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Woodworker's Journal Fall 2014

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6 мин.
arts & crafts wedged tenon spice rack

Sometimes the best way to approach a simple project is to view it as a potential learning experience. In this case, our weekend spice rack project offers an opportunity to work with an interesting joint. The wedged tenon was popularized during the English Tudor period in the 1500s. At first it was used by house framers for joining flooring timbers, and it was called the tusk tenon. Soon cabinetmakers adapted it for their own use by dropping the tusk portion of the tenon, which was no longer needed for the lighter load-bearing requirements of furniture. The wedged tenon was used primarily as a knockdown joint in large trestle tables until Arts & Crafts designers of the late 19th century, like Gustav Stickley, popularized the joint as a structural highlight on…

12 мин.
arts & crafts blanket chest

When Rob Johnstone asked me if I wanted to help his staff at the Journal work out a design for an Arts & Crafts blanket chest that would include a couple of twists, I was intrigued. After all, the style is well-established ... what sort of twists could he have in mind? Some aspects of the project were not at all a departure from the Arts & Crafts genre: its quartersawn white oak lumber is strictly Stickley in its origin. But the exposed breadboard end joints are a step away from traditional Stickley construction — although the concept of exposed joinery is right in the Arts & Crafts sweet spot. The “corner posts” are one area where we also took our own path. In an early 1900s piece, these posts…

14 мин.
arts & crafts hutch

I have been building furniture for more than 30 years, and I always feel lucky when I get a commission of this caliber. At first glance it may look fairly simple to build, but don’t be fooled: it’s a complex piece. If you decide to build one for yourself, be prepared to devote about 200 hours to complete the job. During the construction there’s a lot to consider and ponder. I found myself scratching my head often, even though I designed the piece! If you take it slow, things will work out fine. This piece belongs to a very nice couple who live in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. They are redecorating their home with newly manufactured Mission pieces. They were looking for a “top-notch” small hutch to be the centerpiece of…

14 мин.
the classic morris chair

This Morris chair design has become a personal favorite and a hit with students in my classes. If you’re comfortable cutting mortise-and-tenon joinery, it’s well within the purview of an intermediate woodworker’s skillset, plus it gives you the chance to try your hand at steam bending the curved arms (see sidebar, next page). Sure, there are easier ways to make the arms by laminating several thin pieces together, but I don’t like to see those glue lines, and I prefer a solid bow arm. The process is more costly, in terms of needing to create a steam box and a bending jig or two, but the end result is well worth your time and expense. Sorting Your Stock A proper Morris chair should be made from quartersawn white oak, and you’ll want…

5 мин.
arts & crafts inspired picture frame

Here’s an elegant little project that will put some scraps of quartersawn oak to fine use. On the outside, our picture frame features Arts & Crafts details — extended and chamfered top and bottom rails as well as faux pegged joints. On the inside, though, we’ll simplify the corner joinery with 1/4"-diameter dowels instead of mortise-and-tenon joinery. Step 1: Joint and plane your picture frame stock flat and square, then cut a pair of top and bottom rails (pieces 1) and stiles (pieces 2) to final size. Refer to the Material List on page 46. Step 2: The top and bottom rails receive 1/8" chamfers all around their ends. While you could file or sand these little chamfers, a table saw with a sharp blade can cut them quickly and accurately. Draw…

15 мин.
mission coffee table

My wife has practical ideas about what makes a piece of furniture useful ... “I have to be able to put my feet up on it.” When a new couch and loveseat for our living room dictated a new coffee table to fit the L-shaped arrangement, she knew what was important. We have an eclectic mix of furniture styles in our home — mostly pieces that I’ve built. The common theme is simplicity and clean lines. Modern, Shaker, Scandinavian, Arts & Crafts designs — all with a minimum of ornamentation — share our space and aesthetic. Clearly a light-looking turnedleg Shaker table or an airy Danish Modern design was not going to cut it. This piece had to be physically and visually substantial — it needed to support at least two pairs of…