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sweet dreams

Growing up—long before I ever knew what the word “vegan” meant— I relished the homemade candy my mom made for special occasions. I have fond memories of her chocolate fudge on Valentine’s Day, walnut-studded divinity wrapped in wax paper for Halloween, and buttery pecan toffee tucked into gift tins for the neighbors at Christmas. Every time she made candy, I would eat so much that my belly ached, but I savored every bite. My mother made everything from scratch using traditional ingredients, and inspired my love of desserts and baking. But when I went vegan—more than two decades and countless recipes ago—I embraced new ways of making my favorite sweets. My ingredient repertoire now included margarine, plant-based milks, vegetable oils, and powdered egg replacers, and I learned to create healthier, cruelty-free…

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1 Ellen Kanner Miami Vices, p.66 Where I live: Miami Veg for: 16 years What I ate for breakfast today: French-press coffee with almond milk My favorite smoothie blend: Açaí, blueberries, bananas, kale, and almond milk My favorite vegan cocktail: Champagne My favorite holiday cookie: Sugarplums Holiday tradition I love: Making a big pot of vegan Hoppin’ John for New Year’s Day My vegan splurge: Nut butters My dream vacation: Sicily and Morocco My must-have kitchen tool: MAC chef’s knife 2 Bianca Phillips Candy Crush, p.46 Where I live: Memphis, TN Veg for: 12 years What I ate for breakfast today: Birthday cake-flavored protein waffle with fresh peaches, maple syrup, and coconut whipped cream I make a mean: Country-fried tempeh steak with gravy My favorite holiday cookie: Sugar cookies Holiday tradition I love: Holiday breakfast at Granny’s house My vegan splurge: Deep-fried candy bars My dream vacation: New York City 3 Elisabeth…

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HEALTHY HOSPITAL I was reading my new issue of VegNews and saw the feature on Midland Memorial Hospital becoming the first in Texas to promote a plant-based diet for disease prevention and treatment (“Plants Over Pills,” September+October 2016). I had to instantly jump up to go tell my husband! In West Texas, an area where vegan options are hard to find—and BBQ and meat are the main focus of every meal— this is a very exciting change. Way to go, Midland Memorial! Laurel Hernandez GOOD BURGERS Thank you so much for spotlighting me and VeganBurg in the new issue of VegNews (“Better Burger,” September+October 2016). The write-up is fantastic and the photo looks great! Moving from Singapore to San Francisco has been a challenging experience, but I’m grateful to the vegan community for their…

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meat of the matter

1896 Vegetarian (and founder of the Kellogg Company) John Harvey Kellogg invents the peanutbased Nuttose, a mutton-like product in a can that was sliced into patties to make veggie burgers. 1945 Worthington Foods introduces the Choplet Burger, a soy-based product sold in 30-ounce cans with a hamburger-like texture that could be shaped into patties and fried. 1979 Boca Raton, FL-based Boca Foods Company begins producing its Sun Burger but has a much bigger hit in 1993 with the Boca Burger, the first widely distributed veggie burger to mimic the taste and texture of hamburger. 1992 After chef Paul Wenner’s restaurant The Gardenhouse closes in 1984, the entrepreneur introduces Gardenburger patties, which today are available worldwide in restaurants and college cafeterias. 2015 Beyond Meat releases its quarter-pound Beast Burger using pea protein to simulate the texture of beef while packing…

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In September, international coffee giant Starbucks added almond milk to the menus of all 4,600 of its US stores. In what the company has called one of its “most-requested ideas of all time,” the almond option joins soy and coconut milk at the chain and will be gracing our peppermint mochas this holiday season. A 32-year study published in JAMA Internal Medicine has shown that eating plant-based protein instead of animal protein dramatically decreases the risk of heart disease and death. The research followed more than 130,000 people and found that a vegan diet helped participants live longer and enjoy a better quality of life. For every three-percent increase in calories from plant sources, risk of death from any cause fell by 10 percent. A 10-percent increase in calories from animal products led…

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Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo has signed a measure to outlaw the use of bullhooks by circuses and other travelling animal shows, making The Plantation State the first in the nation to ban the sharp-hooked clubs. Used by circus trainers to control elephants by sticking them into sensitive areas of their skin, the bullhooks were later banned in California as well. “Leading medical, nutritional, and political experts will help promote a culture of respect in our schools, teaching children how to eat well while protecting the earth and animal rights.” —MAYOR CHIARA APPENDINO OF TURIN, ITALY ON HER PLANS TO MAKE THE CITY A VEGAN HAVEN Kat Gone Vegan Tattoo artist/media personality Kat Von D has removed carmine—an additive made from crushed beetles—from her Kat Von D Beauty line. Von D will be…