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on watch with tim simpson

FULL CIRCLE What an honour it is to take the helm as your Editor-at-large. It was a thrilling moment when Tim van Duyl and CEO of Adventures Group, Rob Gallagher, approached me recently, not only as Trade-a-Boat is regarded as the ‘bible’ of the industry and a monthly necessity for thousands of boaters nationwide, but also because the appointment takes me full-circle to my origin in magazines. But let me introduce myself by starting my adventure back at the beginning. I grew up beside the water on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the son of a Lieutenant Commander of the British Navy. As a very young lad, I was enrolled as a Sea Scout, where I learned my grounding in knots, boat handling, and seamanship skills. At school, I sailed for sport, and…

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seadogs of yore

Born in 1645 in Scotland, William (Captain) Kidd is known for being one of the most colourful outlaws of all time. To this day, well past his death in 1701 in London, fortune seekers have been trying to hunt down his buried treasure. It is believed he began his career in his youth but became a legitimate privateer — a privately owned warship that had government permission to attack enemy ships — for England against the French after 1689. In 1690, he was an established sea captain and shipowner in New York City — privateering had since been made illegal — where he owned property and was often dispatched to rid the coast of foreign privateers. In London in 1695, he received a royal commission to apprehend pirates in the Red…

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new fish habitat structures for fishing

The Recreational Fishing Grants Program is funding 11 new projects across Victoria to improve recreational fishing. The $925,000 will see fish habitat improvements, a jetty upgrade, education programmes, and fisheries monitoring. 50 fish habitat structures will be placed at the mouth of the Mitchell River in the Gippsland Lakes to provide more shelter and food for species, while a woody habitat will be funded to be built by the Goulburn Valley Association of Angling Clubs which will create more homes for golden perch. The basin will also be stocked with 100,000 fingerlings, with longer floating pontoons replacing the jetty at Pritchards Landing, with other habitat sites around the state receiving boosts also. To view the full list of improvements, visit Visit for the latest news updates…

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new insights into artificial reefs

Artificial reefs have been found to attract more small foraging fish, or baitfish, than natural reefs. This insight is due to the higher structures of artificial reefs, some reaching nine metres, which allow fish to spread out and feed much higher above the seafloor while still remaining safe in the structures. This has allowed bottom-of-the-food chain fish to have more access to food than they normally would, even more so with the plankton swept through by the East Australian Current, with a flow on effect with benefits for their predators like the bluespotted flathead. The findings have emphasised the need for protective habitats for forage fish, despite a 50 per cent decline in kelp, which itself is highly important to coastal food webs.…

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first silent-yachts new flagship unit sold

After its debut at the 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival, Silent-Yachts has sold the first SILENT 100 Explorer, scheduled for delivery in 2023. The Austrian-based manufacturer’s new model is a four-deck vessel with a solar-electric drive train to preserve ocean cleanliness and to also reduce noise levels. With worldwide cruising capabilities, the yacht designed by Marco Casali measures 31m with a beam of 13.62m and its solar cells provide up to 40kWp of battery bank capacity up to 800kWh. Michael Kohler, Silent Yachts founder and CEO, said there is plenty of family-friendly space onboard, with the sale highlighting the market’s interest in the comfort of catamarans and solar energy for propulsion and household appliance needs. “Clients are free to customise the arrangement according to personal preference. Do you want a gym or media room, a…

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increased demand for coastal cruisers

Boats International is awaiting the arrival of dozens of boats — all of them sold — highlighting the demand for vessels across all manufacturers. Seven of those are Island Gypsy 40s, with two more underway at the factory to be negotiated on and customised for their new owners. The new 40-footer has a trawler-style exterior and has an optimised interior with its twin cabins, fullheight shower, colour scheme, benchtops in the galley, and lazarette in the cockpit. Up to eight guests can be accommodated with two dining tables in the cockpit which folds out to create a dining table, and the deep walkaround decks provide both safety and views while at sea. Brett Flanagan, designer of the Australian builder, said the sales and feedback to the vessel are testament to the differences the Gypsy…