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‘Volkswagen, famed for its conservative styling, is now taking a more extroverted route’ Should electric cars be based on existing models that are also available with petrol and diesel engines, or should they be bespoke? Car makers are split on this; Peugeot (see p56),Vauxhall and Volvo are among those going in the former direction, while others such as Audi, Jaguar and Mazda are betting on the latter. Volkswagen, meanwhile, is currently in the process of switching camps; it recently replaced its electric e-Golf with the standalone ID.3 and has plans for a whole range of ID models, which you can read about from p8. Ultimately, there’s probably no right or wrong here; both approaches have led to some excellent cars (and some ordinary ones). However, it’s interesting to see Volkswagen, which is famed…

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target price

The What Car? Target Price is the maximum you should pay for your new car and is set by our team of mystery shoppers. Every day they haggle to see what discounts are available across the UK. And all What Car?-approved dealers will at least match Target Price. In a lot of cases, however, you can save even more by using our New Car Buying service. Just head to whatcar.com/new-car-deals and select the car you’re interested in, and dealers will compete for your business. It’s all done through our website, so they won’t see your details until you’re ready.…

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volkswagen id.4

WHAT DO THE films Aliens, Dawn of the Dead and The Dark Knight have in common? They’re all sequels that were received better by customers and critics than the original films, and they represent exactly the kind of success that Volkswagen is hoping for with its new ID.4 electric large SUV. You see, the ID.3 electric family hatchback has got off to a fine start. It was the first car to come from Volkswagen’s fully electric ID sub-brand, and expectations were high when it was revealed late last year. Indeed, What Car? readers rated it as one of 2020’s most exciting new cars, and with a creditable four-star road test rating now under its belt, it’s clear that Volkswagen has proven its concept. In some ways, then, the ID.4 has a…

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what’s the volkswagen id.4 like to drive?

WE’VE DRIVEN A late-stage prototype of the ID.4 and found it to be responsive and, like most electric vehicles, effortless at getting up to speed. That being said, performance on the motorway begins to fade, so overtakes on faster roads won’t feel lightning fast. In the standard driving mode, the brake regeneration – which harvests energy as you slow down and feeds it back into the battery – slows the car progressively. In its higher setting, the regeneration is strong enough that you can drive the ID.4 using one pedal, which should make driving around town a smooth experience. Once you’re cruising along, the most noticeable noise in the ID.4 comes from its tyres, accompanied by some wind noise from around the door mirrors, but on the whole the ID.4 is quiet. On…

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electric rivals that the id.4 needs to beat

DS 3 Crossback E-Tense Price From £33,990 Length 4118mm Range 197 miles Notable for its very strong Euro NCAP safety score, but our early impressions of the ID.4 suggest that it’s both more comfortable than the E-Tense and more enjoyable to drive. Hyundai Kona Electric Price From £33,150 Length 4180mm Range From 180 miles Smaller inside and out than the ID.4, but the 64kWh version, while pricey, travels farther between charges in real-world conditions than any other car we’ve tested. Kia e-Niro Price From £32,595 Length 4375mm Range 282 miles Our favourite electric SUV costs significantly less than the ID.4, is similarly good to drive and has loads of kit. Its range is excellent, but the ID.4 can officially take you farther still between charges. Peugeot e-2008 Price From £32,065 Length 4300mm Range 206 miles It can’t go as far on a single charge as the ID.4 and it’s…

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and the rest… the volkswagen id models still to come

ID.6 Pictured above, the ID.6 is the largest and most luxurious electric SUV that Volkswagen plans to offer. Unveiled at the Shanghai motor show in 2019 as the Roomzz concept car, the seven-seat EV will be a rival for Tesla’s Model X. Drive comes from two electric motors that develop a combined 302bhp. Energy is stored in an 82kWh battery, providing an official range of up to 280 miles. Although the car’s looks will be toned down on its journey to production, some elements from the concept, such as its huge, 13.8in digital instrument cluster and augmented-reality head-up display, will remain. ID Vizzion Revealed in concept form at the Geneva motor show in 2018, the Vizzion luxury car will be the range-topper of the ID range, rivalling the Tesla Model S, as well as conventional models…