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In every edition of VegNews, you can expect a generous helping of recipes, taste tests, and new product reviews. But in this issue—our annual Great Big Food Edition—we pack even more deliciousness into the magazine pages. More recipes, more eating tours of our favorite cities, and more of the fascinating personalities, restaurants, and media that drive today’s vibrant vegan culture. Let’s start with the cover, a towering pièce de résistance of berries-and-creamfilled French toast created specially for this issue by cookbook authoress Joni Marie Newman. If this doesn’t symbolize where vegan food is in 2016, I don’t know what does. And wait until you taste it—flip to p.40 and make it this weekend, along with the Chorizo Waffles, Roasted Asparagus Breakfast Tart, and, of course, bubbly mimosas with your favorite fresh-squeezed…

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1 Stephanie Bogdanich Keepin’ Austin Vegan, p.64 Where I live: Austin, TX Veg for: 10 years What I ate for breakfast today: Tacos with refried beans, potatoes, and pico de gallo I make a mean: Margarita My favorite way to eat kale: Southern-style with vegan mac and cheese My favorite fall soup: Roasted corn chowder My must-have kitchen tool: Citrus press My dream vacation: A vegan river cruise through the South of France 2 Emily Hunt A Day in the Life, p.80 Where I live: Los Angeles, CA Veg for: 5 years What I ate for breakfast today: Strawberries, an energy bar, and coffee I make a mean: Linguine with truffle cashew sauce My favorite smoothie: Coconut, kale, banana, dates, and coconut-almond milk My favorite fall soup: Curried pumpkin My vegan splurge: A Vaute Couture dress My must-have kitchen tool: Pizza cutter My dream vacation: Swimming, drinking, and eating along…

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VN READERS SHARE WHAT’S ON THEIR MINDS HOSPITAL FOOD HORRORS Thank you for the May+June 2016 article about the horrors of hospital food (“Do Not Resuscitate”). As a physician, I have witnessed the atrocity of hospital dining options since medical school, where they served flavored yogurt that came in colors reminiscent of a unicorn’s tail. More recently, one of my friends was hospitalized for a high-risk pregnancy and was getting scolded for high-glucose readings, as she was forced to eat the hospital food for weeks. If we ever hope to implement true change in the current healthcare system—which focuses more on band-aiding problems rather than prevention—we need to continue to share articles such as this one, as well as support the people who do the investigative work and writing. aa Jessica Langenhan, MD POLITICAL SEASON The…

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food + health

BETTER BURGER Want proof that plantbased eating is taking the world by storm? Enter VeganBurg, a Singaporean import that opened in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in late 2015. Already a hit among the rapidly growing veg movement in Singapore, founder Alex Tan moved his headquarters across the Pacific to bring his menu of all-vegan burgers, sides, and desserts to the “land of fast food and franchises.” And like the throngs of ecoconscious millennials who flock to VeganBurg’s flagship eatery, San Franciscans are feeling the burger buzz. A daily selection of up to seven burgers are topped with everything from beetroot pâté and grilled pineapple to crispy Singaporean veg bacon and melted cheese. “We are all about making the most amazing burger,” Tan says. “Vegan or not.” Big Mac, look out. The crispy…

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environment + animals

IN JULY, the United States adopted a near-ban on the import and export of most ivory products in an effort to protect endangered African elephants. Enacted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the law was the result of a petition with 1.3 million signatures, which, the organization says, showed “overwhelming concern for elephant populations and a belief that the US Government should take steps to protect elephants in Africa.” 70% The amount by which greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by 2050 if a vegan diet was adopted worldwide. “If they were passing students without the course, and they were becoming good physicians without using animals, it would be hard to say it’s essential.” —THE PHYSICIANS COMMITTEE FOR RESPONSIBLE MEDICINE REGARDING JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE’S DECISION TO END TRAINING PROCEDURES ON…

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11 THINGS WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE / READ / DO SEPTEMBER 11 If you’re vegan, Moby’s birthday is the next best thing to a public holiday. 17 Join Cowspiracy producers Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn for Cow-Con, an environmental conference in Berkeley, CA devoted to sustainability and activism. 16 There’s only one way to celebrate Guacamole Day, and that’s with our Holy Guacamole! Visit for the recipe. 23 It’s Hug a Vegetarian Day. We’re waiting ... 30 VegNews heads to Thailand for its third Food Lover’s Tour of Thailand, a 12-day trip featuring breathtaking scenery, urban markets, cooking classes, and, of course, incredible food. Book your spot for 2017! OCTOBER 4 World Animal Day means extra treats for your companion animals. Don’t expect your cat to get excited. 7 Health, wellness, and world peace are the themes of the second annual Bali Vegan Festival.…