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Britain's best car buying guide now has a brand new look with an extra 40-pages in every issue, giving you more of What Car?'s famous comparison tests than ever before and more invaluable buying advice for every car on sale. Plus, What Car?'s Target Price promise could save you thousands off the price of your next car. No wonder they call us the car buyer's bible!

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‘The differences between the most and least reliable cars are huge’ No one wants a car that can’t be trusted to complete a journey without the help of a breakdown truck. But that goes double when the car is used and out of warranty, because when something goes wrong, it will probably be you who ends up paying for the repairs. That’s why, from p52, we name the most and least reliable models aged between four and 10 years old, based on data supplied by What Car? readers.And the differences really are huge, with the best performers suffering no serious faults, while others fail at a rate of more than one in two. This isn’t just a one-off snapshot, either. We want to know how reliable your car is, so if you can…

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target price

The What Car? Target Price is the maximum you should pay for your new car and is set by our team of mystery shoppers. Every day they haggle to see what discounts are available across the UK. And all What Car?-approved dealers will at least match Target Price. In a lot of cases, however, you can save even more by using our New Car Buying service. Just head to whatcar.com/new-car-deals and select the car you’re interested in, and dealers will compete for your business. It’s all done through our website, so they won’t see your details until you’re ready.…

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kia soul ev

SOUL. IT’S A word that conjures up some big names, such as James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and God. But while God said you have one, it was James Carr, a man some laud as the greatest soul singer of all, who sang ‘You Gotta Have Soul’. Just to be sure you’re covered, then, Kia is happy to sell you one. Of the automotive kind. So, say ‘hi’ and ‘hallelujah’ to the new Soul EV, a small SUV that, despite having the trademark boxy looks of its predecessors, is all-new and far advanced. For a start, the Soul is now an electric-only model; gone are the petrol or diesel options of yesteryear. And there are two versions in the pipeline: one with a 39kWh battery that will officially do up…

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volkswagen id roomzz

VOLKSWAGEN’S UPCOMING LINE-UP of ID-badged electric vehicles – which will kick off with a Golf-sized hatchback later this year – will quickly grow, and this latest concept previews what’s destined to be its pinnacle: the ID Roomzz luxury SUV. Powered by an electric motor on each axle producing a combined 222bhp, it can get from 0-62mph in just 6.6sec, while its 82kWh battery allows for 280 miles between charges, according to the official WLTP test. Although the concept can be charged wirelessly when parked over a special plate, the production ID Roomzz will be fed by a regular plug.Volkswagen says getting the battery from flat to 80% will take about half an hour using the next generation of 150kW rapid chargers. Some elements of the concept’s design will be toned down for production,…

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toyota camry

DUNKIN’ DONUTS, SKECHERS, Twinkies, Seinfeld, Toyota Camry… they’re all concepts that, while proving widely popular in the good ol’ US of A, haven’t transferred particularly well when they’ve been brought over to the UK. Americans have always loved large, comfy, petrol-engined saloons, but Brits typically favour smaller, nimbler diesel models from ‘premium’ brands. That’s why the Camry left these shores in 2004: Europe went mad for diesel, Toyota didn’t offer it and sales slumped. Now, though, in an ironic turn of events, the Camry is about to make a return to British Toyota showrooms due to – yup, you guessed it – a major decline in diesel sales. Available only as a hybrid, using a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor, it’s ideally placed to compete against other ‘self-charging’ models, such…

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jaguar f-pace svr

IF YOU AREN’T familiar with the SVR badge, it’s used to denote Jaguar and Land Rover models that have been worked on by the British brands’ Special Vehicle Operations department. A bit like AMG does for Mercedes-Benz. And this is the third to have such treatment bestowed upon it, after the F-Type and Range Rover Sport. Like both of those cars, at the heart of the new Jaguar F-Pace SVR lies a thunderous supercharged 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine – and it dominates the driving experience from the moment you push the ‘start’ button. With 542bhp, this BMW X3-sized SUV will hit 62mph from a standstill quicker than any Porsche Macan currently on sale, and it isn’t far behind the mighty Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio. But it’s the glorious bellow it makes when…