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TV Guide Magazine April 27, 2020

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ask matt

@TVGMMattRoush Some of the developments in the latest season of The Walking Dead are reprehensible. Do you honestly believe that in any reality a mother would abandon her two young children as Michonne (Danai Gurira) did on the chance that maybe Rick (Andrew Lincoln) would be alive? This is just another convoluted plot twist to accommodate an actor’s desire to leave a series without having to actually kill the character. It’s second only to the awful Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) development on Grey’s Anatomy for worst plot point of the year. —JV MATT ROUSH: At least Michonne got to appear in an actual exit episode, which is more than you can say for the clumsy way they snuck Alex off Grey’s Anatomy with Dear John letters. It’s a fair debate as to…

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svu’s stabler is back!

FULFILLING THE FERVENT hopes of millions of fans, Det. Elliot Stabler is coming back to the squad room. Christopher Meloni will revive the tough-as-nails NYC detective in a new drama for NBC, nine years after he left Law & Order: SVU, a show he once called “the millennium’s cultural touchstone.” The character—who, in a 2011 episode, ostensibly retired from the force after a tragic shooting at SVU headquarters—will head up a unit specializing in organized crime. No other cast has been announced, but Stabler’s wife, Kathy (Isabel Gillies), and one of his five children were slated to appear in SVU’s season finale (which never filmed due to the coronavirus pandemic), hinting that members of the Stabler family will be part of the story. NBC has ordered 13 episodes, making this…

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timely new shows

Stay-at-home audiences are devouring TV, but social distancing has taken away sports and blown up the traditional production model. The networks are responding to the pandemic with a flurry of innovative programming. The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan and wife Hilarie Burton (right) are hosting Friday Night In With the Mor-gans, an AMC talk show, from their Upstate New York farm. Ladles and laughter will come together on Food Network’s Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, due this spring. The comedian gets schooled by her chef husband, Chris Fischer. Also on the network, Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman: Staying Home offers easy-to-make recipes in episodes filmed by her family. HGTV continues “Fan Favorite Fridays,” where viewer votes determine which series get an end-of-week marathon. The May 1 showdown: Windy City Rehab vs. 100 Day…

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special together-at-home edition

In our April 13 issue, we asked you to share the new discoveries and old favorites you’re watching, as well as who you’re watching with. I WATCHED The Last Ship [about a global pandemic] when it came out in 2014. TNT started running it again.… I’m not freaking out about COVID-19 because The Last Ship shows that most of the good guys win in the end. OK, it’s just a TV show, but it was awesome! —Robin Airs late-night Tuesdays; see TNTdrama.com for listings MY DAUGHTER had previously watched Hart of Dixie and suggested I would like it. We are now watching it together.… It’s great bonding time! —Marge Netflix WITH TOP CHEF: ALL STARS LA on, our family has decided to watch all the seasons over from the beginning. We love seeing…

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the roush review

@TVGMMattRoush Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Sundays, 10/9c, Showtime WHERE ARE THE monsters, you might wonder, if you come to the new incarnation of this atmospheric occult series expecting more of the Victorian Grand Guignol of Penny Dreadful’s intoxicating first three seasons. I loved creator John Logan’s literate mashup of the Frankenstein myth with vampires, werewolves and Dr. Jekyll, but in his City of Angels spinoff, he’s moved on to the Hollywood genre of 1930s film noir. The ghouls in this dark fable are corrupt politicians, racist cops and a clandestine cabal of dapper Nazis who see the growing metropolis of Los Angeles as “the future of America.” True, there is a demonic goddess named Magda (Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer, having a ball in multiple seductive roles), who takes on various guises as…

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small town magic

RIGHT ABOUT NOW, there’s likely no better place to be than Middleton, USA. The idyllic American small town of Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch is the kind of locale where husbands never forget anniversaries, where the most intense rivalry would take place at a chili cook-off and where there’s no crisis that can’t be solved by following the advice of Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell). “We think of Middleton as the modern-day version of Mayberry,” says executive producer Darin Goldberg, referencing the bucolic setting of The Andy Griffith Show. “It’s a place where you want to spend an hour a week. Really, you want to live there. There’s always a friendly face.” The long-running feel-good show, now in Season 6, is one of Hallmark’s top dramas, pulling in more than 2.7 million viewers per…