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Western Art Collector

Western Art Collector July 2019/ No.143

With previews of gallery exhibitions, museum shows and auctions, Western Art Collector is the premier monthly magazine for collectors searching for works by talented living and past artists who depict the West in paintings and sculptures.

United States
International Artist Publishing, Inc.
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What we’ve realized in the nearly 15 years of printing Western Art Collector is that this expansive and always-growing network of galleries, dealers, artists, curators and of course collectors who champion the cause of Western art are a community. A community of people who are passionate about Western art and have dedicated their lives and careers to see it not just endure but to also thrive. What I love about magazines is that when done properly they provide a way to highlight such communities on a monthly basis by showing what’s happening within this sector of the art market in a comprehensive way that is not just educational but also useful to the collectors. By reading Western Art Collector each month, one can instantly find out what shows are planned each…

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western design

Now open in Cody, Wyoming, is By Western Hands, a new museum and design center that celebrates Western design, craftsmen and women, and skills that are used to create functional Western items out of wood, leather, silver and steel. The member gallery and museum opened with a grand opening celebration on June 8 with a day of activities and events. Just prior to its opening, the nonprofit organization also announced the acquisition of the Switchback Ranch Award Collection of Western Functional Art, which was previously on view at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. The one-of-a-kind collection, started in 1994 and continuing through 2009, features some of the finest examples of Western furniture, ironwork, leather work and couture. By Western Hands was founded by Cody community members in order to “preserve,…

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crack shot

Texas painter Kyle Polzin once said that he strives for authenticity in his Western still lifes because it makes the pictures better, but also because eagle-eyed viewers will call him out if anything is out of place. For instance, if a Winchester Model 1886 lever-action rifle isn’t shown with the correct cartridges, gun aficionados will spot it in an instant. “They know right away if the gun is chambered for the rounds that are shown in the picture,” Polzin said prior to a previous show, one which featured a Western rifle. “They keep you honest and accurate, that’s for sure.” Artists, as well as museum visitors, will once again be able to learn about the history of guns in the West at the renovated Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center…

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essence of location

Painter Hans Paap was born in Hamburg, Germany, but spent much of his life traveling around the world. He lived for a time in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and even managed to get back to Germany to visit his family, but was unable to get out until after the end of World War II. But it was a brief stay in Taos, New Mexico—he even lived with E. Martin Hennings for a brief period—which put Paap on the Western art map. Paap’s work is featured in Hans Paap: Portraits & Landscapes, which was published by his daughter, Nancy Paap, who last saw her father when she was 4 years old and began collecting his work as a way to begin to understand his life. “Once I began collecting his paintings and researching…

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the dream spinner

Known for his deep love of the West and the figures who populated it, Roy Andersen set himself apart from his peers with his abstracted backgrounds, exceptional compositions, vibrant colors and his appreciation of Native American history. The illustrator from New York who came West and thrived in Western art, died on April 25 in Kerrville, Texas. He was 88 years old. Andersen enjoyed a long and prosperous career in Western art, where his paintings of Native Americans, particularly Plains Indians, were held up alongside works by Howard Terpning, James Reynolds, Kenneth Riley and other Western greats. “Roy composed through reading and researching, and he rarely used a camera. When it came time to paint he would really lay the paint on there. His works would build up the layers and he…

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carved & cast

Now open at the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is Carved & Cast: 20th Century New Mexican Sculpture, an ongoing exhibition that celebrates three-dimensional artwork created in or about New Mexico. The exhibition is one of the first of its kind to examine New Mexican sculpture as a category unto itself. The museum notes that “visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the artists in the show. Our collection at the museum proves that the history of sculpture in our region is rich in work by artists of color and women artists, and that is reflected in the work on view.” The exhibition highlights works from many great artists, but shines spotlights on the careers of Patrociñio Barela, Agnes C. Sims, Eugenie Shonnard, Fritz Scholder…