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Woodworker's Journal August 2014

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hey did you know?

Analysis of ancient Neanderthal stone tools indicates they were used to work wood. Thus, woodworking of a sort has been around for more than 30,000 years. Hide glue, made of proteins formed from collagen, is probably the oldest glue still in use today. It shows up in 4,000-year-old tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. The word “collagen” comes from the Greek kolla (glue). Going back 3,500 years, Paci¿c Northwest natives made paint for wood totems, masks and boxes by mixing spit with crushed salmon eggs and adding charcoal for black, calcium carbonite for white, celadonite for yellow-green to greenblue, oxidized vivianite for blue, and both red and yellow ochre. Bristlecone pines, which grow in the southwestern United States (California, Nevada, Utah) are some of the oldest trees known. One still-living tree is said to be…

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tricks of the trade

Hold (Almost) Everything in Your Shop Tested and photographed by Chris Marshall Clamps Left Holding the Bag Once you empty most dust collectors, it’s hard to hold the bag in position around the rim while installing the strap clamp again. Usually, the bag slips off just when you’re ready to snap the clamp closed. Frustrating! Well, here’s a simple solution to the problem: hold the bag in place with three or four small plastic spring clamps while you position and close the strap clamp. It makes the job quick and easy. Bruce Barker Cedar City, Utah PVC Corner Cauls Strap-type web clamps are a handy way to close the four corners of a box during glueups. A caul at each corner can help direct the clamping pressure even better without smearing the glue. I make mine…

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what’s in store

Tools for Your Tasks BLACK+DECKER’s new 20V MAX* Lithium Cordless Drill with AutoSense Technology is the first drill designed to automatically stop when screws are flush with the work surface. The drill does not have a mechanical clutch. Instead, it has an automatic clutch and operates in two modes: drill and drive. Lighted indicators on top of the drill identify which mode is in use. In drive mode, a microprocessor analyzes the rate of change of a screw’s torque profile and stops most screws flush with the work surface within three milliseconds. The tool also provides depth control for micro-adjustments. The motor on the drill, model number BDCDE120C, operates at 0 to 800 rpm. It’s priced at $79.99. Veto Pro Pac has added Cargo Totes™, professional grade wide-mouth tote bags, to their…

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Measure for Measure In surveying the answers submitted for the mystery tool belonging to Ray Elish of Brecksville, Ohio, that appeared in our April issue, two things became clear: 1) Stumpers readers eat a lot of pizza. 2) Every other person’s grandfather was either a blacksmith or a wheelwright. Readers offered such suggestions as Mike Runge of Waterloo, Iowa’s, note that it could be “a fancy Weight Watchers pizza cutter where you can measure out the exact slice.” And several people thought it was a wheelwright’s traveler. While that classic tool is among those referenced in the patent for Ray’s tool, it’s called, in Patent 2,662,292, a “Space Measuring Means.” Or, according to Steve Steenburgh of Gahanna, Ohio, it was also known as a “Wooden Distance Measuring Tool, made by the Pix Products…

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making a croquet set

Ahigh-grade croquet set is a simple turning project that makes for hours of backyard fun. While officially you need a level, grassy area that is 100’ long and 50’ wide, you can play croquet with far less real estate — and if the turf is less than manicured, it just adds unpredictable excitement to the game. Discount stores sell inexpensive sets that are suitable for children, but they’re puny for adults. The cost of a quality six-player set for adult backyard play can range from $250 to well over $1,000. Fellow woodturners, take heart: building a high-grade set, suitable for serious competition, is a very doable project. The mallets and stakes are well within anyone’s ability. The balls are a bit more challenging to turn yourself, but they can be purchased…

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shop talk

New Era for South Pacific Coconut Wood? Ron Davison first encountered the Pacific island country of Kiribati as a missionary teacher training adults for their secondary teaching certification. The father of one of his physics students happened to be the chief agricultural officer of the country and told Ron in 2004 that 95 percent of his coconut forest was close to its 65-year life expectancy and would need to be replaced to support the island’s only export. The planting of many of those coconut trees dates to the latter years of World War II, when the islands were occupied by Japan. Following an Allied victory in battle, the U.S. forces buried the casualties in deep trenches, with coconut seedlings planted atop them. “We returned to Utah from Tarawa in October 2005, but my…