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Here at VegNews, we have the best jobs in the world. Not only does our team get to interview fascinating personalities and break important, hard-hitting stories, we are also lucky enough to be the first to try buzzworthy vegan restaurants, exciting new plant-based products, and all the latest cookbooks and media. After 17 years of publishing VegNews, every day on the job is still a thrill, and the best part is sharing all of it with our readers. As my team edited this issue, I heard again and again how incredible it is to be veg right this very moment. While 84 pages of scintillating meat-free lifestyle coverage may seem sizable, we could easily publish 200 pages—daily. Flipping through the proofs of our 107th issue, I am—once again—blown away. I’m astounded by…

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1 Anna Starostinetskaya The New Meat, p.32 Where I live: San Francisco Veg for: 6 years What I ate for breakfast today: Two bananas I make a mean: Spicy 10-bean chili My favorite smoothie blend: Strawberries, banana, cacao, and coconut milk My favorite vegetable: Anything pickled My vegan splurge: Pacifica cosmetics My favorite vegan city: New York My must-have kitchen tool: Cast-iron skillet 2 Julieanna Hever VegNutrition, p.64 Where I live: Los Angeles Veg for: 11 years What I ate for breakfast today: Salad with beans, salsa, and nutritional yeast I make a mean: Hummus My favorite smoothie blend: Mango, pineapple, kale, romaine lettuce, cayenne, lime juice, and coconut water My favorite vegetable: Brussels sprouts My vegan splurge: French fries My favorite vegan city: New York My must-have kitchen tool: High-powered blender 3 Elizabeth Castoria A Moment of Shizen, p.58 Where I live: San Francisco Veg for: 18 years What I ate for…

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meat-free butchers

ATLAS MEAT-FREE DELICATESSEN Miami, FL Atlas satisfies meat-free Miamians with classic Italian fare (including an authentic pastrami on rye), as well as some locally inspired offerings such as fried plantain sandwiches and Spanish potato-meat croquetas. THE BUTCHER’S SON Berkeley, CA Selling everything from drunken almond feta by the pound to chocolate chip cannoli to pancakes, bacon, and eggs for weekend brunch, the culinary geniuses behind The Butcher’s Son are constantly tinkering with their innovative menu. THE HERBIVOROUS BUTCHER Minneapolis, MN With more than 40 meats (including Jalapeño Cheddar Brats and Filet Mignon) and 21 cheeses (such as Camembert and Smoked Gouda), it’s no wonder everyone from Jon Stewart to Food Network’s Guy Fieri loves this place. MONK’S MEATS New York, NY Former corporate lawyer Chris Kim’s shop offers both a deli and catering menu full of fan-favorites such as Bulgogi Seitan…

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1 Today, it’s not weird for us to start the day off with layers of chocolate, cake, candied nuts, and whipped cream, thanks to National Chocolate Parfait Day! 4 Vegans everywhere will be wearing their “I am not a nugget” tees with pride on Respect for Chickens Day. 13 We just called to say “I love you” to vegan Motown legend Stevie Wonder on his 67th birthday. 16 Want a physique like Matt Frazier’s? The No Meat Athlete Cookbook, out today, means we’re gobbling up Almond Butter- Banana Pancakes and waiting to be transformed. 20 Oaktown’s not just our spot for vegan soul food and potsticker burritos; the Cutest Dog Contest at Oakland VegFest has our name written all over it. 10 I ♥ NY Think you’ll find us anywhere else other than the Big Apple…

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the best vegan cities

LOS ANGELES 1 FROM FAST-CASUAL CHAIN Veggie Grill to high-end restaurant Crossroads (order the shiitake bacon benedict and be prepared to spot celebs such as Zooey Deschanel and Oprah Winfrey), Los Angeles is, hands-down, the most veganfriendly city in the country. In Echo Park, after you gawk at PETA’s impressive headquarters in the Bob Barker Building, dine in style at Sage Vegan Bistro (don’t miss the popular Fritto Tempeh Reuben, complete with fried, pickled cabbage). Head to Venice Beach for a raw bowl at Café Gratitude, and don’t forget to drop in to Doomie’s Home Cookin’ in Hollywood for the Deep Fried Oreos (it’s vegan, so it’s healthy). And go ahead: put your hands on vegan James Cameron’s Walk of Fame star and make like a true Tinsel Town tourist. Don’t miss:…

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the new meat

Smaller farm operations that tout “humanely raised” or “grass-fed” products aren’t feasible either, as global meat consumption continues to outpace the renewability of our natural resources. Plant-based meats are one solution to reducing the number of animals raised for food. However, giving up meat entirely is mostly attractive to those willing to change their diets for ethical reasons. Until recently, appealing to selfprofessed meat-lovers to consider the environment and animals when making food choices has been an exercise in futility. “But, bacon!” they cry. Plant-based anything is deemed “gross,” and the mere mention of the word “vegan” can spark hostility. When factoring in growing demand for flesh in developing countries, where dietary choices are often a privilege rather than a right, the task at hand becomes all the more challenging. By 2050, the…