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china times

Years ago, as a wide-eyed 20-something traveling through Asia after college, I found myself in Southern China. I’d spent weeks securing a visa to get into the isolated country, and looked forward to experiencing the culture before Western influence altered its traditional landscape. The Tiananmen Square uprising had occurred just a few years earlier, and Caucasian tourists like me were still a rarity. As a young woman traveling solo, I was as much a novelty to the locals as they were to me. Wandering through a colorful produce market one cold winter morning, I was followed by a smiling woman and her teenage son. The mother spoke no English and I no Cantonese, but the son managed “hello,” “America?,” and “husband?” Having found China a challenging and sometimes lonely country to…

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1 Jenné Claiborne Southern Comfort, p.38 Where I live: New York City Veg for: 6 years What I ate for breakfast today: Teff porridge with dates, banana, and toasted pecans I make a mean: Vegan crab cake My favorite smoothie blend: Frozen banana, cacao, cardamom, espresso, and almond milk My favorite vegetable: Sweet potato My vegan splurge: Philadelphia’s Vedge My dream vacation: Madagascar My must-have kitchen tool: Chef’s knife 2 Kelly L. Williams Rhode Trip, p.58 Where I live: Montgomery Village, MD Veg for: 12 years What I ate for breakfast today: Tofu scramble wrap with roasted peppers and spinach I make a mean: Vegetable stew My favorite smoothie blend: Kale, banana, and almond milk My favorite vegetable: Brussels sprouts My vegan splurge: Califia Farms’ almond milk cold brew with espresso My dream vacation: Safari in Africa My must-have kitchen tool: Vitamix 3 Catherine Plato Alluring Lisbon, p.60 Where I live:…

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Burgers Impossible Foods, makers of the widely publicized Impossible Burger, employs ingredients such as wheat, coconut oil, and potatoes to craft a burger so convincing—and sustainable—that critics call it “the future of food.” Meatballs One-year-old biotech startup Memphis Meats works with a small amount of animal cells to culture real meat (“clean” meatballs will hit the market in 2021) in hopes of removing animal farming from the process. Chicken Israeli company SuperMeat “humanely extracts a painless biopsy sample from a chicken” to culture cells into tissue, then turns tissue into lab-grown chicken breast meat—soon to be available worldwide. Egg Whites Bay Area-based Clara Foods creates egg whites (dubbed Clara Whites) using “reprogrammed” yeast to produce egg proteins in the exact same way a hen would. Shrimp To achieve a convincing color and texture, female-led New Wave Foods makes realistic…

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Fast-food chain Taco Bell has launched the online guide, “How to Eat Vegan at Taco Bell,” highlighting the company’s nine American Vegetarian Association-certified vegan menu options. Made plant-based by substituting ingredients—such as beef, cheese, and sour cream for black beans, pico de gallo, and guacamole— veganizeable options include the following: French-born Buddhist monk and longtime vegan Matthieu Ricard was named “the world’s happiest man” after a 12- year University of Wisconsin study of his brain activity revealed gamma waves “never reported before in neuroscience literature.” News to smile about, for sure! “We’ve reached a tipping point for vegetables. They’re pushing animal protein to the side of the plate ... or entirely off it.” FOOD CONSULTING FIRM BAUM + WHITEMAN, AFTER RELEASING ITS ANNUAL FOOD-TRENDS REPORT PREDICTING A MAJOR BOOM IN MEATLESS OPTIONS AT…

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RINGLING BROS. AND BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS announced it will be closing permanently on May 21 after 146 years in business, citing decreases in admissions and pressure from animal-rights activists. The development follows a long legal battle in 2016, which resulted in the circus retiring its elephants to a conservation center to be used for cancer research. A study published in scientific journal The Royal Society has found that pigs have the capacity to live life as optimists or pessimists, depending on their living environments, and access to quality bedding and adequate food. In other words, they’re just like us! “Vegans should enjoy the same rights and duties as other citizens and not be forced to pay a tax just because they refuse to put [on] boots that involved the killing of…

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10 THINGS WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE / READ / DO They’re cute, they’re smarter than your dog, and today is their day! Expect to find us at our local animal sanctuary on National Pig Day. From bacon to butter to burgers, we’re creating DIY versions of everything, thanks to today’s publication of Veganize It! Easy DIY Recipes for a Plant-Based Kitchen by Robin Robertson. This isn’t something we’d make up. We’re excited for Kat Von D’s birthday! Need a reason to whip up coconut milk shamrock shakes? St. Patrick’s Day is your lucky day. International Waffle Day falls on a Saturday this year, and if that’s not a sign you need to plate up a tall stack, we don’t know what is. Blueberry, chocolate chip, and Belgian, here we come. MARCH APRIL From pressed juices and…