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welcome to women’s health

I’m a master juggler. Though I may not be adept at actually throwing multiple balls in the air at the same time, metaphorically, I could contend the world record for keeping countless plates spinning or flaming cones flying (I’m running out of circus analogies), simultaneously. My day job is intense. Thrilling but hectic, often stressful, with a hell of a lot of responsibility sitting squarely on my shoulders. And when I take my Editor-In-Chief hat off, I immediately slip into my second job, being a mother to two lively children aged under seven. The negotiation and persuasion skills I use in the boardroom were honed marshalling two little ones at breakfast time, when arguments over cereal versus porridge become very serious indeed. Give me a CEO to deal with any day…

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repair your muscles with hot chocolate

Granted, this one sounds like a health headline straight out of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. But while giant gobstoppers will do little for your split times and Curly Wurlys can’t help you develop your downward dog, chocolate milk (we like ours hot) can support muscle repair. So say scientists at Shahid Sadoughi University in Iran, who reviewed data from 12 studies before concluding that the winter warmer of your childhood contains the perfect combination of carbohydrates, electrolytes, proteins, flavonoids, fats and vitamins for optimum repair. The researchers compared key recovery markers, such as heart rate and levels of lactic acid, after subjects performed cycling and running tests. They found chocolate milk and sports drinks to be equally effective for recovery in most cases, but regular chocolate milk drinkers took…

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news you can use

Pose-itive thinking Turns out there’s yet another health benefit to a regular warrior II. A recent study used yoga – Iyengar, to be precise – and breathing exercises to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety in 30 clinically depressed participants*. The group showed significantly improved sleep quality, positivity and reduced levels of exhaustion after just one month, suggesting that a regular yoga practice could be a pretty useful ally in a treatment plan for depression. COMING UP TRUMPS Researchers may have found a benefit to narcissism, finding that those with the ordinarily objectionable trait – symptoms include having an overinflated sense of self-importance and little empathy for others – are more likely to be ‘mentally tough’, feel less stressed and be less vulnerable to depression*. MOUTHING OFF Hold the Listerine – new research* has revealed that…

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q can i give myself a hernia if i lift too much?

• ‘It’s certainly possible,’ says Jim Pate, physiologist at The Centre for Health and Human Performance. ‘Anything that raises intra-abdominal pressure has the potential to overstress a weak point and result in a hernia.’ That is, what happens when an internal organ – often the intestines – pushes through a weak part in the muscles between your chest and hips. Generally, your abdominal muscles are strong enough to keep your internal organs tucked away, but certain events – like giving birth, for example – can leave areas weak enough for the organs to push through, and a sudden build-up of pressure – something as simple and everyday as a big cough – can act as the trigger that encourages the organ to push through. While doing a clean and press…

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asking for a friend

PERIOD SEX. IS IT A GOER? Let’s get right to the bloody bit, shall we? In case you were worried about the sanitation of the situation, consider this your conscience clear-up: sex is 100% safe during periods. Menstrual blood is a bodily fluid like any other and in no way poses a health issue. Logistics-wise? When it comes to period sex, a bit of forethought goes a long way – while nothing says ‘ravish me’ like a ready-laid towel, it may prevent you from needing to do a boil wash tomorrow. Speaking of washing, if there was ever a time and place for a shower shag, it’s now. Either way, you may want to switch it up a little – deeper-entry positions (eg, on all fours) might feel less comfy than…

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do you really need to feed a cold?

• The old ‘feed a cold, starve a fever’ adage can be traced back to the 16th century, when colds were thought to be caused by, well, being cold, and doctors thought that eating to raise your body temperature would nix the illness. And now? Well, we understand the biology of colds a little better. ‘They tend to be caused by viruses that attack the linings of your airways, causing irritation that results in sneezing, coughing, blocked ears and a hoarse voice,’ says GP Dr Serena Rakha. ‘Eating healthily with both colds and fevers is likely to help you recover more quickly,’ adds Dr Daniel Fenton, medical director of the London Doctors Clinic. ‘Evidence suggests that increasing your vitamin C levels can be beneficial, and while effervescent vitamin tablets are…