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VegOut NYC Magazine

VegOut NYC Magazine

Winter 2020

VegOut NYC Magazine is New York’s #1 vegan city guide and lifestyle magazine. Each quarter, VegOut NYC delivers curated content covering the best plant-based things to eat, see, and do in the Big Apple.

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our mission

In 2019, after our doors have been open for a decade, we took a step back and looked at ourselves as a company. We looked beyond what we created, we reflected upon the journey that brought us here and explored ideas of where this path and our growth will lead. Our greatest strength has always been creating a menu with choices that feel good for everyone. We source mindfully, with our farmers, our environment and our guests in mind at all times. We now look to the future of food, and plant-based proteins are undoubtedly at the forefront of sustainability. Our menu is now half vegan; plant-based and more delicious than ever. What we eat is who we are, and at Bareburger, we celebrate everyone. CHECK OUT OUR FULL MENU AT…

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welcome to the premier issue of vegout nyc

Welcome to NYC and to the premier issue of VegOut NYC Magazine! In this guide, we’ve compiled the best plant-based options the NYC area has to offer. With more than 70 all-vegan restaurants and tons of plant-based options, New York City ranks as the second most vegan-friendly city in the country (following Los Angeles). Throughout these pages, you’ll find the best spots for vegan pizza, milkshakes, kosher food, and more. From fast food to fine dining, NYC has something for everyone. I suggest you begin your vegan food adventure on page 15 with the “10 Best Places for Vegan Pizza” and be sure to check out the restaurant directory on page 21 for a breakdown of all the city’s vegan restaurants. From Manhattan to Brooklyn, we show you where to find…

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meet the team

TAMMIE ORTLIEB MANAGING EDITOR Vegan 15 years, Tammie has been with VegOut since its beginnings. One part academic, one part tutu and tights, is the author of a novella memoir trilogy—If the Crown Fits, Cinderella Beginnings, and My Kingdom for a Prince—as well as The Laundromat Ladies fiction series. A transformational change advocate for individuals interested in breaking personal barriers to happiness and success, she provides actionable items to use in busting through ineffective patterns and turning limited thinking into an attitude of abundance. Visit her online at tammieortlieb.com. @TAMMIEORTLIEB JOEL ALATORRE GRAPHIC DESIGNER Joel oversees VegOut Media’s design team. He was born and raised in Los Angeles and is genuinely happy to call Southern California home. He loves the city, but will never pass up an opportunity to be in nature. Vegan for 10 years,…

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LIAT ABADA Liat spent the last 10 years working in the music industry, crafting and executing marketing initiatives to connect artists to their fans. Vegan for 14 years (plus vegetarian for three years before that), her passion lies in food—and of course, in sharing advice of where to eat. Liat helps companies reach plant-based consumers through her marketing company, vTrueMarketing. She’s honored to be contributing to VegOut and sharing more of her food recommendations with the VegOut community! @VEGANFOODNY LAUREN BENDIK Lauren, a Los Angeles native, went vegan for the animals two years ago. Ever since, she has enjoyed immersing herself in the local vegan scene and sharing her food adventures on Instagram. Lauren has a master’s degree in social work and loves helping others through volunteering, writing, and public speaking. In her free…

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spotlight on: bareburger

VEGAN-FRIENDLY FROM DAY ONE Right from its beginnings in 2009 as a small restaurant in Queens, Bareburger offered vegan options (yay for black bean and quinoa burgers!), built a reputation as a spot for vegans to dine with their non-vegan crew, and remained open to plant-based growth and change. ALL ABOUT THAT CHANGE From those humble beginnings, Bareburger grew to 50 locations around the country and expanded their vegan offerings with top names in the plant-based scene—Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, JUST Egg, and Follow Your Heart. In addition, they created their own house-made vegan brioche bun. WAKE UP CALL The new menu boasts endless combinations along with twelve house-designed burgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs. Our favorite is the Wake Up Call—a quarter pound Beyond Meat seasoned patty with Just Egg, Follow Your Heart American Cheese,…

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the perfect fudgy vegan sea salt brownies

MELT ORGANIC VEGAN BUTTER INGREDIENTS 14 OUNCES-------------- SEMISWEET CHOCOLATE CHIPS (60-70% CACAO) 9 OUNCES -------------- MELT ORGANIC VEGAN BUTTER 1 TABLESPOON---------- ESPRESSO POWDER 1 TABLESPOON---------- VANILLA EXTRACT 210 GRAMS (1 ¾ CUPS)---- ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR 40 GRAMS (½ CUP) ------ DUTCH PROCESSED COCOA POWDER 1 TEASPOON------------ KOSHER SALT 1 OUNCE (PACKED ¼ CUP) VEGANEGG POWDER BY FOLLOW YOUR HEART 1 CUP ------------------ COLD WATER 192 GRAMS (1 CUP) ------- VEGAN-FRIENDLY WHITE SUGAR 192 GRAMS (1 CUP) ------- BROWN SUGAR 2 OUNCES -------------- ROUGHLY CHOPPED DARK CHOCOLATE A SPRINKLE ------------- LARGE SEA SALT FLAKES DIRECTIONS 1. Pre-heat oven to 350° F. Lightly coat a 9x9 inch baking pan with Melt Organic Butter. 2. Create a parchment sling by cutting two pieces of parchment paper wide enough to cover the pan and long enough to hang over each edge by an inch. Then fit both slings into the pan, fully…