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Автомобили и Мотоциклы


Issue 28

A quarterly magazine for buyers and enthusiasts of Aston Martin cars. Vantage celebrates 100 years of one of the coolest car brands on the planet from the early gentlemns racers through to the all-new Vanquish. If you've a passion for Aston Martin's you'll love Vantage magazine.

United Kingdom
Dennis Publishing UK
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times are changing

THERE HAVE BEEN a number of cars that have saved Aston Martin over the years. During Victor Gauntlett’s tenure, the Lagonda ‘wedge’ attracted vital Middle Eastern custom when sales had slowed to a trickle. In the ’90s, the DB7 turned Aston from artisanal maker of aristocratic yet outmoded machinery into a manufacturer employing modern methods to build beautiful cars in meaningful volumes. Come the Noughties, it was the turn of the Bez-era Vantage to step up, the ‘baby’ Aston playing a pivotal role in reinventing the marque as a sports car brand that could successfully take on Porsche. Subsequently sustaining the company through extremely tough recessionary times cements the Vantage’s saviour status. And now we have the DBX. It’s fitting that Aston should turn to an SUV to help it negotiate the…

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EDITORIAL Editor Richard Meaden Managing editor Peter Tomalin Art director Robert Hefferon Editorial director James Elliott Designer Rob Gould Contributing writers Stephen Archer, Chris Bietzk, Mike Duff, Andrew Frankel, John Simister Contributing photographers Tim Andrew, Tony Baker, Max Earey, Matthew Howell, Dean Smith Super-sub Glen Waddington ADVERTISING Advertising director Sanjay Seetanah email: sanjay_seetanah@dennis.co.uk Tel +44 (0)1628 510080 Account manager Marcus Ross email: marcus_ross@dennis.co.uk Tel +44 (0)7799 893304 Production executive Lewis Small Tel +44 (0)20 3890 3715 PUBLISHING Managing director Nicola Bates Group CFO/COO Brett Reynolds Group CEO James Tye Company founder Felix Dennis…

11 мин.
the x factor

WHEN ANDY PALMER became CEO of Aston Martin Lagonda in 2014, he didn’t delay in commissioning the project that has now become the finished DBX you see here. ‘Four days,’ he recalls, ‘and that was only because it took that long to have some serious face time with Marek Reichmann. We talked at length about putting a business plan together for the board within 90 days, and needing an asset at the next Geneva show that I could use as a backdrop for unveiling what would become the Second Century Plan.’ Palmer’s previous role as head of product development for Nissan had already convinced him that this new car needed to be an SUV. ‘The car industry was evolving and tastes were changing, at the top as well as further down.…

1 мин.
valkyrie rides out!

AFTER MAKING its dynamic debut at the 2019 British Grand Prix, where it completed a handful of demonstration laps, the Valkyrie development prototype returned to Silverstone in November for three days of testing on Aston Martin’s Stowe Circuit test facility in the hands of factory racer and development driver Darren Turner. Running to a rev limit of 9000rpm (still some 2500rpm shy of the red line) Turner braved torrential rain to put invaluable miles on the Adrian Newey-designed hypercar. He certainly earned his money as the precious prototype was without any form of ABS or traction control. Nevertheless the Valkyrie looked and sounded mesmerising, with huge rooster-tails of spray lifted from the track surface by Newey’s extreme underfloor aerodynamics and the wailing, naturally aspirated Cosworth-built 6.5-litre V12 echoing across the airfield circuit. With…

1 мин.
now dbs earns its wings

LATEST in the line of ‘Wings Series’ special editions produced by Aston Martin’s ‘Q’ division is this eye-catching DBS Superleggera, inspired by Concorde and launched to mark 50 years since the first flight of the world’s best-known supersonic airliner. The new model was commissioned by Aston Martin Bristol, which is sited close to the Filton factory where the British Concordes were built and which is now home to the last example ever to fly. The project was conceived in association with British Airways, which operated the British aircraft and which has been celebrating its own centenary in 2019. Previous aviation-inspired celebration models have included the Vanquish S Red Arrows Edition, Vantage Blades Edition and V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80. Only ten examples of the DBS Superleggera Concorde will be built, each with…

1 мин.
improving the breed

DURHAM-BASED Aston Workshop has developed a package of chassis and powertrain upgrades aimed at making the classic V8 Astons of the ’70s and ’80s safer, more useable and better to drive. The company’s ‘V8 Evolution 6.0’ package includes an extensively reworked, 6.0-litre version of the V8 engine with electronic fuel injection, producing a quoted 430bhp. Replacing the usual three-speed automatic transmission is a choice of Tremec T56 six-speed manual or a modern six-speed auto. Improved cooling and air-conditioning also feature. Chassis upgrades complete the package, with Spax coilovers at all four corners, a thicker front anti-roll bar and a Fosseway Engineering brake upgrade, while there’s a choice of wheel and tyre options to further sharpen the handling. You’ll be able to read a full road test on the first fully upgraded car in…