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TV Guide Magazine April 13, 2020

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editor’s letter

TV brings us together. It always has. When Lucy gave birth to Little Ricky in 1953, over 70 percent of homes with a television tuned in. Even more watched Elvis’ first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show three years later. Last year, almost 20 million people said goodbye to Big Bang, and then nearly 100 million people turned on the Super Bowl and about 25 million viewed the Oscars. But it’s not just the big events that draw us to the small screen. On average, we watch about three hours of TV every day! It’s something to talk about with family, friends and coworkers. In these unprecedented times, as we are physically distanced, TV is more important than ever. It’s our entertainment, our news source and our respite. Sharing what we…

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ask matt

@TVGMMattRoush America’s top TV critic Matt Roush answers your burning questions I tried to watch the new comedy series Breeders on FX. Lasted 10 minutes. I love Martin Freeman, but the profanity was outrageous. Do you think the child actors were on set when the adults dropped all those F-bombs? —Paula MATT ROUSH: Not to worry, although by definition a dark FX comedy about the stresses of parenting would probably not be for all tastes. An FX spokesperson responds to your concern: “The young actors were shielded from the profanity…. It’s something the production took very seriously. If a particular scene contained strong language, they’d film with alternate dialogue when the children were present. Once the children were off set, the scene would be filmed with the stronger language. The versions were edited…

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we’re watching more tv than ever!

WE MAY BE PRACTICING social distancing, but we’re getting close to our favorite TV characters and news anchors. As stay-at-home measures continue, Americans are watching more live TV to get updates on the coronavirus crisis and some much-needed entertainment. No surprise that heroes are earning top marks, evident with NBC’s Chicago Med and Chicago Fire. The March 25 episode of Med pulled in a Season 5 high of 9.6 million viewers (and also tied as the second-highest-rated in the series’ run). That same night, Fire brought the heat, drawing 9.2 million viewers to land as its top-rated episode in more than six years. March 24’s NCIS on CBS grabbed a whopping 13.2 million viewers, its largest since February 2019; the March 30 finale of ABC’s The Good Doctor, which dealt with the…

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shows keep getting postponed—and rescheduled

With the coronavirus wreaking havoc across the country, TV shows, sports and specials continue to get new airdates or be canceled altogether. ● Keep training! The Tokyo Summer Olympics, set to kick off in July, has been pushed back one year. The Games (likely to feature gymnast Simone Biles, right) will now run July 23–August 8, 2021. ● Batters up? Major League Baseball hopes to hold Opening Day between mid-May and mid-June. ● ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy will not resume production this spring; the last show of Season 16 airs April 9. No word yet if the remaining four episodes will be shot for next season or scrapped. ● Postproduction on the April 12 season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead could not be completed, so the zombie drama ended its run April 5. The original finale…

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Sundays, 9/8c, Epix CLOSE YOUR EYES whenever John Lunn’s pervasive musical score wells up, and those soaring strings and piano arpeggios will take you right back to Downton Abbey. And why not? The six-part Belgravia is Downton creator Julian Fellowes’ lavish follow-up to his celebrated PBS series, operating in a more Dickensian mode of ripe romantic melodrama and star-crossed coincidences. You’ll sense disaster looming in the prologue as soon as a handsome and titled young soldier declares, “We’re the luckiest couple alive” to his socially inferior beloved on the eve of the battle of Waterloo. Jump forward a quarter century to the 1840s, when the parents of these ill-fated (now deceased) lovers are still coping with the ramifications of this secret relationship. Fellowes, adapting his 2016 novel, is perfectly at home depicting a…

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l.a. confidential

NCIS: Los Angeles Sundays, 9/8c, CBS THE SMART, BRAVE and blessedly quirky NCIS: Los Angeles team want every case to end with the threat neutralized and a round of drinks at the Squid & Dagger. They’ve had a little more trouble with other goals. “Everyone’s been grappling with where they are in life, the decisions they’ve made and where they’re headed. There are a lot of unknowns,” says Chris O’Donnell, whose agent G. Callen has always been the outfit’s stead fast core, along with his partner, former Navy SEAL Sam Hanna (LL Cool J). Let’s turn unknowns into knowns: Here are the season’s biggest questions, answered. IS HETTY LEAVING? The seeds have been sown throughout Season 11: Formidable head honcho Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) “knows she can’t do the job forever,” says exec…