What Car? October 2019

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‘Reliability remains a major issue, particularly for certain brands’ The other day, as I drove back to London with my wife and daughter after a long weekend in Pembrokeshire, I passed several cars broken down on the hard shoulder. However, one in particular caught my eye, because it was nearly new, and I could see the owners – a couple with a baby in a child seat – looking miserable on the bank behind. “That could be us stuck like that”, I found myself thinking. But in truth, it could be any of us, because reliability remains a major issue, particularly for certain brands. The 2019 What Car? Reliability Survey is based on the experiences of thousands of our readers, and it shows that the gap between the best and worst performers remains…

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target price

The What Car? Target Price is the maximum you should pay for your new car and is set by our team of mystery shoppers. Every day they haggle to see what discounts are available across the UK. And all What Car?-approved dealers will at least match Target Price. In a lot of cases, however, you can save even more by using our New Car Buying service. Just head to whatcar.com/new-car-deals and select the car you’re interested in, and dealers will compete for your business. It’s all done through our website, so they won’t see your details until you’re ready.…

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skoda kamiq

SMALL SUVs ARE becoming more and more like chocolate bars: while the basic ingredients of some of the best sellers are now very similar, there’s still always something to help you decide which one to buy. So, why might you choose the new Skoda Kamiq over the Seat Arona or Volkswagen T-Cross, two cars that share its mechanicals and underpinnings? Well, sticking with the choccie analogy for a moment longer, the Kamiq has a different wrapper and a squidgier filling – but is also what you might describe as king size. Before we explain exactly what we mean by all that, though, let’s consider the styling, because while Skoda hasn’t exactly been as adventurous as Nissan was when it launched the Juke back in 2010, the Kamiq isn’t simply a Karoq (Skoda’s…

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cupra tavascan

CUPRA IS FAR from the world’s oldest car car maker, but it’s certainly one of the most exciting. Indeed, Seat’s recently hived-off performance brand started out by making the 296bhp petrol-engined Ateca, which won our inaugural sports SUV award. Next, it announced the Formentor, a dramatic plug-in hybrid SUV-coupé that will go on sale in early 2020.And now it’s going fully electric with its third effort, the luxurious Tavascan. Although what you see here is a concept, the Tavascan is set to go into production next year.And if you want to stand out on the school run, its angular bodywork and coupé-inspired shape would be perfect. Don’t think it’s all for show, either, because those huge front intakes all channel air to cool the car’s internals.The vast 22in wheels are designed to…

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nissan juke

LIKE JESUS IS the saviour for Christians, the SUV is the redeemer of Nissan. At the start of this century, the brand was in the doldrums; fading faith in its regular hatchbacks meant it needed a bold new vision. So, it took a huge gamble by scrapping them all and preaching that what you needed was to worship at the altar of high-riding models such as the Qashqai and Juke. And what a conversion it proved to be: sales rocketed and Nissan was resurrected. To be honest, though, the outgoing Juke is far from blessed. Its looks are as polarising as religion itself, its ride as uncomfortable as a bed of straw and its tiny rear seats fit only for David; Goliath has no chance. None of that mattered at first,…

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porsche cayenne coupé turbo s e-hybrid

“THINK OF THIS as the 918 for the family,” the man from Porsche said. That’s quite a statement. You can’t just casually compare something to the Porsche 918 Spyder, a £1 million plug-in hybrid supercar, without expectations launching through the roof and proceeding towards the outer reaches of space. But with the Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid (not the catchiest name going), Porsche clearly has some confidence. It continues a clear shift towards the green for the German marque, following various Panamera and Cayenne plug-in hybrids over the years and arriving at the same time as the all-electric Taycan (see p21). The new range-topper, then, is available in the regular Cayenne body as well as the new Cayenne Coupé we’re driving here. It uses the same setup as the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid…