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Visi is a celebration of living well. It is committed to bringing readers the best of South African design, decor and architecture, together with the latest international trends. The innovative magazine prides itself on quality and integrity in design and editorial content. Readers enjoy news about today’s decor and design trends, new products and ideas, as well as features on South Africa’s most beautiful homes and spaces.

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South Africa
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ed’s letter

HERE’S THE THING: With our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, Sumien Brink, on sabbatical, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to edit South Africa’s pre-eminent architecture, design and décor mag, right? But then again, VISI is a bona fide print icon, revered by its readers – and most of that is thanks to Sumien’s vision and impeccable taste. It’s a big mag and those are some big, big shoes. I said yes, obviously … but that what-have-I-said-yes-to moment followed hot on its heels. Luckily it was one soon eased by the combined knowledge and expertise of the VISI team – one that represents an amazing mix of editorial excellence, deep experience, contemporary insights, and a finger on the pulse of local and international design. It also coincided with a fresh hand on the iMac’s…

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contr butors

ADÈLE DE LANGE, ARCHITECT Your summer drink of choice? I’m currently brewing my very first batch of kombucha. It’s Saturday afternoon, the sun is setting. Where are you? Out for a paddle on the Orange›River, watching the sun turn blood red, as it can do in the dusty Northern Cape. What’s your favourite app? Kindle to escape; Pinterest for inspiration. Pantone comes up with a new colour: describe the hue and what you would call it. “Pickled Popsicle” – the fresh yellow-green of newly sprouted leaves in early spring. Adèle wrote about the award-winning family home located in Pretoria on page 126. LUTENDO MALATJI, PHOTOGRAPHER Your summer drink of choice? A Long Summer. It’s like a Long Island Iced Tea, but with some deadly spiked ice. It’s Saturday afternoon, the sun is setting. Where are you? Home, sitting…

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visi .co.za

WIN WITH MULTIPLY FURNITURE One lucky reader will win a set of three porthole mirrors in various sizes from Cape Town-based brand Multiply Furniture, valued at R3 200. Made from fine-grain birch ply, each matte-finish mirror comes with a leather strap. Go to VISI.co.za/win. #READERLOVE Savouring the latest WISI? We’d love you to tag us in your pics of the new issue on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. CLICK ON THIS Get to know portrait photographer Lutendo Malatji (@luu_artphotography) in our online Q&A Our top 5 picks from around the world are online every Tuesday In our online interview, ceramic artist Chuma Maweni (@chumamaweni) chats about his current projects and dream collab WE ASKED YOU ONLINE IF YOU COULD INVEST IN ONE ITEM FOR YOUR HOME, WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO BUY? More than 1 500 of you took our recent…

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a seat outside

While designing a restaurant in Botswana, Haldane saw the need for contemporary outdoor furniture and Hula was his first outdoor range. Named after the dining chair’s hula hoop shape, it was inspired by the garden furniture found in many South African homes and will, Haldane hopes, remind people of childhood moments spent outside. The rest of the playful, nostalgic collection emerged organically and his favourite piece, The Hula Love Seat (pictured above), is a metropolitan outdoor bench. Haldane tried to capture the essence of each design in its name: Plat-O is a play on the word plateau. The tables are slick with sleek ‘o’ shapes – round or flat-oval table tops on geometric flat-bar bases. The Cha Cha occasional tables (pictured above) actually look like they’re dancing when you move around…

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CIRCUS INSPIRED German designer Sebastian Herkner found inspiration for his Circo furniture series in the traditional travelling circuses of Colombia: The frame is reminiscent of the pedestals that circus elephants rest their feet on. The handcrafted designs, which feature powder-coated steel tubular frames and colourful recycled plastic wicker, are produced by Colombian artisans in a small factory for Ames. As a result, all of the items in the collection reflect the spirit and traditional craftsmanship of Colombia. amesliving.de ICONIC ACAPULCO Named after the coastal town of Acapulco in Mexico, the hot destination for the jet set in the ’50s and ‘60s, the Acapulco chair has a slightly pear-shaped tubular frame and brightly coloured vinyl cord body. First produced in the 1950s, it is an icon of Mexican design and has given rise to…

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green piece

“Best Furniture Design” WINNER at 100% Design South Africa 2019. 1. PRESERVATION BENCH Admired for their re-imagining of Scandinavian folk spindle furniture, Phillip Hollander and Stephen Wilson of Houtlander were awarded the 100% Design South Africa 2019’s “Best Furniture Design” for their otherworldly piece, Preservation Bench. Pushing the boundaries of timber’s capabilities and in partnership with the American Hardwood Export Council, the piece shows the versatility of thermally-modified American red oak. houtlander.co.za 2. THE BOOK OF TREES Beautifully and humorously illustrated, this encyclopaedic book by award-winning author Piotr Socha chronicles trees from the time of the dinosaurs to the current day. Answering questions like “what’s the tallest tree in the world?” and “where can you stay in a treehouse hotel?” with a light, witty touch, he looks at the role trees have played in…