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Traditional Home September/October 2019

Traditional Home magazine offers readers expert advice in decorating, furnishings, antiques, tabletop and gardens. Also find tours of exquisite homes, renovation ideas and collecting in each issue of Traditional Home magazine.

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from the editor

It’s our birthday—the big 3-0! Of course, we’re celebrating. We’re celebrating our years and our mission of bringing you classic, timeless, traditional design. We’re also having a little fun with the fact that we’re marking this milestone along with a large slice of the millennial generation. Yep, we’re millennial—old enough to recognize refined style, authenticity, and quality when we see it but nowhere near being feted with a dark cloud of “over the hill” birthday balloons. To toast our past, our present, and our future, we bring you an issue that includes designers we’ve loved for years and new talents—including 10 rising stars of design. Our 2019 class of New Trads (page 32) speaks fluent classicism—in today’s fresh vernacular. Two of our New Trads, Lindsey Coral Harper and Mallory Mathison Glenn, were…

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Fall in Love With Autumn Hues Step 1: Grab a throw blanket. Step 2: Pour a mug of tea. Step 3: Settle in to enjoy all the cozy vibes in our best warm-colored rooms of all time. Tour These Baths, Feel Like You’re at a Fancy Spa Get your daily dose of zen at, where we’re showcasing the calmest, most luxurious bathrooms we’ve ever featured. We promise these rooms will wash away all the cares of the day—and maybe inspire an awesome bathroom makeover. Walk-In Closets That Wow Combat closet clutter. Check out seven epic walk-in closets that will motivate you to get your shoes, shirts, and stray pieces organized. Meet the New Trads Our New Trads class of 2019 has been announced! Sit down for Q&As with these 10 rising stars of design.…

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Amy Morris Charleston-based lighting company Avrett tapped 2011 New Trad Amy Morris for its latest designer collaboration. Her eight-piece Facet collection includes lanterns, chandeliers, and sconces that take cues from fashion and French Modern antiques. The “Vogue” sconce was inspired by a Paris flea market find. “This piece can be the art in a room,” Morris says. “Nothing else is needed.” ( Alexa Hampton FOR THEODORE ALEXANDER Influenced by her travels—specifically the architectural shapes discovered in Morocco, India, and the Middle East—Alexa Hampton designed a timeless, multifaceted collection for Theodore Alexander. “I am perpetually inspired by the classics, which, of course, make many cameos in this collection,” Hampton says. Usable yet unique, the 120-piece assortment includes the upholstered “Maria” dining chair with gilt detailing and the sculptural “Ingrid” side table. ( Mitchell Black Founded by Chicagoan…

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oh! man

after years of looks that veered toward all things light and bright, the design industry is showing a little muscle, accelerating toward the intersection of masculine and sophisticated. This new direction is informed by design’s mighty cousin, architecture—and its array of head-turning new details. Windows now boast sturdy steel frames, and millwork that has long been painted—usually white—now wears black. Wood has shed its painted layers for a natural look that celebrates beautiful grain. Fresh furniture and accessory pieces are joining the masculine movement. Sometimes tall, sometimes short, sometimes light, and sometimes dark, they’re all handsome. Get ready to be swept off your feet.…

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rising stars of design

Brittany Bromley When you grow up with Alessandra Branca as a close family friend, you’re bound to speak fluent classicism. Brittany does—in today’s fresh vernacular. The Chicago-born, Bedford, New York-based designer gets us. She knows we want a to-die-for traditional French bergère—covered in a performance bouclé wool that merely shrugs when wet bathing suits are headed its way. Beata Heuman Dare we call her a bit of a cheeky monkey? This London designer learned the biz from irrepressible icon Nicky Haslam. Now she’s punching up traditional style with playful color and irreverent attitude—and we’re bananas about the look. Ryan Saghian We fell under the spell of this L.A. charmer when we set eyes on his über-luxe kitchen designs. (Yes, classic black and white look even better in the form of a goes-on-forever black marble backsplash.)…

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Q What is the appeal of designing in a large warehouse space that originally had commercial purposes? A I’m a city designer, so a space like this is a dream. The elevator shaft is always a feat, but once it opens, a glorious space unfolds. In this case, my client combined two condos, so the vantage point is stunning. The exposed ductwork and brick walls present a different kind of elegance that leaves cookie-cutter design behind. Q How do you know when to update and when to leave original elements as they are? A I have no tricks. It’s a gut feeling. There’s this idea that old means good. That’s not always true. The dining chairs have beautiful shapes but needed a lift with an updated fabric. High-gloss black paint around the windows…