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happy place

Yoga. Family. Roasted sweet potatoes. When it comes to comfort, these are my go-tos. The invigorating act of physical movement, the familiarity of my loved ones, and healthy foods that nourish my body feel like a snuggly blanket for the soul. They truly make me feel safe, connected, and alive. What about you? Wherever your happy place is, we hope this special Comfort Food Issue adds to it. Inside, you’ll find each bright, colorful page brimming with inspiration for adding more warm fuzzies to your life. Some of my favorite stories in every comfort category include: Food. Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food, so we had to dedicate an entire feature to it (p.42). And we don’t just top it with breadcrumbs before popping it in the oven; we stuff…

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veg news

Staff Publisher + Co-Founder Colleen Holland Art Director Sutton Long Senior Editor Jasmin Singer Jasmin “The Hot Mess Pizza from Allie’s in Spokane, WA” Associate Editor Richard Bowie Food Editor Jennifer Chen Jenn “VegNews’ signature lasagna” Travel + Beauty Editor Aurelia d’Andrea News Editor Anna Starostinetskaya Features Editor Ryan Ritchie Ryan “Chocolate” Editorial Assistants Courtney Lodin, Sarah McLaughlin Advertising Sales Managers Laurie Bradley, Carol Treacy Chief Financial Officer Nicholas Holland Nick “The Buffalo Wings at Veggie Grill” Recipe Tester Lyndsay Orwig Lyndsay “Bánh mì sandwiches” Tech Advisor Stephen Calnan Departments Fresh & Healthy Heather Bell, Jenny Engel Heather “Southern-style baked macaroni and cheese” Jenny “Pot pie with a biscuit top” Quick & Easy Julie Hasson Sweet Treats Jackie Sobon Veganize It! Brian L. Patton Veg Advice Marla Rose Marla “Baked potato with chili, guacamole, scallions, and hot sauce” Veg Beauty Aurelia d’Andrea Veg Dating Jasmin Singer Veg Nutrition Julieanna Hever September+October Contributors Caleb and Laura Chancey, Chloe Coscarelli, Babette Davis, Chris…

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better leather

Cork Leather Made from: Cork bark The lowdown: High-end brands such as Chanel and Louboutin are crazy for cork, thanks to its waterproof, recyclable, and totally versatile qualities. Banana Leather Made from: Bananas The lowdown: On the Pacific islands of Micronesia, artisans fashion a durable, leather-like material from banana waste created by their local agriculture, which the Green Banana Paper Leather company then uses to make lightweight, stylish wallets. Mushroom Leather Made from: Mushroom caps The lowdown: PETA-approved MuSkin vegan suede is made from a Chinese mushroom that wicks away moisture and is used to make hats, insoles, and watch straps. This modern type of material is even a favorite of veg fashion designer Stella McCartney. Pineapple Leather Made from: Pineapples The lowdown: Versatile enough to be transformed into shoes, bags, and furniture, market-ready Piñatex is made…

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LIKE BERLIN ITSELF, six-year-old Kopps exudes a modern sensibility, from its pared-down design aesthetic to its streamlined menu focused on updated renditions of German classics. Foodies flock here for the $21 “Come Together” menu that lets diners experience three imaginative courses at a communal table. Humble in theory, cabbage soup is made sublime with pear, chili, cardamom, and cloves, while forest-mushroom ravioli with herbs and elderberries epitomizes the flavor of a German autumn. Desserts lean toward the unconventional, such as the cool vanilla parfait served with a mini carrot-wheatgrass cake. Pulsating music and an impeccable wine list focused on regional varietals keep the good vibes dialed up to high. Fun fact Anne Hathaway reportedly dined on Kopps’ tofu currywurst, a German specialty featuring grilled sausage served with spiced ketchup. All photos courtesy of…

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mexico city

Fun fact All the fruit and vegetables served at Los Loosers are grown in the Mexico City area and sourced daily to give everything on the menu extra fresco flavor. T’S 21ST CENTURY DINING for the digital set: tweet or Facebookmessage your order to Los Loosers, and 20 minutes later, a dude or dudette on a bike is whizzing down your street with a Chilaquile Burger in tow. The compact restaurant put vegan food on the map in Mexico City back in 2011, when chef and founder Mariana Blanco transformed her lifelong passion for Asian culture into a winning fusion concept. “It’s fun, interesting, and full of freedom,” says Blanco of her culinary creative license. Whether dining in or opting for delivery, do yourself a favor and order the Mexican Ramen—think chewy…

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Fun fact “Awai” is a concept borrowed from Buddhist culinary culture, which suggests a simplicity and authenticity in food preparation and presentation. CHEF NATHAN ISBERG’S simple, elegant restaurant Awai is a study in contrasts: it might be the only restaurant in Canada with a menu boasting a $20 truffled paella and a $3 curry dish—the latter a symbolic addition designed to create an accessible, inclusive dining experience for people of all incomes. Want to speak with the manager? You won’t find one here, because there is no kitchen hierarchy, just great food. Coca—an oblong Spanish flatbread—is pulled from the wood-fired oven bearing intriguing toppings like shishito peppers, Moroccan olives, fire-braised cherry tomatoes, and radicchio. But it’s dishes like roasted artichokes with black rice, heirloom carrots, and kimchi that win the hearts of…