What Car? March 2019

Britain's best car buying guide now has a brand new look with an extra 40-pages in every issue, giving you more of What Car?'s famous comparison tests than ever before and more invaluable buying advice for every car on sale. Plus, What Car?'s Target Price promise could save you thousands off the price of your next car. No wonder they call us the car buyer's bible!

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‘You can currently save an average of £2372 on a 19-plate car’ The introduction of the new ‘19’ registration plate on 1 March inevitably means car sales are spiking right now, but don’t think it’s harder to make a saving as a result. That seasonal fillip is factored into dealers’ targets, so discounts remain as aggressive as ever and there are still plenty of bargains to be had. Indeed, research by our mystery shoppers shows the canny consumer can currently save an average of £2372 on a 19-plate car. From p34, we pick out some of the very best offers. And remember, in each case you’re looking at the minimum guaranteed saving; you could potentially get even more off without any haggling by logging on to whatcar.com/new-car-deals. Alternatively, you might want to consider leasing…

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target price

The What Car? Target Price is the maximum you should pay for your new car and is set by our team of mystery shoppers. Every day they haggle to see what discounts are available across the UK. And all What Car?-approved dealers will at least match Target Price. In a lot of cases, however, you can save even more by using our New Car Buying service. Just head to whatcar.com/new-car-deals and select the car you’re interested in, and dealers will compete for your business. It’s all done through our website, so they won’t see your details until you’re ready.…

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toyota rav4

HANDS UP WHO knows what ‘RAV4’ stands for? If you currently have your arm extended and are shouting “Me sir, me sir…”, busting to blurt out “Recreational Activity Vehicle 4-wheel drive”, you’re wrong. That’s what it used to be, but Toyota has aimed to make this fifth-generation large SUV not only rugged but also more family-friendly, so it has rebranded it as the ‘Robust Accurate Vehicle 4-wheel drive’. Marketing people, eh? Unusually for a new car these days, the new RAV4 is shorter than its predecessor. This was done to improve manoeuvrability, but by increasing the gap between the front and rear axles, Toyota has also given the car more interior space and a bigger boot. What is fashionable is the absence of a diesel engine option; in fact, there’s no regular…

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mercedes-benz cla

IF NEITHER THE Mercedes-Benz A-Class hatchback nor the A-Class Saloon floats your boat, the new CLA might be for you. This sporty four-door coupé is a big car, being longer than its predecessor, the A-Class Saloon and even the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé from the class above. It’s wider and lower than before, too, while its wheels are all set farther apart – something that Mercedes claims will combine with a lower centre of gravity and thicker anti-roll bars to improve the handling. That extra space has also liberated more room for rear seat passengers (a criticism of the original CLA), especially for their elbows, but boot space has actually shrunk slightly, down to 460 litres.That’s still more than you get from the hatchback and saloon versions of the A-Class, though. For those…

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audi tt

MESSING WITH AN iconic formula can be a risky business. Whether it’s a soft drink, a television show or a car, you risk public outcry followed by dwindling popularity if you get it wrong. That’s why all but hardened fans are unlikely to spot the differences between the 2019 Audi TT and last year’s version. Externally, not a lot is new. The front and rear bumpers have been subtly tweaked and the grille redesigned, while snazzy new alloy wheels and some eye-catching new paint colours have been added. Meanwhile, in an effort to differentiate each trim level more, S line models feature more aggressive-looking bumpers than those of entry-level Sport models, with vertical air intakes and vents front and rear, as well as a different set of wheels. But let’s face…

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volkswagen golf gti tcr

LET’S CUT TO the chase: the Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance, despite its name, is a little short on performance. Fact. Just look at our favourite hot hatch, the Honda Civic Type R; it can fire off a salvo of 316bhp, which makes the Performance’s 242bhp seem paltry. And Volkswagen knows this, because as the current Golf moves into its twilight months (a new one is due later this year), this special-edition GTI TCR has arrived to see it off. Aping the Golf Touring Car Racer (hence TCR), this adds another 44bhp, taking the 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine to 286bhp, and a fraction more torque. To administer that, the TCR’s brakes have been upgraded, as has its suspension, if you add one of two optional packs. Both gain you adaptive dampers and…