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VegNews Magazine

VegNews Magazine

Wellness 2020

The world’s best-selling plant-based magazine, VegNews is packed with delicious vegan recipes, wellness tips, travel, beauty, fashion, interviews, taste tests, must-have cookbooks, and so much more. Find out why this magazine is beloved by subscribers everywhere, and continues to win nearly every magazine award in the industry. Subscribe today!

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the art of slow

NOT THAT LONG AGO, my friends and family would regularly complain that they didn’t see me nearly enough. “Can’t you just stay for a cup of tea?” my mom would ask as I breezed in and out of her home long enough to give her a kiss and get a quick update on the latest life events. Though I’ve always cherished those closest to me, for too long I arranged my days around meetings, deadlines, and, well, all-things VegNews. Sound familiar? Most of us suffer from this same loop-de-loop—allowing our work to dictate our every waking hour. The tech-dominated world we live in only perpetuates that dynamic, and for those of us lucky enough to love our work, it can be hard to break free. But as I get older and (hopefully) wiser,…

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your say

“Hello my beautiful @VegNews! I can’twait to dive in. It feels like Christmas, I mean, it is the Holiday Issue! @vegangfheaven “The new issue of @VegNews is here! I’m soaking up the sun, luxuriating in the cool breeze, and getting inspired with some new recipes.” @vegan_trini_gurl “Yay! I got my first issue of @VegNews delivered to my door yesterday! There is so much info and good stuff packed in these pages. I’m so happy I subscribed!” @bakeitveggie Tag your Instagram pics with #vegnews for a chance to be featured in the magazine! “Made the Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake that’s in the Holiday Issue of @VegNews, and OH MY GOSH, the birthday girl’s response was, ‘This is the best cake I’ve ever had.’”@greenerapple Must-Reads! 1. 8 Reasons to Forget Keto and Go Vegan 2. 17 Vegan Matcha Recipes…

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TERRY HOPE ROMERO Salad Days, p.50 Where I live: Queens, NY Veg for: 30 years My morning routine in three words: 6am coffee, yoga My go-to entrée salad: Spicy tofu, red onion, apples, walnuts, avocado, greens, and a flax-balsamic dressing Favorite wintertime drink: Mushroom coffee with almond milk Dream travel destination: Thru-hiking in any ancient forest What makes me happy: Finding peace and satisfaction in everyday things CRYSTAL PANG Big Apple Bites, p.73 Where I live: New York City, NY Veg for: 12 years My morning routine in three words: Staying in bed My go-to entrée salad: Sweetgreen’s Spicy Thai Salad Favorite wintertime drink: Hot chocolate with jumbo vegan marshmallows Dream travel destination: Bali What makes me happy: Pets who sleep on your lap TAYLOR WOLFRAM Time to Dump the Diet, p.82 Where I live: Chicago, IL Veg for: 11 years My morning routine in three words: Cozy kitty cuddles My go-to entrée…

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vegnews magazine

STAFF Publisher & Co-Founder Colleen Holland Senior Editor Richard Bowie Art Director Emily Utne New Products Editor Sarah McLaughlin Assistant Editor Aruka Sanchir Senior News Editor Anna Starostinetskaya Senior Online Features Editor Jasmin Singer News Editor Nicole Axworthy Food Editor Joni Marie Newman Travel & Beauty Editor Aurelia d’Andrea Digital Editor Tanya Flink Digital Writers Karen Asp, Marika Collins, Marla Rose Recipe Tester Sarah McLaughlin Advertising Sales Managers Laurie Bradley, Carol Treacy Artwork Manager Laurie Johnston Reader Ambassador Lyndsay Orwig Chief Financial Officer Nicholas Holland Tech Advisor Stephen Calnan DEPARTMENTS Fresh & Healthy Heather Bell, Jenny Engel Quick & Easy Eddie Garza Sweet Treats Jackie Sobon Veganize It! Brian L. Patton VegStyle Aurelia d’Andrea VegHealth Taylor Wolfram VegLove Jasmin Singer CONTRIBUTORS Nicole Axworthy, Tanya Flink, Andria Lo, Terry Hope Romero, Sarah McLaughlin, Crystal Pang, Christian Reynoso, Jackie Sobon…

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OUR FAVE MOCKTAILS 1. Spicy Pineapple Charlie was a sinner Philadelphia, PA 2. Forbidden Fruit Virgin Isles Mother of Pearl New York City, NY 3. Nanda Devi The Sudra Portland, OR GOOD FOOD, good music, good friends, and lots of good drinks are the usual components for a great night out. The next morning’s hangover, however? Not so much. That’s why a surge of Americans (including a whopping 45 percent of millennials) are cutting out alcohol in favor of better health—and they’re not having to give up happy hour to do so. This year, expect to see new restaurants, swanky events, and even fully dedicated alcohol-free botanical bars offer more non-alcoholic cocktails made with exciting, complex flavor profiles and good-for-you boosters like adaptogens, fresh herbs, and vitamins. Add it all up, and you’ve got…

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california has officially become the first state in the us to ban fur.

Gov. Gavin Newsom recently signed this and other landmark pieces of legislation into law that will drastically change how animals are treated across the Golden State in the coming years. 2020 Wild animal circuses are banned—protecting animals like elephants, tigers, and bears from being subjected to performances and stunts. 2022 The import and sale of exotic skins from wildlife like lizards, caimans, and hippos will be banned. 2023 The sale and manufacturing of fur will be officially prohibited, with violations resulting in up to six months in jail. Vegan health organization Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine recently demanded the American Heart Association (AHA) withdraw its recommendation for children to drink dairy milk. The declaration came in response to the AHA’s “Healthy Drinks, Healthy Kids” initiative that promotes cow’s milk to children between the ages of zero and…