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Woodworker's Journal February 2013

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Easy I.D. for Luthiers What’s This? Len Urban of Rancho Mirage, California, says this thing works. Do you know what it is and what it’s used for? If you do, send your answer to stumpers@woodworkersjournal.com or write to "Stumpers," Woodworker’s Journal, 4365 Willow Drive, Medina, MN 55340 for a chance to win a prize! After the mystery tool belonging to the late father of Ed Moss of Statesboro, Georgia, appeared in the October 2012 Stumpers, Michael Shaw, Jr. of Philadelphia wrote, “I know this, I know this! Finally, one that I know what it is, for sure!” (He did.) Jerry Bowman of Ringgold, Georgia, meanwhile, thought, “Ed Moss has a one-of-a-kind device, made by a machinist using the ‘stuff’ that was in the shop.” Of course, the statement from Gary Glaze of Elyria,…

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Introducing Our “Small Shop Journal” HERE NOW: SMALL SPACE WOODWORKING! The only thing that remains constant is change. For example, some of our readers tell us they have decided that it is time to downsize their home situation. Less house to clean and keep up, lower utilities, lower taxes, more affordable mortgages ... it’s all good. Except when it comes to our workshops. There, smaller is just a challenge. But the fact is that many woodworkers are figuring out how to work with less. (Truly, small shops have always been a fact of life for many of us.) That’s why I decided to introduce a new regular feature called Small Shop Journal (page 68). Over the coming months, I hope to demonstrate some great woodworking done with modest tools in a small…

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tool preview

Powermatic Launches Drill Press “Just for Woodworkers” From the perspective of this graying woodworking editor, new stationary power tool offerings have seemed a bit like a threatened species for the last few years: hard to find in the first place and even harder to get your hands on one of them when you do. That’s one of the reasons that I was motivated to travel to LaVergne, Tennessee, last fall to get a grip on this new drill press from Powermatic — literally and figuratively. The folks at Walter Meier were kind enough to let me check out their one and only sample ... with the caution that we could not publish anything about it until now. So here is your first in-depth look at the PM2800B drill press. When you step…

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small shop journal

Stickley-inspired Bookcase There seems to be a cyclical nature to shop sizes — most woodworkers start small when they take up the craft, then end with small shops again late in life. But small shops and the smaller benchtop machines that suit those spaces shouldn’t keep a woodworker from continuing to build substantive and challenging projects. That’s why we’re pleased to kick off our new “Small Shop Journal” article series with this compact Stickley-inspired three-shelf bookcase. It’s designed with mortise-and-tenon joinery and detailed with cloud lifts, slatted accent stiles and pyramid-topped legs. Rift-and quartersawn white oak with showy ray flake are the ideal choices for Stickley pieces, but you don’t need a huge quantity of it to complete this project — around 20 board feet of 4/4 lumber is enough. You’ll…

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deco barstool in a weekend

Curiously, I don’t actually have a bar in my house, but I am planning to add one to my kitchen soon. So when a really nice stash of bird’s-eye maple caught my eye, I knew that I needed to buy it and use it to make my stools. In addition to the maple, I used clear pine for the seat sections and foot rails, lacquering them black for a dramatic look. A long weekend in the shop produced two stools and a situation reminiscent of one described by the Beatles. (“I’ve got no car and it’s breaking my heart, but I’ve found a driver and that’s a start!” I guess it’s time to get going on a new kitchen counter. Kicking it Off I chose to use loose tenons for the majority…

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shop talk

A New Woodworking Superhero Boom! Pow! Tool Saves Superheroes Users of Craftsman Tools now have their very own superhero. Literally. In partnership with DC Entertainment, Craftsman developed a comic book featuring their own new character, “The Technician,” who serves as handyman to the Justice League DC Comics characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and The Flash. Attendees of the fall 2012 New York Comic Con convention received hard copies of the comic book, while the full digital comic is available, for free, either at CraftsmanComic.com or via the DC Comics app. The storyline is a promotion for Craftsman’s new Bolt-On tool system. The base kit for the system is a tool base, 20-volt lithium-ion battery, drill/driver attachment and QuickBoost® battery charger; the kit price is $119.99. Tool base attachments that let you use the system…