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Wanderlust May 2019

Interview with Alice Morrison “The writer, TV presenter and adventurer’s new book sees her starting over in Morocco –she talks breaking barriers, Bogart fantasies and life on the outside…” Ruaha National Park, Tanzania Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park is wild, remote and little-known – and while a tiny fraction of visitors find their way here, East Africa’s greatest secret may not remain hidden for much longer… Peru From Amazonian lowlands to Andean highs, Peru is a land of pre-Columbian treasures, soaring condors and miraculous landscapes – plan your perfect trip with our handy guide… Cuba Revolutionary relics, sweeping valleys and colonial towns – riding Cuba on two wheels puts its slow wonders on full show, and now anyone can do it… with a little electric help Manatees in Florida Welcome to the real Magic Kingdom. Never mind Mickey Mouse, Florida’s true celebrity critters are found in the depths of the Crystal River… 9 other amazing swims with wildlife It’s not just manatees – there’s a whole world of marine life you can swim with. So strap on a snorkel or a scuba tank and dive into our top watery encounters… Plastic, no longer fantastic We’re all looking to use less plastic, but often the choice is taken out of our hands when we travel. Here’s how to get back control and do some good… Mark Stratton goes to Liberia Liberia’s coastline hides some of the most spectacular stretches of sand on the planet, let alone West Africa. But can it overcome a traumatic past to attract the travellers it deserves – and needs? WIN… … Two Exped SynMats & Air Pillows, worth over £350, and two waterproof Ortlieb backpacks worth £370 Plus… First 24 hours in Johannesburg; A British break in Cleveland Way; Spanish cuisine; Wandersleeps in UK treehouses; The Maldives vs the Seychelles; Go now, Corsica; Dream sleeps at Kachi Lodge, Bolivia; How to luggage safe and lots, lots more…

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As I write this, UK politics is going bonkers, and everyone I meet is fed up with the ‘B’ word. So, I thought I’d come up with some alternative (and less controversial) letters beginning with B. B is for Breathtaking. Whether it’s that first sight of Guyana’s Kaieteur Falls (p120) or glimpsing Jordan’s Petra – one of many great ‘lost worlds’ (p60) – through a flickering prism of candlelight, we always aim to bring you the world’s most breathtaking experiences. B is for Beguiling. We often get excited about exotic lands, but Graeme Green’s feature on Scotland’s beguiling islands of the Inner Hebrides (p44) will have you itching to go discover these wild shores on our doorstep. B is for Beautiful. Exploring the Mekong (p92) or discovering a different side to Mauritius (p78)…

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Vanessa Gibbs First 24 hours Travel writer Vanessa has explored Panama City on several visits. Having left each time with a longer, not shorter, list of things to do, she was excited to share her ideas for a perfect day there (p159). My favourite lost city: “The old capital of the Mughal Empire, Fatehpur Sikri, in India. The empire may be long gone, but these sandstone palaces with their vast courtyards and ornate carvings are still there to marvel at.” George Scott Short break Journalist George Scott first visited Girona as a cyclist and quickly fell in love with its cute cobbles and medieval old town, so he enjoyed compiling this month’s Short Break feature on page 163. My favourite lost city: “Uxmal is home to some of Mexico’s most spectacular Maya ruins. Climbing the impossibly steep…

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the wanderlust philosophy

Wanderlust aims to inform and inspire all your travel adventures. We strive to bring you the most trusted and reliable information in the world. That’s why we are always upfront about whether our writers have travelled independently or with a tour company. When a tour operator has been used, we always try to use those who’ve scored a minimum satisfaction rating of 85% from readers in our annual awards and we never guarantee positive coverage. Responsible and sustainable travel is at the heart of everything we do. Website Discover more great content at Twitter Catch up on the latest travel gossip @wanderlustmag Instagram See behind the scenes @wanderlustmag Facebook Join the chat at wanderlusttravel magazine Newsletter Sign up to our newsletter for offers, inspiration and all the latest travel news at Subscribe Take advantage of our latest online offer on…

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In memory of Co-founder & Publisher Paul Morrison EDITORIAL CONTENT Editor-in-Chief & Co-founder Lyn Hughes Technology Director Simon Chubb Managing Editor Tom Hawker Sub-Editor/Writer Gareth Clark Commercial Editor Olivia Lee Digital Editor Elizabeth Atkin Editorial Assistant Kirtey Verma Associate Web Editor Peter Moore Web Assistant Rosie Fitzgerald Digital Executive Nora Wallaya Contributing Editors Phoebe Smith, Mark Carwardine, Paul Goldstein & William Gray DESIGN Art Director Graham Berridge Art Editor Mike Wright PRODUCTION Production Director Justin Masters Production Manager Paul Lincoln ADVERTISING Commercial Manager Adam Lloyds ( Head of Creative Solutions Jessica Royds Senior Sales Executive Simon Bryson Senior Sales Executive Anthony Bennett Sales Executive Lucy Bairstow PUBLISHING Managing Director Tilly McAuliffe Commercial Director Ian McAuliffe Director Wanderlust Studio John Innes Publisher Catriona Bolger ACCOUNTS & ADMIN Finance Director Nicola Solomon Assistant Financial Controller Lisa Healy Accounts Assistant Kym Williams Office Manager Janine Plunkett (maternity) Office Manager Sharan Sumal ASSISTED THIS ISSUE Nick Funnell Pooch-at-large Zöe…

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“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”Jawaharlal Nehru, independent India’s first prime minister The misty Mahal Agra, India Photographer: Michele Falzone/AWL Images It is the burden of most visitors to the Taj Mahal that they have to drag themselves out of bed pre-dawn to take a photograph devoid of crowds. Arriving at 6am is the standard advice for grabbing unobstructed shots (as well as head over to the Mehtab Bagh – the garden over the river). But this drone image, taken on a misty morning, reminds us just why we bother. The Taj’s hazy form, materialising out of the mist, captures the romance that underlies this giant monument…

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your letters

Star letter Frozen assets If you have ever dreamed of going to Antarctica, I can now tell you it is everything you dreamed of and more. My first stop was Deception Island, where we landed on a beach filled with penguins and seals. The sheer number of penguins (over 200,000) takes your breath away, and so does the smell – back on the ship, I got to know the ‘Mud Room’ (for cleaning off penguin poo) very well. Being in the company of the baby penguins as they slid down the ‘runs’ or harassed their parents for food was magical. However, for me, walking on the ice flow in Antarctica was the highlight – a totally unexpected experience. The more I travel, the more I realise I have had a mere taste…