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Woodworker's Journal August 2018

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Woodworker’s Journal is the magazine for people who love to work with wood. Woodworkers of any skill level will find top-tier plans to build great projects, expert reviews of woodworking tools, and a ton of woodworking tips and techniques. Get Woodworker's Journal digital magazine subscription today and get inspired and motivated.

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I’m guessing you wouldn’t say no if I offered you more great woodworking news, tips and project plans — for FREE! Plus, you get all this via email, so you can even check it out on your phone or tablet when you’re on the go. I’m talking about the Woodworker’s Journal Weekly email newsletter. If you’re not already one of the over 200,000 woodworkers who receive the Weekly, then you’re missing out. Every issue contains a mix of woodworking news, tool updates, videos, project plans and even a woodworking-themed crossword puzzle. Head over to our website to check out past issues and click on the Woodworker’s Journal Weekly sign-up box to subscribe. I think you’ll like what you see.…

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Where Did All These Guards Come From? STARTING WITH 10, ENDING WITH 10 … A few years ago, we did a survey and asked our group if they knew where the guard for their table saw was (never mind if they used it). The answer was a bit scary. Something like 25% of them could not find their guard. Truth be told, at one point in my woodworking career, I would have been in their number. Then — and I can’t pinpoint when it happened — safety gear started to become more important to me. Now, my guards are all in place, I have a collection of push sticks that might interest the Smithsonian, and my ear protection is Bluetooth®-enabled. What in the world happened? Perhaps the youthful feeling of invincibility ebbed away. Maybe…

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reader projects

18th Century Style My name is Letha Ashby; my dad, Billy Briddick of El Dorado, Illinois, reads your magazine every month. He has had a subscription for years. He turned 87 on April 30 and has built several pieces of beautiful 18th century style furniture that he is very proud of. He loves your magazine. I have attached some pictures of my dad’s furniture. I hope you enjoy them. Letha Ashby El Dorado, Illinois Special Sofa Table Not everyone has the room for end tables next to the sofa. My wife asked for a table she could use that didn’t block off the living room entry. Our sofa sits tight to the floor all around, so I made a table with a counterweight to keep it stable (top photo). The counterweight is the small box…

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johnny brooke, laura kampf and paul jackman

Johnny Brooke - craftedworkshop.com Johnny Brooke is a woodworker who also mixes in an occasional metalworking project. Johnny has built some very useful workshop projects, including an outfeed table and French cleat storage wall. He also builds a lot of modern furniture and home furnishings. Recent projects include a large walnut credenza, baby crib and a headboard with an epoxy pour center section that lights up (pictured). His build videos feature most of the construction steps with a voiceover narration that fills in additional details about the build. He provides material and tool lists for each project and also offers his SketchUp design files for many of the projects. You can check out Johnny’s latest work and plans at craftedworkshop.com. Laura Kampf - laurakampf.com The first thing you’ll notice about Laura Kampf’s project…

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tricks of the trade

Plumbing Coupling Provides Quick Connection A rubber coupling with hose clamps on the ends provided a quick and handy way for me to connect my random orbit sander to a shop vacuum hose. You can find the couplings in the plumbing section of any hardware store. The 2" x 2" size fits many sander dust ports, and you can attach the other end directly to a standard shop vacuum hose. These rubber couplings also come in several “reducer” styles, if you need to fit differently sized sander and vacuum hose diameters together. Charles Mak Calgary, Alberta Better Bench Casters Some workbench caster designs must be raised or lowered to move the bench or set it down for use. But there’s an easier solution you might not be aware of. Some manufacturers, including Rockler, sell swiveling…

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matching walnut

Q I am in the process of completing a walnut Mid-century nightstand piece. The legs are solid walnut, as is the drawer face, and the case body is walnut plywood. None of these pieces are final sanded yet, and no finish has been applied. The legs and edge banding are the same walnut color tone, but the walnut plywood is another walnut color tone, slightly lighter/grayer than the legs or banding. The drawer face, which I cut to show the grain pattern, has a little bit of red in the walnut color. My question is, how do I ensure that the finished piece does not look like three types of wood? How do you bring all these color tones together, evening them out? Greg Stringer Monroe, North Carolina A Start with a stack of cutoff scraps from…