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Woodworker's Journal December 2019

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Yikes, it’s already November! For many of us, that means it’s time to decide if we will be making any gifts. (Okay, of course we are …) Nothing beats the feeling of giving someone you care about a gift that you made. But making those gifts can be a big time commitment. We can’t make your gifts for you, but we have included several great project ideas in this issue that won’t take long to build. You can find many more by going to www.woodworkersjournal.com/category/gift-project-plans/ to browse through more than 50 of our favorite plans. So get busy. And if you have time, take a photo or two of what you have decided to build and send them in. I can’t wait to see what you build next!…

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tile-topped plant stand

Plant stands are a very popular project and have been made in all manner of shapes and sizes. This elegant little version uses white oak that we colored with some Mission brown dye, and I think it turned out great. It was a fun shop workout. If you’ve got a band saw and a router table in your shop, those will be your go-to machines to get this project made. Prepping Materials The stock for this project needs to end up a full 1" thick. We always recommend that you get it in your shop and let it acclimate to your space. You are going to want to start with 5/4 rough stock and machine it to the one inch dimension. With that done, set the oak aside for now, and grab some…

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holiday suggestions for your wish list

Bench Dog Hand Planes Rockler’s Bench DogR family of hand planes feature ductile cast-iron bodies, solid-brass fixings and sapele handles and knobs. They’re available in eight models: No. 4 and 41⁄2 Smoothing Planes, No. 5 and 51⁄2 Jack Planes, No. 7 Jointer Plane, No. 601⁄2 Block Plane, No. 92 Shoulder Plane and a 3-in-1 Shoulder Plane. A certificate of inspection guarantees sole flatness and blade hardness. $99.99 to $299.99 Axiom AutoRoute Pro+ The Axiom Precision AutoRoute Pro+ Series of CNC routers feature a 3hp electro-spindle with integrated liquid cooling and rotary machining capability in a compact industrial machine. These routers have a full 6" Z travel capacity and offer precision ball screws, prismatic guides, a robust steel frame and interlocking aluminum table. A 4th Axis Rotary Kit (item 59591; $999) can be ordered with…

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what’s in store

Rockler’s 1.5hp Dust Right® Wall-Mount Dust Collector, 1250 CFM (item 54352; $529.99) has a flow rate of 1,250 cubic feet per minute (CFM) — enough to handle coarse or fine debris from any woodworking machine. Its Y-adapter connects to two 4" hoses, and a wireless remote control enables the machine to be turned on or off from across the shop. Keyhole slots in the base make this 50.4-lb. collector easier to mount to a wall to save floor space, and vibration-dampening shims ensure quieter operation. Its zippered 30-micron bag holds up to 40 gallons of debris and is easy to empty. Or, upgrade to an optional Dust Right Canister Filter (item 54818, $299.99) that traps particles down to 1 micron and can be cleaned with a crank-style filter agitator on…

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questions & answers

Q After reading the August Tool Tutorial article on benchtop sanders, I’m wondering if there’s any task a disc sander can do (or does significantly better) that a belt sander can’t? Like many, I have a small shop and shop budget. I have been eyeing the spindle/belt sander combo sander for awhile because I believe it will give me everything I need. But, will I then still want to buy a disc sander later because the belt sander is lacking in a certain area? Sean Johnson Imperial Beach, California A In terms of workpiece control, a disc sander slightly tips the scales for me over a spindle/belt sander. Since the disc rotates down into the table, you’re never working against the rotational force of the spinning abrasive like you often must do…

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power jointers: surface prep made easy

Centuries ago, our woodworking forebears spent a great deal of time with hand planes such as the #8 jointer (below) in order to take the twist, cup, bow and crook out of their lumber. Hand planes ensured that boards could be made flat, straight, square and smooth, and doing that work by hand was the only real option they had. Those capabilities haven’t changed, of course, and these days you can still prepare lumber this way. A good deal of practice with a collection of hand planes will yield excellent results. But, if you want to produce flat faces, edges and square reference surfaces in a fraction of the time, a power jointer will get the job done with minimal skill and effort. For most of us, it’s the more…