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Woman & Home January 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Woman & home is the UK’s number-one monthly magazine aimed at women aged 35+. Including best beauty advice, fabulous wearable fashion trends, delicious recipes, in-depth health and wellbeing advice, latest looks for the home, plus insightful interviews with celebrities and real women who have achieved remarkable things, W &H’s pages are bursting with irresistible inspiration. And there are also short stories, travel ideas, exclusive offers, competitions and much more besides! With a raft of top writers and stunning photography, W &H is gorgeous, glossy package.

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my christmas confession

Are you all ready and wrapped up for the festive season? I am! But there is a downside to my efficiency. I’ve realised I’m now suffering from a new seasonal ailment – Christmas smugness. I began shopping back in September, and now have all my gifts safely wrapped up and hidden away from the kids and husband. How very annoying I am. Sorry. I grew up in a very organised household, where order and forward planning were celebrated above (almost) everything else. Our home ran like a military operation – we never ran out of milk or forgot a birthday, and lateness was something other people did. So meticulous planning became ingrained in me. And this aptitude for order has stood me in good stead – until now. I’m telling you…

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meet our contributors

Iconic model INES DE LA FRESSANGE relaunched her own brand and boutique, Ines de la Fressange Paris. She is creative consultant for Roger Vivier and designs a line for Uniqlo. She also co-authored Maison: Parisian Chic at Home . She shares her style advice on page 66. What do you hope to achieve in 2020? To meditate for at least 15 minutes a day. I want to not stress, to reserve time for myself, get organised, learn how to refuse, avoid procrastinating and appreciate the present moment. SALLEY VICKERS is a best-selling novelist and former psychotherapist. She lives between London and Wiltshire, and has written a short story exclusively for w&h – see page 162. What do you hope to achieve in 2020? To learn to use a drill (I’m tired of asking men), clear…

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join the conversation!

DIVERSITY, PLEASE It would be great if woman&home could be less all-white biased, and show a wider variety of ethnicity. Not all your readers are white women. It is, otherwise, a really good magazine. Catherine, by email I absolutely agree with you on the need to reflect the mix of ethnicity in the UK. Hopefully you will begin to see changes from our February new-look issue, on sale in January. Catherine, Editor-in-Chief PLAIN SPEAKING I’m a Helen Mirren fan and say three cheers for her comment on sexuality: ‘There are many other interesting things to be driven by’. How true. But Helen, was it necessary to include the F-word during the interview? I’m still a fan though! Florence, by email IN LOVING MEMORY We had an emotional response from readers to Fiona Gibson’s article, My Last Days with Mum. It…

5 мин.
‘i’m proud of the lines on my face, i’ve earned them!’

‘I’m so disorganised, my New Year’s resolution is to get things in order’ For eight years we’ve known her as the make-up-free Sister Julienne in Call the Midwife, so it’s a treat to see Jenny Agutter all glammed up. While she makes dressing up in sequins and cashmere look effortlessly easy for the camera, Jenny, 66, reveals she feels more herself in casual gear. It’s great catching a glimpse of this laid-back Jenny – after all, she’s been busy entertaining the nation since she was 17, when she became a household name after starring in The Railway Children. Many high-profile roles and awards later, you may expect her global fame to have gone to her head, but catching up with Jenny is like chatting to someone we’ve known all our lives. And…

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how jenny beats the january blues

STOP AND BREATHE IS MY LIFE MANTRA I sometimes get in too much of a rush, so I have to remind myself to just stop – and breathe! I LIKE TO RELAX BY READING BOOKS Our kitchen is the hub of the house, so apart from cooking and eating in there, it’s a good place to sit with a cup of tea. I’ve been reading This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay, which is absolutely terrifying, but very funny. LISTENING TO MUSIC I love rap when it’s done well. Eminem is my favourite – I like that it’s thought-provoking and shows clever use of language.…

4 мин.
’tis the season to be tidy

I always feel a bit conflicted when I know Christmas Day is to be spent at my house. Half of me likes the control – it’s up to me when we start drinking (early), what we eat (not always turkey) – but there is also pressure. It’s important to me that everyone has a lovely time and it’s up to me to make sure they do. I’m not so happy when my husband decides to eat one of the kippers he has been given by his stepmother as a present for breakfast, and it’s the smell of stale smoked fish that permeates the house instead of a rather expensive scented candle and hyacinths. (No, he never quite got that he’d done the wrong thing.) Family parties – and Christmas is The…