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simple pleasures

Is it just me, or do the truncated days of winter make it that much more challenging to keep your spirits up? For me, when dark, rainy skies become the norm, the wintertime blues start flirting. Those rituals I rely on to keep me at my best are not as accessible, leaving me out of sorts. Eating fresh food and spending ample time outdoors just don’t have the same allure when I have to bundle up and grab that old umbrella. But I have traveled this well-worn path long enough to know that gloomy skies can also provide an opportunity to move past the seasonal blahs and lean into the cozy comforts that are unique to this time of year. Turns out, Denmark has a name for embracing those frigid winter…

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get healthy

Kimchi Miso Soup (p.42) This brothy blend is spicy, fragrant, and full of antioxidant-rich superfoods. Jackfruit Chili (p.44) We’re obsessed with all-things jackfruit, and this smoky, robust stew may be the ultimate comfort food on chilly nights. Chocolate Mousse (p.46) Just five ingredients comprise this mouthwatering mousse that had us begging for more. Chorizo Taco Bowls (p.48) We’ve combined walnuts, cremini mushrooms, and a heap of spices for an out-of-this-world chorizo perfect for Mexican-inspired bowls. Dulce de Leche Trifle (p.50) Hope to dazzle friends and family with a show-stopping vegan dessert? Layers of vanilla cake, dulce de leche custard, and fried plantains ought to do it. Let’s Travel! Want to experience the best vegan food of your life? Join us on a VegNews Vacation! Check out all of our exciting 2018 destinations at…

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your say

VN READERS SHARE WHAT’S ON THEIR MINDS #HelloVegNews! Spending my afternoon soaking up the sunshine in my upstairs sunroom … protein shake in one hand, magazine in the other.@slport79“Someone’s excited about her new @VegNews magazine!”@nicholedandrearussert“So thankful that my first issue of @VegNews arrived just in time for me to figure out this whole veg holiday situation.”@plantpoweredmolly Tag your Instagram pics for a chance to be featured in the magazine! “I am grateful for the first-ever VegNews Thanksgiving Cookbook, so much so that I squealed like a little kid when I grabbed the pull-out! I went from dreading the upcoming holiday to celebrating my plan to prepare a vegan feast.” Laura Aragon VEGNEWS.COM MUST-READS! 1. 18 Vegan Things We Can’t Wait to Try in 20182. Your One-Stop Shop for Vegan Valentine’s Day Desserts3. The Essential Guide to Plant-Based…

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1 Zoe Eisenberg Paradise Island, p.56 Where I live: Pahoa, HI Veg for: 13 years My favorite smoothie blend: Banana, passion fruit, spirulina, vanilla protein powder, and coconut water My dream winter getaway: Barcelona My go-to healthy snack: Peanut butter, on everything My favorite vegetable: Brussels sprouts My favorite cold-weather soup: Roasted potato corn chowder My New Year’s resolution: Stretch more 2 Mark Hawthorne Rustic Luxury, p.54 Where I live: Rohnert Park, CA Veg for: 16 years My favorite smoothie blend: Bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and kale My dream winter getaway: Prague My go-to healthy snack: Peanut butter My favorite vegetable: Kale My favorite cold-weather soup: Creamy cashew cheese and broccoli My New Year’s resolution: Increase my understanding of systemic oppression 3 Ryan Ritchie Fire & Iceland, p.58 Where I live: Los Angeles Veg for: 20 years My favorite smoothie blend: Anything with peanut butter My dream winter getaway: Maui My go-to healthy snack: Cashews My favorite vegetable:…

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pumped up

Liberation Barbell is unlike any gym you’ve ever visited. There are no mirrors, no talk of diet, and no nutrition plans to sign up for. The staff and clientele are largely comprised of women, fat folks, gender non-conformers, and trans people. Oh, and the gym is 100-percent vegan, too. Dreamed up by Christina Cabrales and Lacy Davis, Liberation is a first-of-its-kind weightlifting fitness center that focuses on strength over weight loss and works against the intimidation associated with mainstream gyms. “For trans people, it’s very hard to find gender-neutral restrooms,” Cabrales says. “For fat people, no one who looks like them are there. It’s uncomfortable.” With a focus on community-building and a commitment to turning the fitness industry on its head, Liberation Barbell is ensuring that no matter your size,…

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Halo Top, the best-selling ice cream brand in the nation, has officially thrown its hat into the dairy-free ring with a line of vegan ice cream flavors. Made with coconut milk, the new additions are an answer to the company’s “number-one request” and come in flavors such as: • Caramel Macchiato• Chocolate Covered Banana• Cinnamon Roll• Oatmeal Cookie• Peanut Butter Cup• Sea Salt Caramel 2019 The year Chilean food tech startup The Not Company plans to launch its line of vegan products—including plant-based mayonnaise, milk, yogurt, and cheese— at Walmart locations across the US. Not Mayo, a low-fat, protein-enriched mayonnaise made with chickpeas, will be the first product to debut. “I’ve been in chronic pain since I was sick five years ago, and I just tried shifting my diet dramatically. I became pain-free four…