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Wanderlust October 2019

7 Great Island Hopping Destinations From whale-watching in the Azores to hiking volcanic landscapes in the Aegean Sea or trying alternative culture in Okinawa, these islands offer a different kind of isolation and adventure for everyone Galapagos A true bucket-list destination, the Galapagos is the ultimate travel and nature-lovers destination – just don’t expect the wildlife to practise socially distancing Brittany, France Carolyn Boyd explores island life along France’s rugged wild west – its Atlantic coast Dispatches: Alice Morrison The intrepid Scottish adventurer spent three months crossing 2,000km of the Sahara with camels Short Break: Galway, Ireland Galway may be a European City of Culture 2020 but this lively and diverse city and its surrounding countryside is worth a visit at any time Why we still need to travel Lyn Hughes explains why what you love doing best is important Plus… Travel Icon: Rhodes, Greece; Sardinian cuisine; Head to head: Guernsey vs Jersey; Go now: Cape Town; and lots, lots more… WIN……A trip to the Greek Islands, courtesy of Sunvil

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We’re feeling very old here at Wanderlust Towers as we celebrate this, our 200th issue. But with that great age comes great wisdom (well that’s what we tell ourselves anyway). So, we have pulled together 200 of our own travel ‘secrets’ and that of many other travel experts, and they’re scattered throughout the whole issue – starting on this very page. We could have filled a book so whittling the list down was very difficult. I’ve included some of my own secrets in this issue too: the front cover and the Wonder of the World (p186), are both about unexpected places that blew me away, as did North Macedonia’s Lake Ohrid (above). We know you’ll have your own secrets too, whether of places or practical travel tips, so please do tell…

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Steve Backshall Interview TV adventurer Steve has always been fascinated by untouched territories. On p30, he reveals his hair-raising near-death experiences, the wild world of Bhutan and where he’s off to next… Where I was in 1993: “Travelling solo around the Philippines while on break from uni. There was a hurricane on the island of Mindanao and I was holed up for weeks in a fishing village. No one spoke any English!” Paul Bloomfield Secrets wildlife Wildlife enthusiast Paul’s first assignment for Wanderlust was 15 years ago – since then, he’s been following tracks of a different kind. On p99, he lifts the lid on his top ten wild experiences that beat the classics. Where I was in 1993: “I set out on a shoestring trip through Asia. Luckily, despite my embarrassing and tiny budget of £5…

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the wanderlust philosophy

Wanderlust aims to inform and inspire all your travel adventures. We strive to bring you the most trusted and reliable information in the world. That’s why we are always upfront about whether our writers have travelled independently or with a tour company. When a tour operator has been used, we always try to use those who’ve scored a minimum satisfaction rating of 85% from readers in our annual awards and we never guarantee positive coverage. Responsible, conscious and sustainable travel is at the heart of everything we do. Website Discover more great content at www.wanderlust.co.uk Twitter Catch up on the latest travel gossip @wanderlustmag Instagram See behind the scenes @wanderlustmag Facebook Join the chat at www.facebook.com/ wanderlusttravel magazine Newsletter Sign up to our newsletter for offers, inspiration and all the latest travel news at www.wanderlust.co.uk Subscribe Take advantage of our latest online offer…

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SECRET 2 “Until we allow not only elephants, but all living creatures their place in the sun, we can never be whole ourselves.”Lawrence Anthony, conservationist Gentle giants Kenya, Africa Photographer: Will Burrard-Lucas Elephants are the elusive giants of the animal kingdom – something that photographer Will Burrard-Lucas began to understand on his quest to document Kenya’s last great African tuskers in Tsavo Conservation Area. “No matter how long you spend with elephants, they will always be doing something interesting; whether it’s a young elephant learning to use its trunk by picking up sticks and stones or gigantic bulls jostling for control of a waterhole,” Will explained. “That’s my biggest secret – the more time you spend with a single species, the more you learn to appreciate it, leading to a more rewarding experience.” © Land…

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your letters

Star letter Lucky number seven We always look forward to the arrival of Wanderlust. It’s full of exciting places to visit and we love to travel. But this issue [issue 198, July/August 2019] was different. As I turned the pages I realised how lucky we had been to visit so many beautiful places. In this issue we counted seven from the beginning to page 92: Inle Lake, Myanmar; Meteora, Greece; Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan; Bagan, Myanmar; Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; and Guatemala. So many happy memories flooded back. We will now carry on with the September mag, and see if we can do better than seven. Thanks for a great magazine. Dorothy and Pete Hoyle, via email Busking beyond borders I’ve just read a hugely entertaining book written by a young busker and folk musician…

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”On top of Big Daddy Dune in Sossusvlei, Namibia. The climb was tough but incredible.” John McKeown ”Relaxing a while after a hike to a remote beach on the Svalbard archipelago – no polar bears in sight!” Charles Kinsey ”Standing on the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China. Another beautiful icon ticked off my bucket list!” @beelovdd ” Exploring the rivers of the Pantanal in Brazil and hoping that caiman wasn’t feeling hungry!” Janie Baxter ”St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh’s Old Town is named after the city’s patron saint. The structure is spectacular.” @sibrega ”Walking through fields of wild basil for a great view on Grande Comore Island off the coast of Africa.” John Crane ”Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. It was a wonderful experience!” @melanie.h. travels CONGRATULATIONS to Harriet Bennett…