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Vogue Living September/October 2019

Vogue Living tells stories that engage, fascinate and excite, weaving together a myriad of influences that inspire our lives, be it cultural trends, arts and architecture, a new secret find around the corner, a far flung destination, or a privileged glimpse into a private and compelling world. Interiors, spaces and places, here or there, come vividly to life through their inhabitants and the lens of the camera. Beauty is paramount.

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Rebecca Caratti EDITOR editor@vogueliving.com.au CREATIV EDIRECTOR Natasha Allen DEPUTY EDITOR Verity Magdalino STYLE EDITOR Joseph Gardner CHIEF COPY EDITOR Bonnie Vaughan SENIOR COPY EDITOR Virginia Jen DESIGNER Alicia Ridley MARKET EDITOR Anna Delprat MELBOURNE EDITOR & FEATURES WRITER Annemarie Kiely DIGITAL DIGITAL EDITOR Yeong Sassall CONTRIBUTORS CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Fiona McCarthy (London), Freya Herring, Jason Mowen, Lee Tulloch IMAGES Julie Adams, Filippo Bamberghi, Paul Barbera, Helenio Barbetta, Gianni Basso, Céline Clanet, Lisa Cohen, Derek Henderson, Nigel Lough, Kara Rosenlund, Anson Smart, Wichmann + Bendtsen, Victoria Zschommler WORDS Joanne Gambale, Karin Graabaek Helledie, Michelle Ogundehin STYLING Claire Delmar, Helle Walsted INTERACTIVE EDITION PRODUCTION MANAGER Stuart McDowell DIGITAL ASSETS & RIGHTS MANAGER TrudyBiernat COMMERCIAL FINANCE MANAGER Tim Edwards NATIONAL SALES AND STRATEGY DIRECTOR, STYLE Nicole Waudby (02) 8045 4661. HEAD OF BRAND STRATEGY, STYLE Merryn Dhami (02) 9288 1090. HEAD OF DIGITAL COMMERCIAL STRATEGY, STYLE Amanda Spackman (02) 8045 4658. BRAND SALES MANAGER Julie Hancock…

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Lisa Cohen PHOTOGRAPHER A background in styling comes in handy when shooting interiors. Melbourne-based Cohen was inspired to pick up a camera after watching how photographers managed to alter the perception of the sets she styled for London’s interior design magazines. “That really excited me,” she says, “so I swapped over!” For this issue she photographed an Armadale house by Leeton Pointon Architects (page 132), the third project she’s shot for the architects. “Michael Leeton is the master of concrete,” says Cohen. “He magically transforms this incredibly cold material into a warm, tactile space.” Cohen’s work might also be seen to celebrate the sense of warmth that can be achieved via good interior design; she fondly recalls shooting several projects by designer Ilse Crawford in Europe. “It’s her attention to detail and…

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take the tour

When tasked with redesigning this CAMPERDOWN warehouse conversion into a home, studio KILLING MATT WOODS was met with an unusual brief from its owners: to create a concrete bunker free from ornamentation and the usual Sydney coastal accents. Inspired by BRUTALISM and the inner-city neighbourhood’s INDUSTRIAL ROOTS, the apartment utilises the precise yet modern appeal of rendered concrete surfaces. Offset by a pared-back palette of grey and caramel, the loft space offers a bold, geometric solution to inner-city living. For more house tours like this, visit VOGUELIVING.COM.AU Vogue Living @vogueliving VogueLiving @VogueLiving vogueliving.com.au…

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editor’s letter

This issue is intended to be a celebration of happiness — anything and everything that, in the words of Marie Kondo, can “spark joy”. We wanted to create a special edition that was light-hearted, filled with beautiful design, playful art and dreamy destinations — and I’m extremely proud of my talented Vogue Living team as we have achieved exactly what we set out to do. I do say this with a heavy heart as upon sending this issue to print we received the heartbreaking news that one of our beloved team members had tragically passed away. To her friends, family and colleagues, Bonnie Vaughan will forever be remembered as one of the kindest, most generous of people. Her smile, fierce intellect and her ability to charm everyone she touched will be…

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in memoriam

Bonnie Vaughan Chief copy editor, Vogue Living. Born in San Francisco and growing up in Sydney, Vaughan spent most of her career editing and writing in London and New York City. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s magazines in London, NYC or Australia, we all benefited from Bonnie’s work as a Senior Official in the Grammar Police. As an editor she gave the best briefs but she was also skilled at taking lacklustre copy and polishing it until it shone. I first met her when she was editing UK style magazine Blitz and we were friends for over 30 years across three continents (and more bars, clubs, bands and parties than I can remember). As an editor at TV Guide in the USA, she secured interviews with some of the biggest names in…

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happiness by design

We are in the midst of ‘The Age of Anxiety’ wherein the digital realm appears to have superseded reality and technology has accelerated the speed of life beyond our capacity to cope. Being constantly on the go, juggling jobs and family in pursuit of ‘a good life’ has meant that instead of working to support our wellbeing, rising levels of chronic illness and poor mental health are being recorded worldwide. However, I have always believed that the fundamental purpose of design is not to reflect the zeitgeist, but to respond to it with solutions to the spiralling expectations of the everyday. Besides, today’s increasingly informed consumer demands it — we’ve seen a rejection of plastic, escalating engagement with environmental issues, and a growing openness to mindfulness and meditation. Thus the foundations…