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Visi is a celebration of living well. It is committed to bringing readers the best of South African design, decor and architecture, together with the latest international trends. The innovative magazine prides itself on quality and integrity in design and editorial content. Readers enjoy news about today’s decor and design trends, new products and ideas, as well as features on South Africa’s most beautiful homes and spaces.

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South Africa
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counter culture

When two Italian style powerhouses join forces, you can expect something truly remarkable. During the Milan Design Fair, Salone del Mobile di Milano, Smeg and Dolce&Gabbana unveiled their latest collaboration – Sicily is my Love. This line-up of toasters, kettles, citrus juicers, blenders and slow juicers are richly decorated in signature Dolce&Gabbana style, which means flamboyance and energetic hues. Each work of art is inspired by scenes of Sicily, the small island that couture designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana both call home. Featuring the unique flavour of the Mediterranean with a sunburst of brightly coloured citrus fruits, prickly pears and deep-red cherries, this small appliance collection landscapes of Southern Italy. This collection affords you the chance to appreciate high Italian fashion in everyday life. And that’s not all. New collection pieces, including Smeg’s…

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living ritual

Andrea Brand’s new collection, Living Ritual, draws on the Japanese dyeing technique shibori and the Indian block-print tradition. The Ripples range was inspired by a fleeting pattern in the sand on an island beach. The element of printmaking is brought into the Ripples and Heritage ranges through the use of linocuts and carton cuts. Printmaking is universal and tells stories of similar experiences in culturally unique ways. Andrea’s designs can be digitally transferred onto textiles, wallpaper, metal, leather and wood. andreabrand.co.za…

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 welcome note

ONE OF MY FONDEST MEMORIES is of walking with my sculpture tutor through his garden in Essex on an unusually warm spring day. As we neared a flower bed exploding with tulips he broke off from telling me about Degas’s wax models and asked, “Crispian, do you know how we know there is a God?” Without waiting for an answer he grabbed the nearest flower and said, “We know, because only God could put this colour next to that colour and get away with it.” Obviously, a riotous abundance of tulips had to be our choice for the cover and the opening image of our exclusive coverage of Karen Roos’ newly revamped English estate The Newt in Somerset. As much as the project boggles the mind in both ambition and beauty,…

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NKULI NHLEKO, INTERIOR DESIGNER What does spring mean to you? Excitement, bubbles, life and awakening. It’s about frolicking in the NIROX Sculpture Park and picnicking at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. Your favourite decor colour? Pastel green, which feels tranquil in comparison with the rich jewel tones we’re experiencing at the moment. The South African building you most admire? Legaro Property Development’s headquarters at 78 Corlett Drive, the first office development in Africa to be awarded a Green Star V1.1 six-star rating. Nkuli interviewed architect Nadine Engelbrecht for the feature on page 62. BIDDI RORKE, FREELANCE WRITER AND EDITOR What does spring mean to you? Whales in the bay and spectacular moonrises. Plus evening strolls on the beach with my French poodles Lollipop and Liberace. Your favourite decor colour? White. The South African building you most admire? I was…

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lights now!

BELT, DESIGNED BY RONAN AND ERWAN BOUROULLEC FOR FLOS This flexible lighting system by the Bouroullec brothers consists of a series of LED modules wrapped in long leather belts and secured by buckles. Some parts carry weight, others cable and others beams of LED light, and the design possibilities are endless. bouroullec.com flos.com IN VITRO, DESIGNED BY PHILIPPE STARCK FOR FLOS This collection of outdoor lamps offers a new take on the classic lantern above the front door. It is available in four designs: Source, a ceiling lamp; The Sing, a wall lamp; Bollard, a floor lamp in three sizes; and Unplugged, a lantern with rechargeable batteries that will provide light for up to 24 hours. starck.com flos.com HECO, DESIGNED BY NENDO FOR FLOS This outdoor lighting collection comprises floor lamps with thin metal frames,…

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a kitchen, a sunroom, and a thousand days

I was young, maybe 8 or 9. My mother was going through a time: The couple she cleaned for and whom we lived with had broken up and left us lingering in their abandoned home. She had cancer, my mother, so her head was where it was, but sometimes she would return from herself to give me strange advice: “Diversify your friend group, Julie. Learn who you really are.” I did. See, we had dogs. (In that statement is a story featuring my mother’s insistence on keeping her employers’ dogs even after she was left with neither a job nor a place to stay.) Whiskey was a Maltese poodle and Bianca an Alsatian. Whiskey was always up to some shit. Every now and then he would disappear and come back smug. One…