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Woodworker's Journal February 2015

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did you know?

Archaeologists use dendrochronology, or the science and technique of studying tree rings, to date archaeological sites and to study ancient climates. What Does It All Mean? A quick guide to terms from the world of woodworking. Detent: A preset adjustment on a tool, usually set for common angles such as 45˚ or 90˚; also called a positive stop Earlywood: Young, flexible timber that forms early in the spring and lies directly beneath the bark; also called springwood Mullion: A thin divider strip used to separate panes of glass or mirror within a multiple arrangement; sometimes called a muntin A rose by any other word: True rosewood belongs to the genus dalbergia, named for N. Dalberg, an 18th century Swedish physician. Among the over 300 dalbergia variants are some with non-rosewood names, including kingwood, ocelot’s ear, tulipwood,…

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tools for all uses

Contact Information Arbortech 866-517-7869 Craftsman 866-349-4358 DeWALT 800-433-9258 JET 800-274-6848 LENOX 800-628-3030 Rockler 800-279-4441 Rockwell 866-514-7625 RYOBI 800-525-2579 RZ Mask LLC 888-777-9422 SKIL 877-754-5999 Stanley 800-262-2161 Rockwell® has launched the BladeRunner™ X2, the newest version of their benchtop saw. On the BladeRunner X2 (Model RK7323), the control arm assembly now sits at the back of the tabletop to accommodate longer and wider workpieces for ripping and crosscutting. The new blade guard assembly incorporates a splitter to help keep straight cuts on track. A lower height profile of 63⁄4" is designed to create a comfortable working position when the saw is on a workbench or other flat surface. The BladeRunner X2 has a 5.5-amp motor and provides 3,000 strokes per minute. Instead of a saw blade, it uses standard 4", T-shanked jigsaw blades of varying profiles to cut wood, aluminum and ceramic tile and mild steel. The BladeRunner X2 has a cutting capacity of…

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router table extension with dust collection

Most table saws come with an extension wing on the right-hand side of the saw table. Replacing this wing with a router table is an excellent modification to your saw. It is convenient, saves valuable floor space, and it’s inexpensive to build. When I decided to add a table-mounted router to my small shop, adding it as an extension to my saw was my best option. I also wanted effective dust control, but none of the commercially available dust control systems appealed to me. So I decided to design my own. The concept I came up with is a dust collection system built right into the tabletop itself. An internal chamber connects the router bit opening on the top surface with a shop vacuum connection on the bottom. Dust and chips…

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help desk furniture operates in uganda

Impressed with what Ugandan carpenters have been able to accomplish, “often with just a hacksaw,” Brice Aarrestad has founded Help Desk Furniture Co. to promote the carpenters’ talents, while also supporting Ugandan schools and putting his own skills to use. The company setup: furniture made in Uganda, from sustainably sourced African hardwoods, will be sold to customers in the U.S., with profits funding Ugandan schools. Brice first traveled to Uganda in 2009, on a twoweek volunteer trip with Engineering Ministries International, acting as a designer and construction manager. He participated in another two-week trip in 2010; moved to Jinja, Uganda, for a 11⁄2-year stint in 2011; and spent another five weeks there this past summer. Last summer’s work included finding potential local workers with whom to partner, and building some prototypes. “There are…

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readers’ choice awards

Stationary and Benchtop Tools Laguna’s 14-Twelve band saw resaws wide boards and brings the benefits of European styled band saws into the 110-volt world of the home woodworker. The tool is priced to sell — something which might surprise longtime Laguna watchers — and the groovy industrial-looking worklight add-on? Well, that might just be what pushed this tool to the top of our readers’ list. Contenders General International 90-170B Band Saw JET JWBS-14SF Band Saw Laguna 14-Twelve Band Saw Oliver 4620 Band Saw RIKON 10-325 Band Saw Steel City 50155G Band Saw Bosch CM8S 8” Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw RIKON 10-351 14” Band Saw RIDGID R1500 15” Drill Press RIKON 25-010H Planer/Jointer JET 14” 3HP Steel Frame Band Saw Craftsman 10” Jobsite Table Saw Bits, Blades and Cutters The patent-pending “Fusion Trio” tooth geometry on the Freud Premier Fusion general purpose saw blades is…

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the well-tailored penguin

This fellow has been on my list of “to do” toys for the last year. I think he was worth the wait. I chose the Adelie penguin because of their simple, elegant lines, and the fact that they are flipper flappers unlike, say, the emperor penguins, who generally leave their flippers at their sides as they walk (waddle). At any rate, this guy presented several challenges, the first of which was getting the black and white areas to work with the design and the mechanisms. It is only the second toy I’ve designed with different woods meeting like this, somewhat like intarsia (the first being a pileated woodpecker). I used walnut and ash here, but honestly, ebony and holly would be my preferred choices for an even stronger black-and-white contrast. The other…