTERESTING PEOPLE ALREADY DEAD?” (page 154). His answer? “As an elitist, I’m sure I’d believe that whatever people came before me were the most interesting.” ALYSSA MASTROMONACO As anyone who has worked in the White House can tell you, having a place to escape to is vital. Which is what Mastromonaco found at the New York home of her friend Kathryn Ruemmler (both served in the Obama administration). The space, designed by Ashe Leandro and featured in “ESCAPE FROM WASHINGTON” (page 132) offers “the ability to get away from the city while you’re still in it.” ANNE CHRISTENSEN As a longtime fan of Downton Abbey, the…

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the emily post of prison

So you got caught. That porn star wasn’t about to pay herself to stay mum about her night with your boss, so you stepped up and took one for the team. Or perhaps your daughters were better at Instagram than calculus, so you spent half a million bucks pretending they were the best college athletic prospects since O.J. Simpson. Or maybe the SEC decided you were less of a “cryptoguru” and more of a charlatan. From Lori Loughlin to Michael Cohen, nearly every day brings a notable figure face to face with a possible jail sentence—which, in turn, has given rise to a cottage industry: the prison consultancy. From companies like California’s White Collar Advice, which boasts a team of professionals with penal experience (as convicts or as employees of the…

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so you want to get married on fifth avenue?

Laura Kosann and Matt Friedman’s love story has always been rooted in New York. They both work in the city—she is the co-founder of the New Potato, a food blog turned online magazine and production company, and he works in investment management as the head of client service. They met at a Young Patrons Gala for Lincoln Center and had their first date at Jacob’s Pickles on the Upper West Side. So, when planning their April wedding (he proposed last year at her parents’ house in New Canaan, Connecticut, with a ring he designed with help from Laura’s mother, jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann), a New York venue was a must. They chose the Metropolitan Club, a members-only institution founded by J.P. Morgan in 1891. “We’re really old souls,” Laura says,…

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the t&c 10

1 “VISION & VIRTUOSITY” Tiffany & Co.’s first-of-itskind brand exhibit, in Shanghai, features fan favorites (like Lady Gaga’s yellow diamond) and such never-before-exhibited pieces as this 1999 diamond and emerald necklace. September 23 2 “LOUIS VUITTON X” This immersive exhibit in Beverly Hills marks the debut of the Artycapucines collection, for which six artists, including Alex Israel and Urs Fischer, reinterpreted the Capucines bag. Through September 15 3 LEE RADZIWILL Although her Upper East Side apartment has been sold—for almost $5 million—you can still nab a piece of Radziwill’s legacy at the Christie’s New York auction of her iconic collection. October 17 4 PAIN AND GLORY Pedro Almodóvar reunited with his muse, Penélope Cruz, for his latest film, which also stars Antonio Banderas. The actor won a Palme d’Or earlier this year for his portrayal of a…