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Western Art Collector January 2019/ No.137

With previews of gallery exhibitions, museum shows and auctions, Western Art Collector is the premier monthly magazine for collectors searching for works by talented living and past artists who depict the West in paintings and sculptures.

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International Artist Publishing, Inc.
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Western Art Collector has been a successful magazine since its inception nearly 12 years ago for one reason and one reason only: We work hard. Then again, when you love what you do, it hardly feels like work at all. As we attend shows, auctions and events all around the country people always come up and ask, with four magazines, how are we able to do it all each and every month? Once again, the answer is simple: We have a wonderful and diligent staff who works tremendously hard every single day—sometimes weekends, typically nights as well—to put this magazine out for collectors to use and enjoy. I think of this often when I see our team working well into the night to get this magazine out on time, literally hours…

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big changes

2019 is shaping up to be an important year for the Cowboy Artists of America. Not only is the famous art group adding some additional art opportunities, for members and collectors, it is also making major changes to its annual sale. The CAA will move its annual exhibition and sale to the first weekend of November—November 1 and 2—and this year the exhibition will be held in Fort Worth, Texas, at the Amon G. Carter Jr. Exhibit Hall at the Will Rogers Memorial Center. The event, which will likely be titled the Cowboy Artists of America Show & Sale, will replace Cowboy Crossings, which has been held annually in October at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma since 2011. CAA president Jason Rich says the shake-up will help…

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prep work

Now open at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City is Horseplay, an exhibition that draws from a deep well of reference materials from Tom Lovell’s studio. Lovell, who began his career as an illustrator before turning to Western easel work later in his life, completed as many as 1,000 horse sketches, many of them preserved in the museum’s Dickinson Research Center. The studies and sketches reveal the prep work that went on behind the scenes as Lovell developed ideas and themes for his Western paintings. The exhibition will feature a variety of horse sketches done in several different mediums. The works, some of them unfinished, reveal how Lovell captured movement, anatomy, proportion and personality in his paintings, particularly at an early stage long before the finished oil…

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new expansion

In 2014, after the acquisition of the Haub Family Collection, the Tacoma Art Museum in Washington expanded in order to properly display the one-of-a-kind collection of Western art. Less than five years later and the museum is expanding again, and once again it will expand to show off new works that are destined for the museum’s collection. On January 15 through 18, the Tacoma Art Museum will roll out the red carpet for museum patrons and guests as it opens the Rebecca and Jack Benaroya Wing, a 7,000-square-foot space that will offer a continuation of the primary design elements first developed in 2003 and further developed for the Haub Family Collection expansion in 2014. Rebecca and Jack Benaroya, who have also provided $9.2 million for the construction of the new wing, originally…

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long distance

Seven wildlife paintings by Wilhelm Kuhnert have traveled more than 5,000 miles to Frankfurt, Germany, where they will hang at the Schirn Kunsthalle for the exhibition King of the Animals, a retrospective on the famous German-born painter. The works are on loan from the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The exhibit is a comprehensive retrospective of the life and work of Kuhnert. “This is the first major retrospective of Kuhnert’s work in decades. To have our artwork featured is a testament to the quality of our collection,” says Adam Harris, Joffa Kerr Chief Curator of Art at the Wyoming museum. “This exhibit also shows that other museums are interested in exploring humanity’s relationship with nature, which is a core part of our mission.” One of the curators at the…

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half century

The Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia, is now presenting the photography exhibit Bob Kolbrener: 50 Years in the West, which will celebrate the work of Kolbrener’s long and distinguished career as a Western photographer. The show, which opened December 1, will feature many of the photographer’s most iconic works, including images of waterfalls and misty mountains, snow-laden trees, shadowy vistas and a number of works that were shot in national parks. “I shoot everything, but what I’m most excited about is when nature does something spectacular,” Kolbrener said about his work. Kolbrener, who was born in St. Louis in 1942, started photography as a hobby in 1964. Following his first trip out west in 1968, and later a workshop with master photographer Ansel Adams, Kolbrener began to undertake landscape photography…